TwiNj/ TwinRaj Horror Ff: Pyaar Ka Dard Hai (3~Protection)

That night Twinkle had a smile on her face before sleeping, she wished Yuvi was just like Kunj but it couldn’t happen. Just when she was about to close her eyes, Yuvi entered the room, they both used different rooms to sleep. She sat up seeing him but he pushed her back on the bed. She panicked and pushed him off the bed. He looked at her angrily and went to her and made her stand. “Why did you push me? I m your husband, don’t I have this much right to come closer to you?” he asked to her.

She clutched his shirt trying to stand straight. “Good baby, I take this as a yes,” he said pointing to her hand that gripped his shirt and leaned closer to her, she shut her eyes tightly and suddenly she heard him scream and opened her eyes. She was shocked to see a rod floating in the air, it was the rod which had hurt Yuvi. She fell on her knees as his grip loosened on her and he went unconscious. She looked at the floating rod in a shock, it fell on the floor and she jerked. She tried standing up.

Just then she saw Kunj enter in her room, she smiled as he forwarded his hand towards her. She placed her hand in his hand and he pulled her up and made her sit on the bed. “You okay?” he asked and she nodded. “I will go and place him in his room, who knows what may happen tomorrow, maybe he will lose his memory,” he said as if he knew what happened to him. “Was it you?” she asked and he nodded. “Lier, it wasn’t you, are there ghosts in here? Who saved me?” she asked, he shushed her.

“Don’t think so much, you aren’t having a good sleep so you’re thinking like this but it was me only, your mind was occupied so you were so disturbed that you didn’t see me,” he said and she gave in. “Bye Twinkle,” he said and went taking unconscious Yuvi. She laid down to sleep and eventually she fell asleep. Later in morning, she woke up and freshened up and went outside the room as she was really hungry. Her gaze went on the dining table and she saw that the food was ready. She walked to the dining table curiously.

She smiled seeing idli, dosa, rice pudding and her favorite smoothie and saw a chit. She picked it. It read:

“Log toh pyaar mein pagal hotay hain, hum toh dosti mein pagal hain 😂… Main jaanta tha ke tum uthogi toh bhooki hogi zaahir hai, toh maine ye sab pehle hi bana liya, uthtay saath hi kaun kaam karega 😋, waisay aaj tumne toh yellow pehna hai na? Yellow yellow dirty fellow 😄, bilkul ek limbu lagrahi ho in kapro mein, okay now enough, enjoy your breakfast… Your brand new store room wala pyaara sa madadgaar dost Kunj 😂”

People get mad in love, but we are mad in friendship 😂… I knew that when you will be awake you would be hungry of course, so I prepared all this before itself, who will work right after waking up? 😋 By the way you’ve worn yellow today, right? Yellow yellow dirty fellow 😄, you look just like lemon in these clothes, okay now enough, enjoy your breakfast, your brand new helpful friend who resides in store room… KUNJ”

Twinkle eventually giggled and began to eat. Later she saw that Yuvi wasn’t home so she went in the store room and switched on the light and went down the stairs slowly by the crutches. She saw Kunj was sitting on the couch, she smiled and went and sat beside him. “Thank you Kunj, you care so much for me, Yuvi never did all this for me, all he has caused me is pain, but you are such a gem, I have seen you caring for me from day one, for others a girl like me is a burden,” Twinkle said and he shook his head.

“Burden are those who torture people, just like Yuvi, and why are you ruining your whole life behind him? You have a whole life in front of you, how will you live?” he asked and she gulped. “I only have a good friend in front of me, and that’s you, you saved me last night,” she said and he nodded. “And I will keep saving you,” he said and she smiled and they hugged each other. “Hey please let’s go upstairs, I m so bored and lonely,” she insisted and he agreed happily.

They went upstairs and closed the store room’s door behind them and sat on the couch in the dining area. “Why do you always stay in basement and never come upstairs?” she asked. “I don’t, I stay in the house by hiding as I don’t have a house of my own, in my childhood, my mom passed away and in my teenage, my dad passed away, I used to live in Manali in the snowfall, didn’t knew where to go, then one day an old man took me with him to live in this Yuvi-Twinkle Manor and I started living here with him,” Kunj told her and she felt very bad.

“I m so sorry Kunj, but I will take care of you as you’re living here with us,” she said and he smiled. “You’re so kind and generous,” he said. “Woh toh main hoon, by the way Kunj, do you know anything about music?” she asked and he nodded. “I know to play many instruments, guitar, sitaar, piano, flute, you say what you want to learn?” he asked and she thought for a while. “Piano,” she said and he nodded and began to leave. “Where to?” she asked. “To the store room, there are the instruments, I will bring,” he said and went.

Within seconds, he brought the piano and kept it in front of her. Looking at it, she felt as if it belonged to her only, her gaze went on the piano book and she opened it. On the first page, it was written K❤T. “K is for you, who’s T? Is it for me?” she asked and he shook his head. “No, I always wanted that whoever girl comes in my life, her name should start from T only, now let’s get back to where we were, shall we?” He asked and she nodded reluctantly and smiled.

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