TwiNj SS : When Topper Fell In Love By TuttiFrutti (Episode 13)

After a week, Kunj started feeling restless. He wanted to see Twinkle, hear her voice, hear her calling him Cutie and what not.

He realized what he did and was now regretting every bit of it. He realized he did love Twinkle. He wanted her in his life no matter how childish and irritating she was sometimes.She made him laugh and smile more than he ever had. He was always arrogant and rude so no one really talked to him. He spotted her friends and knew they were the only one who could help him.

“Rahul, Foram, Yuvi.” Kunj greets them but they ignore him and start walking away.

“Please. Listen to me. Once.” he pleaded making them stop and turn towards him.

“Only five minutes.” Rahul said looking at his watch.

“Okay. I-I do love Twinkle. It took me time to realize it I know. I’m really sorry especially to you Yuvi. I don’t know what to do. How to talk to her.” Kunj was cut off by Yuvi.

“Oh really? If you loved her you wouldn’t have laughed at her then kissed her and told her it was a mistake and then you go around holding other women. Wow, I didn’t know this is how people love.” Yuvi says sarcastically.

“It’s just misunderstanding. Believe me. I wasn’t laughing at her that day because she wore saree, I was laughing because of her childishness to impress me. I heard you all talk. I found it cute that’s the reason I laughed. I kissed her and I know I shouldn’t have just left. I was just confused. I’m her teacher and I shouldn’t
be kissing her. But now I realize being her teacher doesn’t matter to me.” Kunj pauses.

“Aur uss din, Minakshi mere pass aai thi. Vo mere paas aa rahi thi issliye Maine use pakda and then I just glared her. Maine uspe chillaya bhi par phir notice kiya Twinkle misunderstand karke bhaag gyi thi. Mai sacch bol raha hoon. Believe me.” Kunj pleads.

(And that day Minakshi came to me. She was coming close to me that’s why I held her and then glared her. I shouted at her but then noticed Twinkle was running away and she misunderstood. I’m telling the truth. Believe me)

The three stand there silent for a few minutes.

“Okay.” The three say in unison.

“Seriously? Oh God ! Thank you so much.”

“But agar Twinki phir se roi..” Foram starts

(But if Twinkle cries again…)

“Toh humare haath..” Rahul continues.

(Then our hands.)

“Aur tumhare gaal.” Yuvi ends.

(And your cheek.)

Kunj nods in agreement. He was more than happy now.


Twinkle sits on her bed. The day before she had sprained her hand trying to balance the dumbel Yuvi used for exercise on one hand and then ended up spraining her right hand.

Yuvi was making her drink the soup that he made for her. The bell rang and he kept the bowl on the side to see who came.

Twinkle picked up and bowl and kept it on her lap. She tried to hold the spoon in her left hand but it fell anyway. She felt she was a burden on Yuvi. He had been staying at her house for a week now, helping her with almost everything.

As the soon as the spoon full of soup was about to drop on her clothes. A hand grabbed it on time.

“Yuvi. I-” Twinkle pauses and looks at Kunj who picks up the bowl and forwards the spoon towards her mouth.

“Drink.” Kunj demands.

“Kunj. Maine pehle hi aapse kaha tha mujhe aapse baat nahi karni. Toh aap yaha kyu aaye ho? And where is Yuvi ?” she started screaming yuvi’s name but no response.

(Kunj. I told you before I don’t want to talk to you then why have you come here?)

“Twinkle, I’m sorry. Accha ek kaam karte hai, tumko mai soup pilata jaunga and tumhe Sab kucch explain karunga and jaise hi soup khatam mai chup ho jaunga aur agar tum chahogi mai chala jau toh mai chala jaunga.” Kunj explains.

(——-. Okay let’s do one thing. I’ll help you drink the soup and explain you everything. Once the soup
finishes, I’ll stop and if you want me to go. I’ll go)

“Deal?” He asks and looks at Twinkle who was sitting there like a small lid folding her arms.

“Deal.” Twinkle says after a long silence.

“Okay. So first drink.” He points at the spoon and Twinkle drinks it.

Yuvi looks at the through the door and smiles. He leaves them alone.

Kunj explains Twinkle everything and when she would open her mouth to protest he would thrust the spoon into her mouth.

Once they finish, Kunj keeps the bowl aside and then notices that the soups was all over her upper lip like a
moustache but not too visible.

Kunj gets up and leans forward taking her upper lip in between his lips and sucking it tasting all the soup.

He sits down and then looks at her who was looking at him with a deep frown.

“I don’t regret this one.” Kunj says pointing his finger at her.

“So? Now?” Kunj asks gulping down hard while his heart beat raises.

“Get up and leave.” Twinkle says with a stern look.

“Tw-” He stops as he remembers their deal.

“Okay.” He says hurt and stands up to turn around but she pulls him by his hand and he falls down on top of her but balances himself on his arms.

Twinkle wraps her arms around his neck.

“Mai mazaak kar rahi thi. Kabhi chod kar mat jaana mujhe. I love you.” Twinkle says pecking his lip making him smile all of a sudden.

(I was joking. Don’t ever leave me again. I love you.)

“I love you. I love you so much.” Kunj says pecking her lips again and again.

He joins their forehead and lets out a relieved sigh.

“I can never get enough of you.” Kunj whispers making her giggle.

~~~THE END ~~~

Hello Friends !! How are you all ? I know you all enjoyed a lot this small book and i m closing this book here but but i will give you EPILOGUE also. Hope You Love !! Thank you so much for your support !! Hahahah Y’day TwiNJ OS I got one comment from Baby Thank you…waise 35 likes & 7 likes…Read toh kiya hai but comment kar ne ki himmat nahi hui no worry u ppls read thats enough…yaa very s*xy and dirty os that was sorry !! Will Meet You soon with Epilogue !! Love You All !!

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