Do you want Ishqbaaz’s Redux to end soon?

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has seen a raise in the popularity and TRPs after introducing the innovative Redux. Shivaye and Anika’s love gets tested once again. Their union get conspired by the universe. Destiny brings them together once again. They had few hits and misses before they finally met in the Redux’ start. Since then, their love story gets off with similar intense romance and love. Viewers have enjoyed a new love tale of their favorites, finding it a better track than the elongated tracks of Season 1. Viewers want more of Shivaye and Anika’s love tracks in the Redux. Shivaye has blackmailed Anika for marriage. They both get married.

Shivaye’s misunderstanding about Anika gets cleared. He will be now seen as the intense Ishqbaaz again. Shivaye and Anika will be uniting in the coming track. This will end the scope of taking the Redux ahead. Good thing is, Omkara-Gauri, Rudra-Bhavya’s love stories will also get completed. The Redux idea has got much appreciation. But, as everyone knows, its not going to stay forever. It will be pulled off soon and the story will return to Shivika’s challenge to Mihir Awasthi. Season 1 will resume from that point. Do you want Ishqbaaz’s Redux to end soon? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Agga4102

    They should have focused on Rikara and Ruvya too. Even though Shivika’s story is good

  2. Riana

    Redux story is completely different from the previous one. But honestly i feel if redux ends then how they portray the same characters back into their season-1 form…Season-2 is being good it had a force marriage but anika too fought for her rights well…Basically in redux i like rikara more and more…As gauri is completedly educated in redux and om is a businessman…It has another kind of tashan into it…The only story thats not started is ruvya’s…Bhavya is extremely strict here whereas rudy is serious, mature and funny on the other aspect…In short i am not in favour on ending redux ! ?

    1. Lids

      I agree, it shouldn’t end now because now that it’s getting good. Destiny is supposed to bring Gauri and Om together also before it done with the redux. The past three episodes were really wonderful. The only issue that I always have is that Anika gives in too quick. Leave her be in charge for once. Leave her have the “attitude” and SSO trying anything and everything to make it up to her. Then Gauri and Om romance start, they both know that Shivika belong together so they come together to get them back together and that is how destiny got them together. Not sure about Ruvya because Bhavya is still a cop and we don’t want any more “crimes” unless, when SSO announced that Anika wasn’t a characterless girl or his mistress on air, maybe Nikhil files a FIR report to sue Shivaay and that is how Bhayva comes into the picture.
      So, give it a little bit more time with this redux but make fun.

  3. Riana

    But one more thing, If they decides to come back from redux which can actually happen it has almost chances, bcoz the redux didnt started afresh it started with taking challenge. Then i can say that it will be some bit complicated…As if the story return to its challenge night then it may take a very different turn !!…I mean audience will be eager to see that whats gonna next !!…It is really confusing to decide !!…Lets leave it on cvs !

  4. REDUX will end and we all know but.. don’t want to end it soon.
    Wanna see more…..from friendship to falling in love wanna see their journey in sweet version.
    Want to seee those things which we missed in Real.ishqqbaaz.
    So for now bcoz of amazing storyline
    I don’t want redux to end..
    Let’s see what will makers do..

  5. Redux should end after the fans of ISQBAAZ means all the fans of SHIVIKA,RIKARA,RUVYA are satisfied.?

  6. I hate this redux

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