Twinj Rab Miliya S2 EPISODE ~1

Hello guys well again backkkk with next one …..
So here we go to the another journey of Rab miliya….
Hope to get the same love as I am getting in my different stories ….
Shall we begin ??????? …

Episode 1 …
The episode starts with the beautiful view of India the great monuments …the parliament red fort the mosque the temple the churches the bridges the railway the seas oceans everything was shining today coz it was not a normal day it was day when the country got the independence everyone were celebrating the 70th year of independence …parades were going on the flag hosting was done …??????…

Screen shifts to Amritsar the beautiful view of it shows the gurudwara n everything ….the further screen shifts to a big mansion named sarna Mansion ..
There comes the beautiful mansion inside …with the servants working …and whispering something to each other …

Servant 1 : areyy do that fast kunj sir may be coming down …

Servant 2 : haan he needs everything perfectttt …there were murmuring …….when a hot s*xy figure comes there from the stairs he was wearing white shirt with black blazer looking hell hot his eyes his perfect nose perfect face cut ..will make every girl drool.over his charms …he came down talking on phone …

Yess I need everything to be perfect as today I don’t want anything wrong to happen yess yess i will be there soon he ended the call and looked for someone ….
Kunj beta we are here the voices said and he turned around to find his parents …
(Yes that was kunj only ?????)

Maa u know na I don’t go without Tilak wish me good luck as today’s event is very important for me kunj said and faked a smile …he was a kind of person who was very rude infront of whole world but infront of his parents he is Thier cute son only …

Haan Ramu Kaka bring that Aarti plate usha shouted and the servant Brings that she did kunj Aarti and applied Tilak on his face he smiled …

I am going maa will be back soon …kunj said but breakfast kunj ??? Usha asked..
I’ll have it later he said and ran from there before bombarding with more questions …

He came out of SM there his body guards surrounded him he sat in car and went towards gurudwara …he asked his body guards to wait and went inside …
On the other side ::::
A bomb figure entered the gurudwara wearing white n orange green patyala with he hairs opened she smiled seeing the arrangements there and went inside …she was walking when her foot tripped due to the stone kept there ….she was going to fall (ab har Baar hero bachayega Kya ???????) when she handled herself …

Uff babaji aaj to kaand hojata agar mein gir jaati toh meri maximum 2-4 haddi to toot hi jaati azaadi to mil gayi pata nahi ye log kab sudhrengay she picked up the stone and threwed aside …and went inside …(she was revealed to be arey Punjabi pathaka ki jagah aur kon ho Sakta hai ??????twinkle )

There kunj comes and sat too and twinkle from opposite side and they both sat there and bowed down their heads for prayer …

K : babaji plzzz aaj Ka event ache se hojaye …I can’t take risk …and plzz babaji wo jaha bhi ho usey hamesha Khush rakhna …as u know na I love her so much …..I wish Kabhi to wo mujhe mil jaaye ….

T : haaye babaji aap to Jaante ho na mujhe kya chahiye I just want maa papa love as they loved mahi and nothing else I’ll do anything for their happiness plzzz keep the safe …and happy always …

They ended their prayers and left from there but like they knew what the destiny planned for them ….
On the other side ::::
Kuni reached the venue he sees the arrangements further he moved inside and got shocked …seeing the catering section and the stage decoration hadn’t yet done ….

What the hell is this Dev(pa) I aksed u too see after everything see nothing is done here the event is gonna start soon and see the arrangements ….

I am soo sorry sir the event organiser at the last moment he back off when he heard it’s your event …Dev said scared …

What do u mean he back off hearing my name get lost from here …kunj said and Dev went while kunj sat there thinking what to do ….when he felt a hand on his shoulder ….he turned and saw Yuvraj …

What happen angry young man ??? Yuvi asked looking at kunj who was red by anger ..

See na yuvi dekh I told this PA to do everything perfect now it’s all messed up here within an hour the event is gonna start …kunj said worried …

Yuvi thought for a while areyy kunj don’t worry I know an event organiser she will manage everything within time I assure u this yuvi said …

What ??? Is this possible ??? Kunj aksed …

Yeah nothing is impossible for her u focus on welcoming the guest I will call her he said and left from there …

Yuvi went aside and dialed a number ..after few secs the caller picked up the call …

Heyyyy langoor tujhe meri yaad kaisa aayi I think mahi Ka call Nahi laga Hoga well mein Ghar pe Nahi Hu …Tu maa ko phone karle wo baat karadegi Teri biwi se ….the caller was speaking …and speaking without listening to him ..

Y : hogaya tera ab kuch bolne degi ??? Well i called you only coz I want to talk to you …gadhi twinki…

T : Tu gadha …ab bata mujhe kaise Yaad Kiya ..???? …

Y : wo yaar actually you have to plan an event within an hour and he tells kunj problem to twinkle …

T : bas itni si baat jiju u hang up I’ll be there in few secs …

Y : jaldi aah waiting …

They hang up the call and twinkle left for the event venue …

( Indeed yuhi was married and Yuvraj was twinkle brother in law but they share a bond of besties ….never behaved as bil/sil )

She came and planned everything as she was an reputated popular event organiser of amristar everything was done as per what kunj wanted ….

Y : wow yaar awesome thanks …u are the best …

T : welcome gadhe ..I have to leave now due to some work …bye catch u later ..

Y : done bye they hug …

Twinkle left from.there kunj came from behind and got impressed seeing everything done perfectly …

K : wow amazing yaar who did this ???? everything is done as per what I wanteddd man …

Y : I told u na she is awesome …she is an awesome event organiser …

K : where is she I wanna thank her and payment …

Y : ops u got late she just left ..well she is sister in law only …

K : okay make me meet her someday now come …

The event starts it was an NGO program kids came there gave several performances …and others things all n all it made the event successful …
On the other side ::::
Manohar usha too came in the event and tanejas too came with mahi …they all went inside …And enjoyed too after sometime RT aksed them to come to their house for dinner and ushar agrees and left with them after informing kunj about it ….

Screen freezes …
Precap : twinj to say yes for the wedding …..
So how was the first episode …
Hope u all like it ….
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