swasan os “FAMILY?” By JULIET

MANY TYPOS so please ignore

This os starts from the time when laksh is in jail and ayush is sick, and dadi has stolen the money and ap is misunderstanding sanskar, that phone call was fake and adarsh had used the voice manipulator for that….
Swara tried very hard to try and stop shekhar and ragini from going to dadi but they did not listin to her so now there was only one option left, as dadi left from badi to meet her so called friend shekhar and ragini started following her, in the meantime sanskar and swara meet and express their helplessness to each other, now they plan something which is muted and leave for their respective job….
We see that dadi has seen rags and shek following her so she pretends to be busy and all, with no other option left ragini apologises to dadi and she agrees to give the money to only because she is Her own granddaughter……….. it is 5 min late from the that the inspector had given them and then ragini reaches the police station only to find that laksh is out of jail and a lawyer is present there, she hurriedly goes there and enquires about the situation,
After finishing the procedure the three of them are outside the police station
Ragini- thanku Mr. jain for your help who gave u the money????
Lawyer- oh pls. it is not my hard work u should thank your sister she came and gave me the money and the proofs,
Ragini- where did she call u???
Lawyer- at a jwellers shop…..xyz shop
Ragini- thank you so much.

Then she remembers that she left her phone inside and both of them go in
There they hear the inspector talking on the phone to adarsh and listen to the conversation
Inspector- adarsh ji the money that u gave me has been used up in the false report, now only he has left from the jail and I must tell u that the video u sent can easily be proved morphed, that to those people didn’t look closely but I know the reality, so give me my share of money else I will leak the information.
Raglak are shocked to hear this they take the phone and leave with a guilt expression, they leave for the xyz shop as mentioned by the lawyer.
When they reach the shop they go inside and inquire about swara the shop keeper instantly recognises her and tells them
Shop owner- arey she, a few hours back only she came and sold her ring , shows swaras engagement ring, and took 5lac.
Ragini and laksh are so much guilty, they quickly leave for badi inorder to appologies to swasan. When they reach there they get to know that shemish have gone to the hospital with other members so they think that swasan must be there as well.
When the reach there they get to know that money has been arranged for ayush. they are all praying for the kid, but swasan are nowhere to be seen. When ayush is fine raglak ask the family members about swasan to which everyone says that they have not seen them
Sumi says that she just got a phone call from swara asking her to bring ayush to the hospital…
They all reach badi and in some hope to find swasan but they are again disappointed, they receive a note asking them to go to MM. all of them leave for MM , what they don’t know that they have a surprise waiting for them.
So now the whole MF and GF is in MM, except swasan. As soon as sujju moves toward ap she stops her and says why are u here go and enjoy on your money. Before sujju can give a ans. Pari interrupts and tells them the whole thing about the voice manupulater and ap feels guilty of not trusting her own sister and asks for forgives and sujju readily forgives her. Then RagLak also confess on how they shouted on swasan and tell the family about the ring and everything. Shekhar looks towards sumi with guilt to which she doesn’t pay heed.

At badi when swara is trying to convince ragshek not to go to dadi
Swara- baba pls. do not go to dadi it is all her plan, pls. we will together arrange for the money
Ragini- swara pls. stop this fake concern. You pls. go and enjoy your money, at least if I fall in dadis feet she will give me money but not you. You have fallen so low that you don’t even care about your own sister and her husband.
Swara- rag…..
Ragini – oh pls. swara not anymore, oh wait I get it I am NOT your OWN sister that’s why u are doing this haina. Today u have proved that at the time of crises only your OWN family helps u. dadi will at least feel sympathy and pity towards me and me some money.
Shekhar- true said ragini, but swara ayush is your own brother na then why this ruthlessness towards him.
Swara- baba mein…….
Shekhar – STOP do not say a word now, go and enjoy your life with your cheat husband. I wish u died that day when rajat pushed u at least we would not face so many problems, WHY THE HELL ARE U STILL ALIVE AND BREATHING.
And ragshek leave the house. This whole conversation was heard by dadi(as she was spying on them), sumi, (in gadodia haouse, as shekhar managed to manipulate and convince that ragini and ayush need her more, and she also felt theat she must support ragini as swara has sanskar but ragini has no one and should not feel that she is her step-mom. But she still tried to convince shekhar but he did not listen) sujju and uttara(in the room) and SANSKAR he was on call with swara as she did not cancel the call, he was shocked to hear this much insult for swara.
****************************end of flashback*********************************

Ap look teary eyed towards ragini and she looks down and laksh also spills on how he insulted sanskar in the PS. The whole family is in guilt and are trying to contact swasan, but are not successful, meanwhile a girl enters MM. Rags recognises her as swaras friend radhika (radz). She comes and looks angrily towards the people who insulted swasan and then hands over a few papers to DP. He reads them and looks questionably towards adarsh. To which radz ans.
radz- sanskar proved that your signatures were not direct but scaned and copied, he threatned him to return the whole property or get into police matters, so he agreed. Parish move towards him and ask for forgiveness and dp asks them to shift into their room. Then radz takes out her phone and dials a no. and puts it on speaker. A familier voices is heard from the other end.
Sans- yes radz
radz- bhai your work is done, how is swara? What did they say…..
Sanskar- she is ok now but still unconscious the doctors are saying that she will gain conscious in 3 to 4 hours. We will shift before that, now pls. put the call on speaker.
Radz pretends to put the call on speaker and sanskar changes his voice into happy and and starts speaking.
Sanskar – bade papa those paper are original one’s so pls. keep them safely(he says this as he does not know on how to start the conversation without sounding hurt and being mean). And haan I have taken money from my personal bank account but I will repay that as soon as possible, I just need some for swaras treatment.
Dp: sans pls. come back na everything is sorted we will start afresh.
Ragini- haan sankar pls. come back home I will take care of my sister, pls….like this all say something..during which sanskar remains quite and radz gives a bored and ‘not interested’ look…

After all finish there question ans. Session sanskar just says something which shocks everyone
Sans- sorry but I cant , Uttara
Utt- haan haan bhai
Sans- uttu don’t cry bacha u know that swara and I don’t like when you cry, chalo wipe those tears
Utt- haan bhai , but pls wapas aa jao
Sans- I cant, listen be a good girl, take care of everyone and specially ma and papa. And haan remember one thing never ever try or think to become like swara.
With that he ends call by telling radz that he will meet her soon.
‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’end of phone call,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
As soon as radz puts down the phone everyone starts asking her questions…
Rag- kya hua hai swara ko kaha hai meri behen please kuch toh batao…
Lak- haan pls. where they are and what happened to swara, please take us to them …..
Radz- and by what right do you want to know about their whereabouts
Ragini- swara behen hai meri aur ma ki beti, aur sanskar laksh ka bhai hai…
Radz- (loudly) THE, THEY WERE YOUR FAMILY , not anymore, yaad nah ho toh yaad dila du ki kuch 3 hrs. pehle tum dono ne apne so called bhai behen ka shraad kar diya hai… ab tum unke kuch bhi nahi ho…. SAMAJH AAI YEH BAAT…
Shomi- (on the verge of crying) please tell me where my beti is what happned to her please…

Radz- oh please, ab toh app usko apni beti hone ke bhojh se azad kar dijiye, jab dekho usko ignore, usko sikhana ki apna sach bahar le ayi ho toh ab culprits ko maaf kar do, sabki help karo…. Apke inhi sab lessons ki wajah se toh aj uski yeh halat hai…(goes towarda shekahr)
Radz- are uncle ab sar jhukane se kya hoga, pata hai apko swara bole ya na bole ajj bhi apko apna baba manti hai, ap hi ne toh kaha than a ki apna muh mujhe mat dikhana, aur kya….(thinking) haan, ki tum uss din mar kyu nahi gayi jis din rajat ne tumhe marne ki koshis kit hi… to sunye who wahan wapas gayi thi, patat hai kyun, apki (showing her hand towards him) baat ka maan rakhne… MARNE GAYI THI WHO WAHAN …. But unfortunately for you maine use bachaliya, but don’t worry aj ke baad apko uski shakal nahi dekhni padegi so u can think that she is dead…………………….. so now if enough of this melodrama I know ki abhi mere jane ke baad app log toh party karenge, soo please carry on…
She starts to leave but stops near Uttara
Radz- bohot pyaar karte hain dono tumse, now I know why…(secretly slips something in her hand) smiles to her and leaves…….
Laksh and ragini go behind her but lose her in between ….
Mm is gloomy
Dp- laksh kuch pata chala
Lak- nahi papa but the whole police department is on it we will find them soon
So if you guys like then I will post the next part….

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