Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 37

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the love and affection this story is receiving! Although I must admit that the responses went down suddenly in the last few episodes, I’m sure they deserved better than that! If the situation prevails, I’ll have to take on some damage control measures, because this story is extremely special and in no way can I let this happen to it. Happy reading!

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 37

A quick recap: Kunj plans a surprise for Twinkle with Yuvi’s help, thereby making it perfectly according to her taste. Kunj manages to convince her to come along to a big show, and Leela gives her some sound advice that she specifies no reason for.

Kunj had, by now, realised what exactly his feelings for Twinkle were, even if he hadn’t accepted it yet. He was no longer running from them, but didn’t want to push them further either, he wasn’t sure if Twinkle reciprocated his feelings or not after all. She, on the other hand, had a hard time dealing with the surge in his emotions, since it brought along multiple moments of being so close that she was sure one of these days she would be driven crazy by his proximity, the way he looked at her, even just the idea of him. Only she knew how hard it was to hide her blush from him. She had been glad when he had given her the rest of the day off, citing his day long recording session to be the reason. She could definitely use some time to cool off her mind and remind herself that she can’t let him know of her feelings, that she shouldn’t let her mind weave more dreams, for that would only bring her lot of pain eventually. She stealthily entered the house to find Usha deeply engrossed in chatting with her friends and sneaked upstairs, glad that she would not be disturbed. But entering the room only made her realise that she held priceless memories in every corner of it, which meant she was bound to lose herself in his thoughts yet again. She certainly didn’t mind him occupying her mind all day long like that, being close to him felt like a dream come true, but she was worried, frightened even, that the deeper their friendship grew, the deeper she would fall for him and the harder it would be to leave, but that certainly wasn’t sufficient to hold her back.

Twinkle had learnt by and by to let Kunj in on her thoughts, although not the ones concerning her unrequited love for him and her own fear of losing him. She knew she hadn’t been as brave as him, for he had managed to get his thoughts across, but she couldn’t even dare the thought. She smiled to herself as she recalled just the previous night’s incident when he had been sitting on his seat by the window after Leela, Yuvi and Chinki had left, the cool breeze making the wind chime produce pleasant sounds. Other than that, it was an unusually quiet night, with signs of an oncoming storm. She had come and stood beside him when she had heard him humming softly to himself. He quietened down when he became aware of her presence and turned to her with a wink. “What’s up, birthday girl?” He asked, extremely pleased with himself when he had realised how happy his little surprise had made her. “Don’t. Makes me feel like a five year old!” She replied with a cringe, making him giggle. “But you are, aren’t you?” He teased with a grin, making her give him a bored look. “I’m sure Leela Ma must have been giving you a chocolate or something when I had found the two of you whispering in a corner!” He added, making her let out a small laugh. “I wish. She was giving me life lessons. She’s really concerned for us, you know?” She answered, letting out a deep sigh as she momentarily pondered over Leela’s words that somehow rung in her mind like a warning bell. “I think it’s amazing that even if only a handful, you have people who care for you so much, people who would go to the extent of killing me if I hurt you!” He humoured, his indication towards Yuvi, he thought he was allowed one final jibe at Yuvi despite it all. “You have people who care as much for you as well, or perhaps even more, Kunj! Maybe you don’t know it yet.” She replied, making him snap his head to look at her, but she was staring blankly outside the window, too lost in her own thoughts, her direct indication towards herself. He watched her quietly, reminding himself of their earlier conversation when she had told him that love could not be forced. He sighed wondering if she would ever requite his love.

Usha had been surprised when Twinkle walked down the stairs in the evening, for she hadn’t had a single clue of when she had got home. To make up for it, she insisted that the two of them have tea together. Twinkle had just brought Usha her tea when they heard the doorbell, which both of them thought was weird; neither were expecting guests and they knew both Kunj and Manohar weren’t expected till late in the night. “Alisha?” Twinkle’s gasp made Usha look up in shock. As she looked on, Twinkle pulled open the doors and in walked Alisha, the one person Usha had dreaded most in her life. “Why hello, Usha aunty! It had been so terribly long since I saw you last. I’ve missed you so much! How have you been? Caused any more accidents lately?” Alisha spoke cheerfully as she walked across the hall authoritatively, as though she was marking her territory. She laughed when she saw Usha blinking at her with a boggled expression and added, “I was just kidding! I love how innocent you are, to be mother in law!” Usha glanced over at Twinkle who was watching bewildered, both of them equally worried. What were they to do? Kunj was busy in his recording session, which meant his phone would be on silent and he wouldn’t take any calls till he was done. Reconsidering this option, Usha figured it would be better if they could handle it by themselves, since she was worried Kunj might somehow be trapped by Alisha. “Hey Twinkle!” Alisha said next, turning to smile sweetly at her, snapping Twinkle out of her unrelenting troublesome thoughts. She walked to Twinkle and said in a hushed tone, “I’m so sorry for the other day, Twinkle. I hope you know that I’ve been suffering with mental health issues ever since the accident. I know what I did can’t be forgiven at any cost, but I was worried I would lose my Kunj!” Twinkle gulped hard as she recollected the horror Alisha had put her through, but managed to nod at her.

“But then Kunj explained the circumstances under which he was forced to marry you, even when he wasn’t willing to, and how this marriage is just like an agreement to him, he can break it off when I ask him to, he said. That was when I realised how wrong I was, I’m sorry!” Alisha continued as she dragged Twinkle by her wrist to the sofa where Usha had been sitting until a few minutes ago when she stood up due to the thunderbolt that had hit her unsuspecting home, and sat down on the opposite sofa herself. Alisha’s words echoed in Twinkle’s ears and she could no longer process anything else. ‘Just like an agreement’ was what Kunj thought of their marriage? She had always known that Kunj probably didn’t think very highly of their marriage, but she had begun to believe that they were really good friends at least, but as it turned out, she was horribly wrong. “Kunj told me how incredibly understanding and helpful you’ve been through his hard times, Twinkle, and that obviously means that you would understand us, our love and will leave without much delay or drama now that I’m back, right? It’s great that Kunj isn’t here right now, it would have been really difficult for him to ask you to leave, or so he told me.” Alisha articulated, sipping on the tea that Twinkle had brought for Usha and humming appreciatively. She then looked up at Twinkle who appeared appalled and spoke, “Are you not going to go pack your bags now?”

Usha caught Twinkle just as she was about to knock over a vase since she had been walking lifelessly and absentmindedly down the corridor on the first floor. “Do you now see why all this was a horrible idea, Ma?” Twinkle sobbed as she sat down on the floor with a thud, Usha kneeling down beside her. “Twinkle! I don’t think you need to be letting yourself be so bothered by what Alisha is saying! She isn’t trustworthy, she could be making all this up!” Usha tried convincing her, but she simply shook her head as a fresh stream of tears rolled down her cheeks. “What makes you think Kunj will choose me over Alisha, Ma? This was bound to happen at some time after all!” She replied hopelessly as Usha put her arms around her, feeling emotional herself. “I’ve left Kunj a message, Twinkle. Let’s wait for him to get home, please. Don’t let Alisha ruin everything that has been so perfect so far!” Usha tried again, although some part of her already knew that she was fighting a lost battle. “Wait for Kunj to come home and make it harder for me?” Twinkle asked, no longer in the position to think straight. Usha had known, for a fact, that Kunj had been growing fonder of Twinkle with time, so much so as to trust her more than anyone else in the world, but knew equally well that he thought, for some reason that she wouldn’t understand his confusions regarding his feelings, which was why he had never discussed it with her. She badly wished he had, for at least that way, Twinkle wouldn’t have been left at the mercy of Alisha.

 “Twinkle is my daughter in law and Kunj’s wife! She isn’t going anywhere, not until I am around! Do you get that?” Twinkle heard Usha screaming at Alisha when she walked down the stairs with her bags. “I know, but you see, Kunj doesn’t want her here.” Alisha replied pointedly, smiling at Twinkle. “You don’t get to decide that, Alisha! I know you too well to be tricked into believing you! I know your ways and means well enough to know better than that. Twinkle isn’t going anywhere, and that is final! You have absolutely no rights to take decisions on Kunj’s behalf!” Usha shot back, as Twinkle looked on emotionlessly. “I do, Usha aunty. He had proposed to me for marriage, remember?” Alisha answered calmly as she looked around the house uninterestedly. “He didn’t marry you, Alisha! He married Twinkle!” Usha’s voice thundered through the house as she glared at Alisha. “That, was a temporary arrangement. I am the one that Kunj loves!” Alisha responded, when the doors opened and Kunj rushed in, his eyes scanning the hall for Twinkle. He stopped dead in his track when he spotted her tear stained face, her eyes conveying how disappointed and heartbroken she was, causing a stinging pain in his own heart. She turned to look at him, sighing deeply and then looking away, making him tremble.

That’s it for now, guys. I know it’s highly disappointing to see misunderstandings arise between Twinkle and Kunj yet again, but I’m sure all of you will agree that Twinkle has been fighting the battle all alone so far, it’s high time that Kunj bucks up and takes on some responsibility of their relationship on his own shoulder, Twinkle deserves that much for being so strong all along. Please bear with me until all the troubles are cleared off their paths once and for all, as I take you all along the plot line as I originally intended it to be.  Hoping I still have your support, lots of love! 

  1. It was really shocking epi.Now I think its kunjs turn to fight for this relationship.
    Even I feel twinkle has suffered enough.

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much for siding by my opinion, it really means a lot. We will see Kunj fighting for their relationship real soon!!

  2. Vibhu

    Ananya, you don’t know how hard the least two days were for me.
    TU website was down and I was so frustrated. I was literally check the website again and again. And that’s all becoz I wanted to read your story. ♥️🤗
    This update bought a shock. This stupid Alisha 🤦 is back and she’s created misunderstandings between Twinj.
    But, you said it right. It’s high time that kunj and twinkle fights this battle together and save their relationship.
    😊💞 Thank god kunj is here before twinj left.
    Next update is gonna be interesting.
    I’m already excited.
    Post soon.

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Hey Vibhu! I totally understand that, because the website being down was driving me crazy as well. I’m really flattered by that praise though. Thank you so much!! I’m happy you agree that Kunj needs to join hands with Twinkle now, it feels amazing when the readers get the emotion that I’m trying to pitch in. The next episode will be out in a while, I can’t really assure you it’ll be interesting, but it’ll be unforeseen for sure. Stay tuned!

  3. The story is getting interesting day by day waiting for the next part 😄

    This b*t*h Alisha 😤😤 … seriously she is very clever or i say evil 😏 ….she knows very well how to play with peoples mind 😒 + she is expert in pretending that she is very good 😑.
    Nd Ya i so agree with u , that now kunj has to take responsibility for twinkle nd his relationship ..

    You are the best ❤
    Do update sooner eagerly waiting ❤

    1. Ananya_DSK

      Thank you so much Diya!! The next episode will be out soon! Like I had already said, Alisha is back stronger than ever, and she definitely has many things in mind. I’m glad you agree that Kunj should be the one fighting for them now. That’s really sweet of you!!

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