TWINJ -MAVI Love circle (Episode 26)

Hai guys..
hello..Fisrt of all..i read each and every comment that u guys did on FF..but din i knew my slipy mouth would spoil the suspence..
and Yuki thanku for the kannada comment..
and yup maharastra wali toh hun but karnatak mei rehti hn toh obi nang kannada barteti re..

so lets start the episode as i know u r eagerly waiting for it..

Adi and riya ‘s grahapravesh is done..
During this all Sarnas and luthras are also present as mahi and twinkles instance
Usha is in tears and says i might be the first mom to c grahapravesh of my daughter..
she hits the kalash..and enter the home..
twinkle and mahi stops them..and asks for the neek..
adi gives them a cheque..
and they are happy..
leela asks adi to take riya to room..
twinkle and mahi smirks..
and run ..
Anita-adi beta get ready..ur pokect will go zero today..
Adii-if my sisters are happy with such little things i can give them anything they ask for..
twinkle and mahi come and stand their too..
and forwards thei hand..
Riya giggles..
twinkle mahi kitna sath rahi ho
mahi-hamara hak hai..
if u want u can backoff twinkle as riya bhabhi ll also be troubling u..and kunj and laughs..
adi hugs his sisters and asks them what they need..?
T-promise !
A&R-promise ..and what that?
T-tat u both will alswys stay happy..

Just then Kunj n Uv say-and ll not forget all of us in their romance..
riya oulls ears of the boys..
all laugh..
atlast they lev and say let the love birds do romance and enjoy..
K-vase even v are same..
and i think v shd lev now too for…hmmm
T-fakes a smile
K-isskya huva hai..
MAhi and uv feel ackwrd..and uv says dont worry all ll be fine..
here UV and mahis grahapravesh is done..
mahi enter the room and is happy seeing his and uvs pic hung their..
UV-did u like it..
M-i loved it..
but this..
Uv-so what if we shall not share a relation ship of husband wife..
we shall share the relation ship of friendship..
as i have decided to give a chance to this relation but first we need we shall know each otheer well..
M-is in teras..
Uv-mahi he cups her face and asks y r u crying..
vo i m tired shall we sleep..
Uv-nods..he asks her to sleep he ll sleep in hall..
i mean we can share a bed..
i trust u..
Uv-r u sure…
UV-can i trust u too..
M-uv….(shw throws pillow)
Both laugh and says goodni8 and sleep/….

twinjs grahapravesh..
twinkle and kunjs arrti is done..
twinkle kicks the kalash..
and steps in the home..
she tell to herself..
this is so filmy..
but just then she remebers something and gets sad..
all say all the best to kunj..
twinkle is shocked and asky are they saying so..
just then kunj lifts her..
and makes her sit in a place which is decorated for the rasam..
she fakes smile..
the ring finding rasam is done..
kunj is lost in thinking what is making twinkle so tensed..
in this thinking twinkle wins the game..
now bebe asks kunj to take her..
he nods..
bebe says him something in ear and he nods..
he again lifts twinkle..
twinkle asks y r u doing filmy style’s..
he says its parampara of our home..
he brings her to his room..
and says here my room..
opps our room/….
he makes her sit on bed..
and says i ll just come u relax..
he goes to bebe..
bebe u called me..
bebe-yes puttar,
K-anything serious..
B-hmm an elder oldy of this home i need to say u something..
K-yeah proceed..
B-twinkle is now a memeber of our family..u need to take care of her she dont know the rituals of our home.sometimes the time may come when u would be in troma..
but promise me u ll never lev her..
it ll take time to adjust..
but promise me u ll help her..
K-i promise u..
B-now go and enjoy..

Twinkles room..
Twinkle cries vigorusly..and says i ll ask answers to my question from kunj today..
i wont leave him..howcould he..
just then she takes out a small knife from her bag..
she is full furious on kunj..
she hids the knife..
kunj enters the room..
he bolts t..
twinkle heart beats are beating at 1000m/s
she tells to calm twinkle..n must not melt today..u know who is he..
K-comes close to her..
removes her vail..
and admires her..
he then asks her do u know what is today..
twinkle just nods..
kunj sences something..
he lifts her face by chin and is shocked to see tears in her eyes..
he asks her what the matter..
he tries to go close to her..
just then she takes out knife..
and shows it to him..
dont even dare come to me..
u cheated me kunj..
i got to know all..kunj is shocked..
he asks he to calm down..
and before that give me the knife..
it can hurt u..
she says no i wont..
whta gurantee if u come again close to me..
he says ok u be their n bed i ll sit here on couch ok..
now keep the knife aside and tel me..

and plzz stop crying i cant c u like that yar plzzz..
she stops and says..
u knew all na..
c how m i asking all boys knew this..
k-what do all boys knew twinkle..
t- u knew but too..u did that..
K-twinkle listen till u dont say me i cant undersatand what u want to plzz be frank..
T-this only ..
u knew ki if u kiss lip to lip a girl can be prgnenet but still u did it..
not once but twice
and again starts to cry..
i saw in movie yesterday….
i dint know hoe did i do that sin..(SO GUYS I KNOW AFTER READING THIS U FEEL TO KILL ME..BUT STILL IT WAS GOOD IDEA RIGHT,u all taught it soething else and it turned out to be something else)
twinkle..r u mad..
he strts laughing loud…
and crumbles on ground..
and then control his laugh..
and asks so did u become preg..?
T-no..but what would happen if i would..
K-so that doent matter now..
he starts comming close to her..
he heart beats start plumping hard..
he comes more close..
she is lost n his eyes so is he..
they share an passinate lip lock..
he then asks her which movie did she c..
she says”Hum dil de chuke sanam”
K-(controling his laugh)did u see full..
T-nods in no..
coz the half made me mad and if i would c full then i would have died with heart attack..
he says ok..
he goes and brings his laptop and plays the movie..
from where she stoped watching..
she is shocked to c it..
(he now starts laughing hard)
she feels emberased..
and hugs him and says sorry..i taught..
K-cups her face and says its ok..
i saw a new innocent girl in u today who is so pure in heart..
he comes close to her
they consumate their marriage..

precap-first rasoi of twinle and mahi and riya..
and ful to siyappasss

so how was the episode..

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  1. Crazy ,
    really u r dammmmn crazy yarr…

  2. crazy Ku crazy fan

    ?i taught something else only
    But resulted in something else..
    Today I want to give u a title
    Guys do u too agree with this..
    This girl just creates such a suspense
    That is beyond imagination ???

  3. Vyshu ????
    This is coz u made me go mad thinking what could have been happened
    But ????
    I was thinking n thinking ki abb is shaitan ke dimag mein kya chal raha hoga

  4. fuhhh(feel relieves)..what a twist yaar!!super..n its funny …i also once thought the same thing as twinkle thinks when i was small..u remine me again…i cant stop laughing…anyway it was nice…

  5. Toooooooo funny loved it

  6. Awesome episode Crazy……loved it ??

  7. wow such a nice epi luved it

  8. Awwww kitni boli hai hamari twinkle
    Aurr tera ff ekdam faadu
    Hats off yaar

  9. Very nice and funny

  10. Thankuuuu so much allll
    N crazy ku crazy fan tq for d title

  11. Crazy u r actually crazy…..but loved ur sense of humor ….keep it up???????

  12. Yup it was jus osmmmmmmmm epi dear loved it so much n d innocent twinki awww such an amazing do cont soon

  13. Omg so funny awesome loved it

  14. twinj fan-(tamanna)

    lol…it was funny

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