What a relationship do we share? (Saath nibhana saathiya) chapter 1

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Hello everyone my article is based on a very odd awrkward realtionship and how they both start liking each other… Meera and sahir.

Today is sona and sahir’s marriage

Modi mansion:

Sahir is in his room pari is wearing his turban,
Pari: today me son is getting married honestly sahir it feels like a dream.

Sahir: mom i know but i will always be yours
They both hug.

Sonas room:

Sona is wearing her jewellery and gets a call from a random number.

Sona: hello who is this.

Unknown person: sona its me kaali i need my half of the money hurry up and marry that idiot.

Sona: you dont worry ok and you concentrate on what iv told you in 3 days i will get all sahirs money and come to you my love. This wesding is just for his money orelse i would have marry you.

Unknown person: ok im hanging up ok you come quick to me love you bye.

Sona: bye

Baa is sat on her wheel chair and gears everything she bes gobsmacked!

Baa: sona is marrying sahir only for money she will ruin my grandchild’s life!

Meera just bes walking past there.

Baa:( whispering) meera! Come here

Meera: yes baa how come you are here your not we…

Baa: meera listen i need to tell you something importnant.

Meera: yes baa tell me why do you look so worried.

They go in meera’s room.

Baa: meera i was going past sonas room and… She tells her everything.

Meera is shocked
Meera: but baa how can she do this.

Baa: meera you do something please.

Meera: baa dont worry ok il sort it out i promise.

Precap: sona and sahir are taking rounds meera stops the wedding, baa gets a heart attack!

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    lOVED Sahir Pari scene.OMG Sona has a bf.She is marrying Sahir only 4 his money.Baa n Meera know this.Precap is nice.Meera will stop the wedding.But Is this Sahir Meera luv story?How can they be lovers as Sahir Meera r brother sister?I hope in this ff Meera is not Sahir’s sister.Continue soon.A very diff ff

    1. Thank u sm jamsmine actually in this ff they are cousens and we will see in the next chapter how they will get married. Lol

  2. Also they arent going to be lovers

  3. nice concept..
    loved it…
    plz continue soon…
    want to read more..
    sona complete -ve.. marrying sahir for money & wil run away soon..
    baa heard all… & informed meera..
    now meera wil save sahir…
    gud going..

  4. jasmine Rahul

    I know that they r cousins.On the show SNS also they r cousins.Cousins also share sibling relationship.So here Sahir Meera r not lovers?
    Cant wait 4 the next part.plz update regularly

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