Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (67)

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The episode starts with twinkle standing in front of a large villa surrounded by large gardens on its both sides.. (after whole 2 hours travel)
there is no other house nearby..
Its a kind of farmhouse..
She was watching it with open mouth.. having hands on hey both cheecks..(omg!! she is looking soooo cute)
Driver asked her to proceed further as he is not allowed to go inside..
Whole path is decorated with rose peatels..
She was slowly walking inside adoring the divine beauty of the place..
As she enters inside.. it was whole dark..

Its just a video playing having all twinkle’s pics which kunj have collected till now without her notice…
Twinkle was spellbounded to see all this for herself.. happy tears started rolling from her eyes..
As she was watching her pics..( some pics have kunj with her.. her moments with childern n family.. every moment was captured by kunj…)
Someone came behind her n back hugged her placing his chin on her shoulders..
and asked.. (ofcourse he is kunj only.. who other have the guts to hug our syappa queen..)
k- (huskily) Kaisa laga..??
tw- (smiled shyly) beautiful..
Kunj clapped his hands two times n all lights were turned onn..
Whole lobby glittered with different coloured lights..
Twinkle again spellbound to see its beauty..
Tw- wow.. its so beautiful..

k- (huskily from behind her) not more than u..
Twinkle shyed n started gazing the whole mansion with a shine in her eyes..
Kunj was admiring her..
k- aab bas yahi dekhna h ya aage ka surprise bhi dekhna h..
tw-(eyes shined) more surprise.. (with a big vala smile)
Kunj forwarded his hands to her..
Twinkle became confused ..

Kunj signed her to give her hand in his hand..
She happily gave in ..
just then music start.. TWinkle looked towards kunj..
k- wanna have dance with this beautiful lady.. (bowed his head down) may i??
TWinkle happily nooded n both came in the centre..

Tujhse hi to mili hai rahat
Tu hi to meri hai chahat
Tujhse hi to judi zindagi
Teri yaadein hain kuch adhoori
Saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami
Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aake na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere
Zara saanson mein apni basa aa…
(Twinkle hands are on kunj’s shoulders n kunj was lipsing the lyrics..
n is looking straigt into her eyes .. as if telling all his feelings to her..)

Tujhe apna bana loon
Tujhe tujh se chura loon
Tujhe khud mein chhupa loon, Sahiba!
Ik mujh pe karam ho
Tu hi mera sanam ho
Teri mujh pe nazar ho, Sahiba!
Hmmm… aa aa…
(Twinkle shyed feeling his continues gaze on her..
She started moving away from him.. but suddenly kunj pulled her towards himself..
which results in crashing her on her hard chest…)

Mar main jaaunga, reh na paaun
Gham judai ka seh na paaun
Aye tujhe pyaar ka vaasta
Teri yaadein hai kuchh adhoori
Saans aadhi hai kuch hai poori
Aankhon mein hai kaisi ye nami
Raat ke chaand tale
Aagosh mein meri tu aa
(twinkle closed her eyes feeling him so closed..
kunj turned her swiftly dancing on the rythm.. n back hugged her,…)
Baahon mein le lo mujhe
Zara sapno mein apne basa

Mera mann, kehne laga
Paas aake na tu door jaa
Chhoone de, honth tere
Zara saanson mein apni basa aa…
(both their eyes were if they were feeeling each other’s presense..
at the end of song.. kunj again turned her n kissed her temple lovingly..
She felt the kiss full of love n her cheeks turned red due to blushing..)

She couldn’t stand his close proximity.. so she just rushed on the stairs.. going on terrace..
Kunj ran behind her n hold her one hand..
Twinkle turned n saw directly into his eyes..
She saw so much love for her in those eyes n shyed.. Again turned n ran from there..
As soon as she reached .. She got surprised (awstruck ) seeing the decoration.
They were under stary sky with whole terrace decorated with red n white balloon..

Kunj take twinkle to the center…
Twinkle is more shocked when he comes on his knees n hold twinkle’s hands…

“twinkle i dont know how to tell u.. but i think u will understand me… twinkle i dont know when this feelings have started to come in my heart…
pata nhi kab m tumse itna pyar karne laga hun…
Twinkle m zindagi bhar tumse pyar karne ka bharosa nhi deta hun…
lakin jab tak m zinda hu.. aur saasein le rha hu.. tab tak zarur tumse pyar karyta rahunga…
Twinkle kya tum mere zindagi me aaogi….
m tumhare saath hasna chahta hun..tumhare kandhe par rona chahta hun..

i want u to be happy with me in my happiness n sorrows..
Twinkleeeee.. kya tum mere zindagi banogi..???
Mujhe doctor sahiba ka life partner banne ka chance dogi…
Kya tum iss sadu ko apni zindagi me apnaogi…
WILL U???”

Twinkle was standing there shocked.. listening to his proposal..
no matter she also had somefeelings for him but never in her life she imagined him to propose her..
She Dont know what to do at this point of time.. She was confused like hell…

kunj was waiting for her still on his knees just staring her.. giving her the proper time to think n reply..

Twinkle was numb hearing this while her heart n mind conflict start again..
heart: twinkle accept the proposal.. u know.. u too love him.. n he will always keep u happy..
mind: please twinkle try n understand.. u have a past n he dont know about it..
heart: He is so understanding.. u tell him everything about ur past.. he will help u overcome that..
mind: But u r married?? u cant have any relation with other man..
heart: What married.. ? for whom are u thinking soo much..? he left u on ur wedding day only.. n here u r thinkng about that jerk..
mind: whatever it is? but still u r married n he has the right to know this..
heart: Yeh!! pahli bar tumne dimag wali baat ki h.. ..
he is right twinkle.. before going to any conclusion.. tell him about ur past..
mind: aee!! u stupid heart! m hi dimag hu.. how can u say ki maine pahli bar dimag vali baat ki..
heart: whatever…

Twinkle came back in her senses when kunj held her shoulders..
k- Hey!! its ok twinkle.. if u dont want me in ur life.. but plz dont cry becoz of me..
(yes.. thinkg about all these.. tears were flowing from her eyes continuously yet silently..)
Kunj wiped her tears with his thumb gently n gestured her not to cry..
k- chalo twinkle…(holding her hands)
tw- (came in senses n spoke) dont u wanna know my answer..(againtears start rolling from her eyes)
k- no if will get hurt answering me.. then i dont wanna listen..
Twinkle is overwhelmed with his care..
He started going.. twinkle.. held his hands.. asking him to stop..

She sat there only on the ground.. Seeing twinkle like this.. kunj also bent n sat near her.. resting his back on nearby wall..
Twinkle placed her head on his chest.. feeling him..
Both were silent for sometime.. no one spoke anythinhg…

After a while twinkle started speaking sobbing..
tw- before answering to ur proposal.. i wanna tell u something..
k- twinkle u need not hesitate.. u can share ur every problem with me.. i will always be there for u..
if not as love then surely as a friend..
Twinkle is overwhelmed with his this gesture..
n stated speaking sobbing..
Kunj was caressing her hairs to make her calm..

Twinkle- (She started telling everything to him from start…)

u know sid.. from childhood.. my dream was to become a doctor.. n u know i was trying my best to fulfill my dreams..
me n my small cute family .. we were so happy in our life..

Suddenly one day my papa came with a marriage proposal for me.. i didnt wanna get married but agreed for my papa’s sake..
but u know.. i was not at all happy with this marriage.. the one day before marriage.. i went to my parents room to confront them regarding this marriage n my dreams..
That is when i listened their conversation.. they were very happy with this alliance.. n they even were talking that my inlaws were broad minded n they will allow me to study further..

I was happy listening this.. a big tension was over … i made my mind to marry the person whom i didnt even see.. because i was not interested in marriage at first..
but after listening my parents talk .. agreed n respect towards my inlaws n my fiancee…
I was about to leave from there.. just then i listened their further conversation….

i will continue with the flashback in next part..
hope u liked todays episode n kunj’s proposal…
plz comment n do tell me about ur views..

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  1. SidMin

    Aww loved the episode Kunj is such a cutie pie …. just love him yaar ❤❤❤❤❤
    I really loved the confession the dance and all
    Love you post soon ????

  2. Sohi

    It so fabulous and marvelous
    Liked it to the core
    I was eagerly waiting for the episode
    Every thing was perfectly explained
    Do continue and post soon bye

  3. It was awesome and romantic
    Liked their dance
    Feeling sad for twinkle
    Do continue


  5. Mahi

    Its amazing yr
    But plssss pos5 next soon
    I can’t sleep bcoz of this suspenc yr
    Caryon with ur mind blowing ff

  6. Presha

    Hey monaa loved it to the core yaar but beech main latka diya yaar u should have continued it but will wait and this epi was epic loved it

  7. Aanya_pandey

    My god!!! Beech me hi atak gyi baat????
    What yrr… I’m very eager to know what’s gonna happen in next update this update… Yrrr.. amazing date setup n kunj’s proposal ??????
    But i’m really worried what would b twinkle’s reaction after knowing about “sid” is kunj?????

  8. Simiyy

    Hey Mona
    i really enjoyed it
    try to post soon

  9. Chiku

    Awwww!!! Sooo cute. Lovely?????loved it.
    Awesome ??
    Post next soon

  10. SidMin23

    It was nice and kunj is superb cute and I wonder how will twinkle react when she know that he is kunj will do post u left on suspense

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous lovely epi

  12. Monaa
    Amazing u described it sooo beautifully
    I just loved it
    I have no words to say how beautifully u wrote
    Love u keep smiling

  13. RUTU.....

    Awesome amazing fabulous episode dear waiting impatiently for next one plz post soon eager to know twinkles reaction after truth reviling ?????

  14. Baby

    monnaa di☺
    shoooooo cute hayee d proposal♥
    m like wow kash koi aisee hi sab pyaar krte yaar ab kya khun ufff………..
    luvd it soooooo vry mch m speechless
    d decorations arrangements everyhing was sooo perfect☺☺
    ufff bt cant w8 wen twinkle will cum to know d trth fir kya hoga
    ohhhh babaji srsly di cant w8 for nxt epi☺
    plsssssss post asap☺☺
    luv u lods♥♥♥

  15. Shalini15

    Hey Mona, it was awesome mindblowing n romantic episode. loved kunjs proposal, their dance nd his concern for her. looking forward for twinkles reaction after knowing the truth… pls post next asap….

    Lots of love

  16. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Hii mona,ur ff is just superb & mind blowing.i fell in love with ur ff yaar.first time I m commenting on any FF & it’s urs….

    Uff yr the way u portray every emotions I just love it….

    Eagerly waiting for ur next episode.
    Please post asap

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