Zindgi Bitaungi Tere saaye mein (Episode 17)

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Guyzzz am really sorry for the late update…and thank you for the comments, am stuck with my work…its not over still yet..but I got some time and updating this…am not sure when I would able to update the nxt part..so plz …
Onve again am sorry for this irregularirty
Old lady:…
Abhi: thank you mam for informing me about her. You couldn’t even know how much important was this information for us. We would never ever forget this help.

On the concert day every one was watching it. Even in the ashram also…including pragya. Old lady noticed the tears filled in her eyes… the love which is longing for his presence. Lady realised this separation is not going to solve anything so she decided to inform him. The old lady could also see how her family and her love abhi loves her . After all that she decided to call abhi and informed that pragya is with her and also gave the address. And getting this next day itself abhi reached here.
Flashback end

Old lady left from there leaving the couple alone.
Abhi : so fuggy come let’s go. Saying this he held her hand.
Pragya fred her hand from his hold and said I will come but you have to agree to my decision.
Abhi : fuggy we will discuss about it later. Let’s go first.
Pragya : No once we reached home then you won’t agree. So let’s decide it from here.
Abhi with little bit anger… what you want to decide. What you want me to say… ha his voice raised tell me pragya you want me to allow you to suicide by agreeing to your decision.
Pragya : No I want you to allow a mother to give birth to her child.
Abhi hold her shoulder tightly and bring her closer to him and shouted why can’t you understand the seriousness of this. Why are you doing this to me. … why he shouted why can’t you agree to my decision?
Pragya fred herself free from his hold and shouted with tears filled eyes NO…. and run inside.
Abhi: fuggy. …. stop…

In room.
Pragya was crying bitterly and says why it always happens with me…whenever you give me a little happiness then the very next moment you would fill my life with tears. But this time this is too much. I couldn’t see him like this.
Then agree with my decision says abhi who was standings in the door by leaning himself to the door and folding his arm to his chest.

He slowly come towards her then cupped her face, and looked into her eyes she get lost in his eyes.
Abhi: fuggy I want you till my last breath I can’t live without you
Pragya : so for this you are asking me to kill our child. Don’t you have any feelings for this child.
Hearing this abhi removed his hand from her face and turned back.
Pragya came and stand in front of him and looked directly into his eyes, tell me don’t you have any feelings.
With much anger abhi shouted NO I don’t have any feelings am clear I don’t have any feelings.
Pragya was taken back by his reply she didn’t expect this from him. So with as much as anger abhi showed she also shouted back with the same range…Why is this not your child. ..do you think that this is not your child?
This is something which he didn’t expected from her. His eyes become red because of anger and he shouted Prraaggyyaaa….and raised his hand so as to slap her but he stopped in between.
Pragya closed her eyes and turned her face because of fear.
He dropped his hand without slapping, he then held her shoulders tightly causing pain to her. He bring her closer to him and shouted

Abhi: how dare you Pragya… how dare you speak something like that how dare you say those words…he shouted….his voice and anger increases… who give you the right to speak those words against my fuggy…who gave you his hold become tighter increasing her pain… no one in this world have the right to say anything against my fuggy….no one have the right to point fingers against her, Say something about her character… her dedication towards me…towards this marriage . …not even you Pragya. If it was not you who say this then I would have killed them.
He released his hold suddenly and pushed her which makes her lose her balance but she somewhat prevent herself from falling. Abhi walked In the room with anger folding his wrist tightly. He kicked the chair and table in the room because of anger. Pragya tried to stop him by holding his hand but he pushed her and point fingers against her. She once again tried and tried to speak to him.
pragya : suniye I didn’t mean but she stopped by abhi.
Abhi: not any word whatever you told is more than enough. Not any more. … and tried to move but pragya stopped him by holding his hand
Pragya : sorry I. ..but once again stopped by shouting stop it pragya and leave me alone. Pragya also shouted back NO I won’t. ..
He couldn’t control his anger so he take his hand from her hold and shouted just go saying this he broke the mirror with his left hand.

Pragya was frightened by the scene which just happened before her. She closed her eyes face with both her hands for few seconds. When she opened her eyes she could see blood following from his hands. She rushed towards him and took his hands with both her hands. Tears which falls from her eyes is not ready to stop. She cared his hands with her hands and slowly wiped his blood with her shall.
pragya : why are you doing this. What is the need of hurting yourself.
He took his hands and said it is not more than the pain which you caused with your words, and moved from there. Pragya tried to stop him to bandage his wound but he is not ready to do so.
Pragya lost her patients when he didn’t allowed her to bandage his wound. She felt as if her heart is breaking into pieces by seeing him in pain.
Pragya : enough will you allow me bandage you’r wound he didn’t replied anything. So pragya continued so if I cannot reduce your pain then it is better i also suffer the same pain saying this she went near the broken mirror and pressed her right hand in those pieces. She closed her eyes in pain and let out a small cry which caught abhi’s attention. He turned back and saw his fuggy had injured herself. He shouted fuggy and rushed towards her.

I know it is a typical episode…nothing else came to mind… sorry for that..and I want to gave an update becoz make u sure that I haven’t dropped writing and also to make you remember me.
Plzz do comment…and thank you for all ur valuable comments…thank you

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