Twinj keeps the spotlight glowing episode 9

Thank you everyone I have special thank to komal,SMC,M.praveena,baby doll
And thanks to all silent readers .

The epiosde starts with kunj and Maya hugging and twinkle comes there and sees this and shouts kunj!!!!. Kunj tries to consoles twinkle
Kunj:twinkle try to understand
Twinkle:I understood everything……………. u….. an..d M.a.ya are having an affair
Twinkle was about to jump of an building but before that she wakes up from her bed screaming No No kunj is mine. Then she understands that it was a dream and tries to sleep.

Kunj was studying from his room and twinkle comes there she starts talking about a boy (imaginary boy to make him feel jealous) and tells him that he is very hot and cute.he says ok I don’t care I have to study (in his funny manner)and maya is coming for helping me the portions I missed .
Twinkle:oh maya is coming
Kunj:ya so what
Twinkle:teke I don’t care I am going with chinki for shopping
Kunj:that will be good

Chinki and twinkle are having drinks ?. They are discussing about what to wear on tommorows ring exchange. Twinkle was texting kriti(her best friend) and talking about their engagement. Chinki and twinkle leaves from the shop . twinkle feels dizzy and faints.chinki calls kunj and informs him about twinkle . he comes running to see twinkle
Twinkle was in the casuallty and sees kunj.
Twinkle:I love you
Kunj:I love you too
❤❤❤❤❤(They hug each other tightly )❤❤❤❤❤

Kunj:don’t worry nothing will happen to her
Chinki crys

Precap:twinj and yuki exchanges rings twinkle and chinki dances on dol bhaje.

  1. Hmmm interesting episode Twinkle !!! Pls post the next episode asap…

  2. Nice. Especially Twinj scenes. I like Yuki a lot also 🙂 I loved the confession part well done twinkle 🙂

  3. ha nice . plz continue

  4. Twinkle,U r the best I swear u can really write a true story I wish this was the ongoing track,u r marvellous,incredible,superb,awesome and a fanstansic FF writer.The best scene was the confession as Fatarajo said well done keep it up and never stop ur FF pls

  5. well no words twinkle how can u be so much full of thoughts i have a doubt han?? lolzzz never mind but the point is u r awesome d way u pen potrait all is just incredible bt one request if u could increase d length of ur ff.. its too short..

  6. Twinkle ur episode always excellent and excitement .I have no words to praise u keep it up but only one request pls update the episode little long nd take care twinkle.

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