Ek anokhi kahani Episode 35

Episode starts with durga wakes up and gets ready and goes down.
Durga takes blessing from dayal and shailaja.
Durga:-maa did ragini came from hospital.
Shailaja:-no beta not yet she will as today your first cooking in our house and we invited your parents also.
Dev comes down and wishes all..
Swara wakes up and she gets a message from sanskar.
Sanskar:-good morning my lovely lady.
Swara:-good morning my sweety.
Sumi calls swara.
Sumi:-swara get ready fast we are going to dayal house.
Swara:-haa maa i willcome in 15 minutes.

Swara messages same to sanskar and gets ready and all leaves to raginis house.
Arjun and sheena ans still sleeping in same postion arjun gets a call.
Laksh:-arjun were are u man u r not at your room.
Arjun:-what the hell bhai i am sleeping on my bed see properly.
Laksh:-arjun for god sake just open your eyes and see where the hell are u.
Arjun:-rubs his eyes and sees all around room and says bhai were i am this is not my room
Laksh:-arjun mental fellow yesterday u went to sheenas house and u were still there only .
Arjun realises and gets up from there and cuts the call.
Sheena :-open her eyes and says good mrg juno and again open her eyes and says juno u r here means u didnot went yesterday bow wat to do how u will go.
Arjun:-from window.
Sheena:-if u fell then no no u cant do it.

Arjun:-arey yar your room is in ground floor only naa.
Sheena:-ha ok then and opens window and arjun leaves from there.
Arjun reaches his house and finally his room before any one coukd see him and sits on bed and relaxs laksh comes from back and places a hand on hos shoulder .arjun shouts and turns.
Arjun:-bhaii i freaked out by thinking it may be mom or dad.
Laksh:-whole night u stayed with sheena i hope you guys did not.
Arjun:-bhai wat do u mean u wont believe your own upbrinings and wat u thought me .
Laksh:-fine i am sorry.
Arjun:-keeps sad face.
Laksh:-catches his ears and says i sm sorry .

Arjun still annoyed
Laksh:-ok fine wat do u want say i will give u.
Arjun:-wat ever i want will u give me.
Arjun:-i want u to make ragini as my bhabhi as fast as u can so that when ever u fight with me my bhabhi will be with me that to against u.
Laksh:-fine done.
Arjun:-wat really and hugs him.
Laksh:- really i am going to talk this to dad.
Swara and all family reaches to dayal house all are taking .
Sumi goes to kitchen and durga sees and hugs her.
Sumi says by seeing your face i can say that u r so happy durga i hope everything is ok.
Durga:-maa everything is fine.
Swara comes and hugs her .
Swara:-i miss u dii.

Durga:-i miss u to baby.
Swara:-soo wat else dii in teasing way.
Durga:- wat will be nothing and takes coffee and says lets to hall.
Rags comes from hospital and looks every tired and goes and sits next to dayal without opening her eyes.
Rags:-dad i am so tired yesterday i realised being a doctor is so responsible job.
Dayal:-ok ragini but go and get ready beta .
Rags:-why is any one getting married.

Dayal:-already married and today durga first cooking day and even shekhar family also came
Rags:-what and opens her eyes hit her own head and says i am sorry so sorry shit who can i forget that my bhai got married yesterday shit i will go and get ready i will come in 15 minutes.
Dev:-ha ha u forgot that i got married.
Rags:-sorry bhai.
Durga:-ragini u came first u have this coffee u will feel relaxed.
Rags:-no bhabhi first i will get ready i came from hospital naa.
She goes and gets ready after some time she comes and hugs her from back and says thank u bhabhi for coming in our lifes i want to hug u but ur first day after marriage and i came from night duty i thougt.
Durga:-ragini never think like that ok .

Durga:-when will shaurya will come.
Rags:-they will completely shift to mumbai now so it will take time.
All are having break fast .
Shailaja signs rags and dayal.
Rags gives some cover yo dayal and dayal gives that to durga and says its a gift for u both.
Shailaja:-its a two ticket to switzerland and morishes.
Dev:-but dad because of me you people are taking day and night shifts how many days u all will manage like that.
Rags:-oh plz on this whole world may u are one but they are so many cardios are there and in our hospital also so plzz i can handle night duties.
Dayal:-haa u first go and enjoy.

Shekhar in his mind says today by marrying durga to dev i fullfilled my dads duty i am very haapy by seeing u happy durga.

Precap:-shaurya shifting to flat all are helping them and romances each other.
Dev and durga romantic movements in their honeymoon.

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