Twinj- Karvachauth os ( By Monaa)

It was the day of Karva Chauth, a day where the married women of the house kept a fast for their husbands, praying for a long life and a happy marriage.

Twinkle woke up after a restless sleep when she kept pondering about how yesterday night she faught with her ever lovely husband to keep fast when he was continuously denying it owing to her health and their baby.

But she being stutborn made him angry and now he is not talking to her which is making her feel grumpy and she dont even wanna get up from this bed.

She shook out of her reverie when she heard Kunj’s voice saying that he was getting ready to leave for office.

She looked at him with sadness written on her face when she realised that he hadn’t even acknowledged that it was Karva Chauth today, and waved goodbye to him.

She noticed how he is too mad at her for not listening to his wishes anytine and her heart grew heavy.

Twinkle lost in her own thoughts didn’t realise that Babey had just come to her room asking her if she was ready for the Puja which was to be held in the House that day.

Twinkle then made up her mind that she would not sit  n remorse anymore and that she would leave all her insecurities aside temporarily and would rejoice in celebrating her Karva Chauth without keeping fast.

Yes, she finally thought and decided that he, the ever loveliest husband of hers was right but she being the stutborn lad didn’t listen to him and made him angry but now before she could tell him that she is not keeping fast and is listening to him , he being the mad husband left his poor wife to bear his tantrums.

She went to her cupboard and took out a beautiful Red Anarkali with golden threads weaved over it and adorned with silver beads on the sleeves, which was given by Usha to wear on this auspicious occasion.

She recalled their consummation night last year as she looked at the red attire, as another memory flitted in her mind, when she had a worn a Red Saree that day and with reddening cheeks remembered how he had marked her as HIS

After getting ready, she went down and sat next to the Mandir and started doing the Puja along with Usha and Babey.

Twinkle prayed to God asking for a long life to Kunj and also that their marriage last for next seven birth.

After the Puja got over, Twinkle went to the kitchen intending to prepare something special and she started going over recipes, trying to make a little of everyone’s favourite sweets, all the time reminiscing all the sweet moments she had spent with her Grumpy Sarna, the first time they met in college, the college trip incident where he carried her for the very first time, the Proposal time when he propose her for the marriage and confessed his love to her on way back to home from party, the way she hugged him after the confession,  her first Date with him, the night which she had spent with him which always brought a twinkle in her eyes and a delicate reddening of her cheeks, her marriage with him everything.

She wished that he would be there with her now, being safely encircled within his arms always gave her a sense of comfort and made her feel so loved.

It was late evening by the time she finished and it was time for her to go to the terrace to look at the Moon and visualising her husband’s face, she would be able to perform all the rituals atleast if not keeping the fast.

Usha gave her a Thaal with all the needed things to perform pooja because it was customary for a fasting woman with her husband nearby, to view his reflection through a sieve, or through the cloth of a dupatta after watching moon from the same steive.

Twinkle slowly made her way to the terrace wishing with all her heart that somehow kunj would be back and would be waiting for her.

She entered the terrace and it was all dark. She was about to get a torch from downstairs when suddenly she was bathed in the golden glow of fairy lights being strung all over the place and flowers decorating the terrace walls and amidst all the decorations, she saw him standing there dressed in a Black and Red Sherwani looking at her with so much love and passion emanating from his eyes.

Kunj could not take his eyes off his wife, who looked so beautiful in the Red Anarkali, moonlight falling on her soft face enhancing her beauty and the shy smile made his heart flutter.

Twinkle could not believe her eyes and she glided, literally ran, into the eyes of her awaiting husband. Both their eyes conveyed their immense love for each other and they looked at each other for almost an eternity

*Music playing in the Background*

When kunj suddenly realised that twinkle hadn’t eaten the whole day and gently reminded her of breaking her fast.

She then took the Thall from his hand and kissed his cheeks lovingly and told him that she did not keep the fast owing to hus request and their baby health. But she told him that she would complete every ritual of this ocassion by making faces. He laughed at her for her mood swings..

Kunj then kissed her cheeks back with releif listening to this otherwise, whole day he was just worring about her and he kept fast for her too but didnt told her.

Twinkle took the Thaal filled with water and with kunj standing right before her, looked at the reflection of the Moon through the water and bent down to touch kunj’s feet to take his blessings.

Then he took another plate which had some sweets and fed her a piece and ate the rest.

He then informed twinkle that he had also fasted just for her and was actually out the whole day planning the surprise for her.

Twinkle was overwhelmed with emotion as she hugged him and told him that she loved him with all her heart and kunj confessed that she was the most important person for him and that he would do anything to make sure that her beautiful smile always remains on her face.

They both decended down the stairs hand in hand in their own world of
“Happily Ever After”

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