Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajmata accepts Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishesh gifting his poem’s collection to Rajmata. He reads a poetry for Rajmata. She gets emotional. She asks what shall I give you. He says don’t worry, I won’t ask Kanchan, she is not a thing to ask, she is a blessing, she will be fulfilled if its destined, I won’t put you in dilemma. Dadi says we got saved from trouble. Vishesh says I want to ask something else, that one rupee which you always used to give me, and your blessings. Rajmata gives him a rupee and blessings. Vishesh says bless me that I can walk on your teachings all life. Dadi says its good you didn’t ask for Kanchan, if you have any hope, then remove it. Rajmata reads Vishesh’s poetry. Shubham comes to her and says if you don’t give happiness to Vishesh, you will lose him forever, you have given him happiness, not for this day, his heart will never forgive you. Vishesh sees Kanchan’s pic and thinks of her. Naina…..plays…..

Rajmata comes and sees Vishesh hugging Kanchan’s pic. She thinks of Shubham’s words. She leaves. Vishesh gets Kanchan’s call. She asks is everything fine. He says yes. She says I can understand that hope is getting less there, things weren’t easy, we chose the tough path, we will soon get happiness. He says mum broke all my hopes today. He disconnects. She goes to pray.

Vishesh comes to Rajmata. He says the idol got stained, how will we do puja, we will need new idol. Rajmata says its fine, we believe that idol has Lord, stain doesn’t matter, we will do its puja, we should have real devotion in heart. He says then how does this matter if we believe by heart, Kanchan is a living being, I feel hurt when her wounds are called stain, why can’t kanchan be brought here. Dadi asks him not to ruin peace. He asks is Kanchan’s life a toy to play with it, you should burn your hatred with gangajal, many people wash sins with gangajal, you sprinkle gangajal on Kanchan. He argues with her. He asks Dadi to throw his dad’s pic if she doesn’t want any stain. He says dad gave just stains and scars on my mum’s life, throw his pic out. Dadi says Kanchan did black magic on him, how can he insult his dad for that girl. Shubham gets frustrated and says enough of Rajmahal, don’t we have any identity, are we nobody.

Manika says we are not talking about you. Shubham says I know, so I m supporting Vishesh, I don’t want him to lose love and live with this pain in regret. Manika says we won’t let pride of the family get hurt. Dhara says a wrong decision can ruin many lives. Manika asks her to shut up, pride earned by many years can’t be lost for love. Vishesh says my heart doesn’t matter, just society and reputation matters, is this not wrong with humanity. Rajmata says enough now, I m giving your happiness as a gift today, I m just doing this for you, I will accept Kanchan for your happiness. Dadi and Manika get shocked. Dadi says this won’t happen until I m alive, Rajmata got angry for son’s love. Rajmata says decision is made. Dadi says I m still alive, I will not let Kanchan become this family’s bahu. Vishesh says Dadi…. Dadi says don’t dare Vishesh, I will give my life to Agnidev for this family’s pride. Rajmata says wait, I will talk to her.

Dadi says its my mistake to give you the rule, I will snatch all rights. Rajmata says motherly love is such, who can know this better than you, you can take rule back, you were standing in my place many years ago, you didn’t do your duty, your son used to beat me, why didn’t you come to save me, why didn’t you threaten your son that you will give your life, you were scared to lose your son, I don’t want to lose my son, your son was wrong, my son isn’t wrong, I can’t accept Kanchan ever, but I have explained my heart, your pride is in your hands now, you still have the way which you declared outside. She goes. Dadi gets angry.

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