Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 28)

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Recap: twinj is trying hard to mask their growing fondness for eo, twinj dance on ‘Kaisi baatau tujhe’ where twinkle admires d fact dat kunj maintained he’s distance most of d tyms

Part 28:

Kunj was smiling endlessly, for d first tym he had felt the spark between him n twinkle..
The dance had proved to be a bliss

One look @ kunj ,AM knew dat kunj was carried to a different world all together

AM: what’s d matter ??(wid full of enthusiasm)
K: nothing much, but u seem to be happy?
AM: ya I’m…I mean the look on ur face is worth watching

Kunj immediately became conscious,
K: what’s wrong wid my face?
AM: hey, I meant dat ur face is radiating happiness
K: oh…
AM: SO??
K: so?
AM: sooo
K: soooo,ooo

AM: cmon kunj , ur spoiling it…tell me na
K: tell u abt wat?

AM: u know, ur tricks doesn’t work on me, so y Ru even trying to get rid of me?
Jz answer my simple question ..

K: and wats ur question

AM: not again kunj…..
What’s wrong wid u? Wen it comes to this, u suddenly becum secretive

K: and what “this” means..?
AM: Oh…back to square one!
K: ohhk…y Ru getting ol worked up?

AM: bcz ur a duffer
With dat AM, being frustrated walks away, leaving behind kunj all smiling…

Kunjs POV:

Aaru….u know me better and u shd know dat I know u better too!!
I know what ur hinting at, jz give me sum tym, to my feelings, I vl answer all ur questions…
But for now, uff!! God twinkle, the way she held my gaze during the dance, I jz can’t forget that…
She looks extra gorgeous wen she looks at me…I’m jz hoping dat she has d same feeling lyk me…
But dhruv???
Too complicated!, everything jz happened b4 my eyes, the proposal, her acceptance, all that..
But still one look into her eyes, I get the feeling dat she is mine!
And…..oops I saw sanchu walking towards me full of lyf, I knew the drinks down his throat has already kicked into action
End of POV

S: hey bhaiya (gleaming)
K: hi sanchu, come let’s go home..
S: what home? Why its still 11?
K: sanchu, its an office party n not one of ur disco nights..
S: huh? Per mujhe nai jaana hai
(But I don’t want to go now)

Kunj was not in dis situation for d first tym, but this tym it was different…
He had to consider abt he’s actions in front of he’s employees…
“Its gonna be tough” thought kunj

K: (patting he’s shoulders lovingly)
Sanchu, Bebe is waiting for us at home so we need to go
S: haa…ryt…but I need to talk to bhabi

For a sec kunjs eyes popped out of their socket listening to sanchay, if in this state sanchay vl talk to twinkle, meant dat kunj vl have to go through tough phase

K: y now? U can talk to her tomorrow ryt?
S: noo…I need to tell her something impt
K: what??? IMPORTANT??

Kunjs POV :

The only thought dat crossed my mind was , how bruetly n yet elegantly can my bro spoil my image!
No ways, I need to take him home b4 he does something stupid…
End of POV

Sanchay was not high, he cud firmly stand , n talk lyk everyone in d party but his brain was not completely in perfect state…

Kunj knew these states of aaru, but he wasn’t ready for any risks…..Not at least wen its related to twinkle….
Kunj tried calling AM a couple of tyms, even after complete ring aaru didn’t receive it….
‘Wen I need him d most he isn’t der’ murmured kunj under his breath…

By d tym kunj turned to convince sanchay, he wasn’t der!!
B4 he cud understand where sanchay had disappeared, he saw sanchu walking towards twinkle

‘Damn!!! Oh god!!! I jz don’t want him to turn one of my beautiful nyts into d scariest one’ thought kunj n walked swiftly behind sanchu trying not grab any attention

By d tym kunj cud reach out for sanchay,
Sanchu had already reached out to twinkle

Kunj walked towards them terrified, he soon got his next shock
All d while he didn’t realized dat it was Aaru who was in conversation wid twinkle, since aaru had he’s back towards kunj

Kunjs POV:

AM smiled at me along wid twinkle, I smiled back @ them meekly….

‘Aaru I jz hope ur not high lyk sanchu, or else I’m gonna have d toughest tym of my life… ‘ I thought trying to remain positive

Sanchays words bought me back from my earnest inaudible prayers to my bestee

Oh god! I HD completely forgotten abt sanchu, aftr spotting aaru der…
B4 I cud stop him n drag him away
He blurted…
End of POV

S: hey di

Kunj looked around to find whom sanchay was talking to, finding on one, he stared back at sancahy..
T: hi sanchay

Now yet again kunj was startled,
‘Bhabi se di kab bangayi twinkle’ thought kunj bewildered..
Kunj looked at AM, AM was equally shocked..
Baffled both of dem looked towards der convo

T: party is really NYC nai?
S: ya ,its splended

Kunj looked at armaan wid a pleading expression, AM soon knew dat something was wrong..Without twinkles notice he slid back and stood beside kunj..

“Save me” kunj blurted audible only to aaru
“What’s wrong” AM murmered back into kunjs ears
“Sanchay is not in he’s perfect mind” kunj murmured
“What’s new in dat” AM chuckled
“I’m serious” kunj glared
“OK”AM replied

By now AM knew dat sanchay was up to something…
B4 he cud confront kunj abt it, sanchay spoke

S: di I need to tell u something impt

Kunj slightly hit on AMs wrist
AM was all conscious now abt how serious trouble Sanchu was dragging them into

AM: sanchu its getting late, cum let’s go
S: one sec aaru, I need to tell her something impt
T: ohk tell me

AM looked at kunj, they both shared d same look of helplessness
From d tym sanchay had walked up to kunj, he had maintained d same expression , he had a wide smile plastered over his cheeks as if he was amid a sweet dream..

S: woh…

Kunj squeezd his eyes hoping for no damage
S: woh, aap gorgeous lag rahe ho didi

Kunj was blogged for a sec,
‘To tell this, he created an high pressure zone all d while’ thought kunj
And both kunj n AM sighed with relief

T: thank u
S: ok chalo ab hum ghar chal sakte hai
A: ohk….Well Latika, we vl be leaving now
U need lift?
T: no thanks I vl go back with my friends
A: ok dat will be fyn
But being d host how can we leave so early?

T: no problem almost everyone is moving out so call it a day n u go back home

K: don’t worry Armaan I vl stay back until all d guests moves back home, n den I vl drive home
But for now, take sanchay along wid u
A: dat vl b good…

And he flashed a cheesy smile to Kunj

A: ohk latika, reach home safely, gn
T:ok, gn tc
S: bye di
T: bye sanchay gn
S: gn
And with dat armaan pulled sanchay and took him away laughing over something with sanchay

Now twinj stood der clearly not understanding how to initiate d conversation..
Twinkle was d first one to break d awkward silence

T: its been a wonderful nyt
(gazing @d lights)
K: ya (looking @her)
And u danced very well
T: tqs ,n u were no less
K: well thank u

He stood der staring @ her n she was fiddling wid her dress thinking hard of how to get d conversation gng…

Soon kunj distracted himself and moved to attend other guests…

Kunj POV:
She is my employee n jz bcz of me, I don’t want ppl drawing any sort of conclusions abt her, so I walked away soon after bidding her bye….
I attended all other guests for tonyt n drove back home…
As soon as I walked in I collapsed on d couch…
‘Its been a tiring day ‘I thought, and palmed my face…

‘Calm down Romeo, ur brother isn’t dat stupid’ AMs voice broke my trance of thoughts….I looked at him climbing down d stairs n I supported my neck on d couch n stared @ d ceiling .

AM patted my shoulders once he reached me …
‘He’s asleep?’ I asked
‘Ya, a while ago, he was too sober to be awake’ replied AM grinning @ me

I smiled back remembering the series of events dat took place @ d end of d party bcz of my lovely brother

‘Bebe?’ I asked him
‘With utmost difficulty I convinced her to SLP, he wasn’t ready since u hadn’t cum home’ he reasoned
‘Oh…’ I sighed thanking him

‘U go n freshen up, hit d bed soon ‘ he adviced
I hmmed

Once I freshend up n was gng through my fb posts, Armaan walked in
‘Hey ‘ I said
‘Still awake ‘ he questioned
‘I was abt to SLP, jz checking d fb posts’ I replied
‘Oh..finding her on fb?’ He grinned

Frankly speaking this thought of seachering her on any social networking sites had not crossed my mind, I thanked him mentally for this
‘ no, I’m all tired now to think abt it’ I replied genuinely
‘So u lyk her ryt?’ Was he’s immediate question
Crap! I thought realizing my previous reply
‘No ,I donno’ I said
‘Well I vl take dat as an yes’ he replied casually
‘And SLP tight’ he added b4 moving out

I leaned back throwing myself on d bed smiling, ‘how well he knows me’ I thought

I closed my eyes, All I cud see was her smiling face, b4 I finally drifted into deep slp


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Precap: kunjs mind attains stability over dhruv

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