Kaira and swadarsh ; a love story ( part 13)

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Here goes the next part –

Naira had left and suhasni was talking to every 1 __
Su-ya so what is the matter exactly ?
Sw-aunty actually what happened was that ……. so Adarsh loved me and proposed me and i said no then he was getting engaged and I was kidnapped when I came back I saw it and was ____so !!
M-it’s ok beta we know this Adarsh had told us, ( he was laughing )
Adarsh and SWADHEENTA were smiling ..
Su-now where has Naira gone have ull spoken to her
Ad-no mom I’ll call her ..
He went inside ,
On call-
A-Naira what was so urgent u know na SWADHEENTA is worried
N-bhaiya I’m sorry but it was important and RO called and said that they located Hamid mamu and Shivay also must be with him .
Ad-ok now how much time ?
N-I don’t know I’m with RO we have like reached the place but are finding them , Rohan’s team is with us .
A-Naira if u need help pls tell I’m still feeling it’s risky …
N-chill I’ll do anything for Shivay bhaiya !
A-ok but what do I tell ur sister ?
N-tell her that I was not picking my phone and u were on some office call , ok bye I’ve to go
She cut the call.
At Naira side –
R-Naira u stay out we will go and find them till now the .
N-RO I’ll come chill ..
R-no means no you are not coming it’s dangerous .. I’ll tell someone to be with u
They enter ., they are walking very slowly and looking for clues and they see Hamid talking to some 1
H-good ull have have given him the medicines so he will be sleeping
He goes , Rohan walks slowly and sees Shivay sleeping and then sees some men drinking alcohol
R to himself -I have to get him out of here then the men go outside to get food .
Rohan enters with his men and wakes up Shivay
R-Shivay wake up its me your buddy
He doesn’t so Rohan shakes him and go finally wakes up .
S-RO u here it’s not safe u go pls how’s every 1
R-chill I’m here to save u only come fast if got a surprise for u come out no 1s her
They go out and-
N- to herself -yaar where is Rohan so much time
Suddenly Rohan comes , Shivay is hiding
R-Naira we could not find him .. He is not here ,
Naira becomes sad and sits in the car , Shivay comes on driving seat and Rohan sits behind .
S-chocolate cause it helps when ur upset
N takes it and then realises and hugs him -bhaiya u here I missed u so much and starts to cry
S-chill Naira in back na lets go home and talk chal
They reach home SWADArsh have gone for a romantic drive
Naira and Shivay reach home Rohan goes
S-Naira I missed u so much we will change and then talk
Naira changes in shorts and a top and Shivay In a comfortable track and tshirt as he had not changed since a long time .
They both are sitting in nairas room both of them on the bed and are talking –
S-thank u Naira thank u for getting me out of there
N-bhaiya what is this it was my duty I’m sorry I did it late u have no idea how much we missed u
S-ha btw where’s ur Di ?
N-she is out for dinner at adarsh bhaiyas house
S-who is he now ?
N-ok it’s lil long story I’ll explain –
So as u know I handle the business and for the benefits of the company we merged with Sinha group of companies . Now the owner of Sinha group has 4 sons jay bhaiya Abhay bhaiya Adarsh bhaiya and Karthik so all Abhay is IPS , Adarsh and jay are IAS and Karthik is the head of the business so we work together and today Manohar uncle and aunty had called us for dinner and when I was there to called me I told Adarsh bhaiya coz he knew abt this to drop Di and I came I met u now let me call him and tell him this
S-woah so much happened ..
She calls him
N-Adarsh bhaiya u know what Shivay bhaiya is with us we found him he is at home with me don’t tell Di pls can u get Her here
A-wow ok I’m getting her bye
Call ends
To Shivay
N-also Di and Adarsh bhaiya are in a relationship
S-what how when
N-it’s ok be calm I’ll tell u , they love each other so he asked her out and she said yes so it’s ok na and chill u will like him he is nice
S-and tu uska Bol rahi hein what’s ur status
N-I’m single ( she knew she was lying )
N-come lets go down she will come
They go down and switch off all lights and when SWADHEENTA comes in she enters and sees all lights off
S-what happened
Suddenly Shivay comes -it’s me SWADHEENTA ❤️
She gets super excited adarsh is waiting there only
Sw-bhaiya . …I missed u and started crying
S-oh madam I’m back na and here no river originates so stop crying so much come sit I want to talk
They sit Adarsh was going
Sh- mr Adarsh u also wait
A was shocked but waited
Sh-I hope u are not troubling my sister
A-what I did not get u
SWADHEENTA was shocked
S-bhaiya what are u saying
Naira was giggling
A/s-Naira KI bachi what have u done ?
N-nothing (she was laughing catching her stomach ) I just told the truth to bhaiya abt u guys
Sh-guys chill I’m fine with it I was just kidding
Shivay and Adarsh have a bro hug
A-I’ll take a leave u guys carry on bye
N-bhaiya tell Karthik that I’m not sure if I’ll come to office kal . Pls gn
A-ya sure bye
He leaves
Sh_so my lovely sisters what’s up with u guys lets talk come to shivays room
They all go to Shivays room
Shivay sits on the middle on the bed Naira on the floor drinking coffee and SWADHEENTA on the couch eating chocolate .
Sh-so gals tell me what All I have missed
N-we missed u bhaiya we really missed u we did not have any 1 to share how much we missed u
Sw-btw Naira where u met him ?
N-actually Di it was planned .
Sw-really ?
N-ya I called Rohan and he helped me out I also told Adarsh bhaiya abt it and that’s why I had to leave 2days dinner we found him and got him home
Sh-u have become big Naira ?
N smiles
Sh-and u SWADHEENTA what’s with Adarsh ha
S-nothing much bhaiya , we are just…_____
N-just dating ha ?
Sw-Naira ki bachi I’ll tell abt u to bhaiya
N-no no no sorry don’t say anything
Sh-what is it ha
N-nothing bhaiya
S-nothing Naira are u sure ?
N-Di !! she takes a pillow and hits her they both get into a pillow fight and soon Shivay also joins them
The fight is over …
Sh-u guys will never change ?
N-bhaiya ))accha btw tomorrow we are with u we are not going to office and in the night u meet the Sinha youngsters , they will come
Sh-accha meri maa , I get it I’m going to get chocolate
He goes down
Sw-Naira Bohot baat kar rahi hein u told bhaiya abt Adarsh and me na I will tell him abt u and Karthik also

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