Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 18)

Chapter 18

Scene 1.

Inside the plane.

Twinj entered the plane…

Twinkle was shocked seeing this and looked towards Kunj… while he was smiling seeing her shocked expressions.

A few tears fell down her eyes seeing it.. then her lips turned into a perfect smile..

She remembered something seeing it.


Twinkle was sitting on the couch reading a few magazines…
Kunj came in the room and lay down on the end of the bed and started removing his shoes and socks..

“Twinkle…” he called for her but on getting no response from her side.

He looked at her and saw her engrossed in some thoughts and made his way towards her without making a noise.

He kept his hand on her shoulder bt still she was lost and smiling ear to ear looking at the magazine…

He then snatched it from her hands and ran away taking it while Twinkle was confused first then shocked and then angry started chasing him.

He then open the magazine and saw the page she was reading and looked at the interior of plane’s in it.. he was shocked to see it first then looked at her stopping suddenly due to which she came and collided with him and both fell on the bed nearby…

She closed her eyes due to the fear of falling while he placed his hands on her waist protectively..

She opened her eyes and found her safe and on top of Kunj who was lying on bed… she stared in his eyes and was lost in his eyes which he was also lost in her eyes…

He started to rub his cheeks slowly yet sensously letting shivers run down her body..

She closed her eyes feeling his touch.

He came near her ear and
“I never knew you like them Ms. Taneja.” He said huskily in her ears.

She was breathing heavily and then realised what he said and pushed herself up and stood up straight.

“Huhh.. You dont know about my likes and dislikes.” She said pouting angrily.

He pulled her towards himself such that she again fell on her but then rolled her beneath him.

“I know the thing you like the most…” he said while kissing her neck
“Its ME. isnt it?” He said in between the kisses.

Swara pulled him from his collar.

“No. You are the one whom I love the most Mr. Taneja not like.” She said with a wink?.

**flashback ends**

Twinkle looked at Kunj and then immediately hugged him tightly as it was the same design she loved the most.

“Thank you thank you sooo much Kunj” She said with a large grin.

“I love you Twinkle..”

“I love you 2, 3 , 4 ….infinity.” she said still hugging him and placed a tight kiss on his cheek.

They both parted away on hearing the sound of someone clearing throat.

They turned towards the direction and saw the co-pilot standing there.

“Sir- Mam, you please take your seats.. your flight is ready to take off.” He said and left the place.

While they just nodded.

They both sat down and Twinkle started her non stop blabbering while Kunj was sitting there and listening to it with a smile.

After 6 hours,

The plane lands and they both came out.
(I dont know to which place they came??..)

After coming out of Airport they get seated into a car which was waiting for them..

Driver gave her the bunch of orchids.. Twinkle looked towards him while he just passed a smile to him. She knew it is planned by him.. she smiled to herself and take that flowers from him.

After sometime they reached outside a hotel..

Driver opened the door for them and they came out.

Twinj left towards their room…
Everyone greeted him while Twinkle looked at them with confused expressions.

Kunj chukled after seeing her and

“This hotel is owned by you.” He whispered in her ears.

“Hehe nice joke.. I never knew I own a hotel.” She said while laughing holding her stomach dramatically.

She then looked at Kunj… he looked serious.

“Dont tell me. You? Me? For?” She said hardly getting the words.. while Kunj just nodded at her.

She turned around and started walking back.

Kunj looked confused at her and then stopped her holding her wrist.

“What?” He asked being confused.

“We are going in another hotel.” She ordered..

“Why so?” He asked.

“Because I wanted to spend time with you. Not with the staff who is always nodding at me.” She said with a irritation as another girl from the staff nodded for greeting them.

“Seeee…” she said while getting angry.

“You know what you are so cute.” He said while pulling her cheeks.

She rubbed them angrily.



“Fine… we will stay here. Happy?”


“Vaise kunj.”


“I loved this hotel. This is so beautiful. When you bought it.”

“Umm. For gifting you on our 6 month anniversary but.” he stopped in middle and looked away.

She make him turn towards himself

“Everything is fine Kunj. Dont be sad and please forget everything.” She said pressing his hands..

He jst nodded at her and then both again left towards their room.

Scene 2

A person were shown in a dark room..

Person was sitting in the dark room on a moving chair.

Twinj photos were being played on the projector in front.

“Enjoy as much as you want. I am coming to destroy your happiness very soon. I will never allow you to be happy Twinkle with Kunj. Never.” The person said angrily and threw a knife directly towards the screen such that it ends up in between Twinj.

The screen freezes on the picture.

To be continued..

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