May I Come in Madam 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju meeting Sanjana as designer. He shows his collection. Sanjana likes the dresses and thanks him. She says its so beautiful, I love it, how do you make such dresses in such short time. He says I m sure you won’t get such dresses. Kashmira says I m not getting my dresses, he praised the dresses and did not let me meet client, I will not leave him. Mummy asks her to catch Sanju’s neck, maybe he has stolen dresses. Kashmira says no, I doubt designer. Sanjana says the dresses are so beautiful, you are immensely talented. Sanju says I would have made better collection if I took your measurements, I would have got inspiration. Sanjana asks him to take measurements. Kashmira calls Sanjana. Sanjana says designer got 5 beautiful dresses for me, I want someone to invite me in party so that I can wear a dress. Kashmira says I m giving party today, wear one of the 5 dresses and come. Sanjana says perfect. She asks Sanju to come along in party. Sanju says no, I can’t come, I have to make dresses. She says please come, I m not letting you go anywhere, take measurements tomorrow. He thinks to go in party.

Sanjana, Chedi and Sanju come home. Khiloni says you look so cool Sanju. Sanju says Kashmira can’t prove she made dresses. Sanjana asks Khiloni about Sanju. Khiloni says he went to buy wine for designer. Inspector Rampath comes. Kashmira thanks him for coming in party. He thanks her for inviting him.

She asks him to see french designer. Rampath meets him. Sanju talks to him. Kashmira hugs Sanjana and says nice dress. Sanjana says designer made this for me. Kashmira says he has stolen it, I made this. Sanjana asks Sanju did he steal this dress. He says no, I made this. Mummy says Kashmira made this dress. Sanju asks what’s the proof, is her name written on it. Kashmira says yes, check. Sanjana sees Kash written. Inspector says you are gone now. Sanju sees Kash and says I wrote this, I bought this cloth. Kashmira says I have written it on all dresses, Sanjana get all dresses. Sanjana agrees. Inspector says yes, it will be clear now. Sanjana calls and asks driver to get dresses.

Khiloni asks Sanju to run and come back as Sanju, then put blame on Sanju. Sanju asks where’s washroom. Inspector catches him. Sanju’s wig comes out. They get shocked. Chedi jokes on Sanju. Sanjana says you lied to me again. Kashmira says you have stolen my dress and fooled me. Sanju says no, I did this to setup your designer business, madam wanted good designer, so I gave your dresses. Sanjana asks why this drama, you should have told me. He says you wanted international designer. He makes stories. He asks what’s my use in this, I have my job, I got beaten up by Dadi, I m glad that Kashmira is a good designer. Kashmira says aw… sorry, love you and hugs him. He says love you too. Kashmira says I wills how all my dresses to Sanjana. Sanjana says I can’t wear to see. Khiloni says you are very mean. Sanju says since childhood.

Its morning, Kashmira praises Bhupesh’s poetry. Sanju comes and jokes on Bhupesh. They argue. Sanju slaps Bhupesh and scolds him for nonsense poetry. He says there is a message in poetry. Bhupesh argues. Kashmira warns Sanju not to beat Bhupesh. Sanju scolds him. Kashmira asks Bhupesh to do shayari, I will see what Sanju does. Sanju says I will go office, I have no waste time. He goes. Bhupesh asks mummy why did she not stop Sanju. Mummy removes ear buds. He asks Kashmira to give tiffin. She says I will send office. He calls mummy bad and goes.

Sanju comes office. Sanjana gets angry on call and scolds in Sanju’s style. He looks on. He asks why are you upset. She throws the cup. He says I came to wish you morning, I have an idea to change your mood, by shayari. She asks him to say. Sanju does romantic shayari. She does not like it. Bhupesh comes there with files. She says such cheap emotional shayari, my mood spoiled. Bhupesh asks her to hear his shayari. Sanju says his shayari is nonsense. Bhupesh says Sanju is jealous. Bhupesh checks diary and says shayari. Sanjana starts laughing and say wow, this is amazing, I laughed after many days, where were you all these days. He kisses Bhupesh’s hands. Sanju imagines and asks her to brush. She asks what happened. He says nothing, its enough. She says I liked it, Bhupesh promise me, you will say such amazing shayari. Bhupesh agrees. Sanju gets angry.

Sanju does shayari. Sanjana scolds him for stealing Ghalib’s shayari.

Update Credit to: Amena

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