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Hey guys here is My New Story..Do Lete know how you felt about it..This Story is to show how Judging someone without knowing their Side of Story is Wrong..Arre Leave that It is to show how Judging someone is wrong..We don’t own them..Who are We to Judge Others.. I always had this Question in My Mind..That’s Why I Wrote this Show about How Our Judgement can be Wrong..This is also to Show how some situations force us to do something which We don’t want to..

All I can say is Don’t hate or Judge any character.. Everyone has Their Own Side of Story..My Main Motive is to Show not to Judge..

Many Girls like Twinkle who are Orphans take up something which They don’t want to..Kunj will Protect Her in Upcoming Updates though..

Hope You guys will Enjoy It..

Happy Reading Lovelies..

In a small house a girl is standing in front of Lord Shiva Statue..

Girl:Lord Shiva please,At least now give me a good job.. Please be with me..Hear my pleads.. I have no one except my sister please help us..Kehte Hain jinke paas koi nahi hotha unke paas Baghwan hothe Hain.. Please Aap ne humari bohut pareeksha li Hain.. please today I am hunting for a job please help me God..Mujhe ye job dilado..

Then only Navya her sister came on her wheelchair..


Twinkle:Ha di..

Navya:Tujhe ye Job pakka milega na..

Twinkle:Ha di..

Navya:But why your boss throw you out of the Job suddenly..

Twinkle Pov:Kaise batao di..That old bastard knowing I am Orphan asked me to sleep with him to save my Job..When I refused he threw me out..

Twinkle:Kuch nahi di..Aise hi.. I only left the job.. Don’t worry..Job mil jayega koi acha Wala..

Navya Nodded..

Twinkle:Di Have food..I cooked for Us..

Navya:Tum bhi ka kar jao..

Twinkle turned other side, rubbed her tears and said to herself.. How can I tell you.. Hamare paas kana bilkul nahi Hain..Woh Jo bacha tha Maine wahi se kaana banaya..If I unfortunately don’t get the job then how will I get you food..Sirf Panch chapati Hain..

Twinkle:Di..Di I will have outside after I get the Job..Woh Kya haina I vowed to Myself that today I will eat only after I get the Job..Navya Nodded.. Twinkle Left in hunt for the Job..

On the other side..A person was sleeping on his stomach when he felt someone carassing his back..He sat with a jerk and pushed the girl while she have tears in her eyes..

Boy: How dare you.. Didn’t I tell you before not to enter my room..

Girl:Kunj.. I am your wife..

Kunj: Shut Up Mahi.. I never accepted you as my wife..We have nothing like husband and wife..And I know about your f**k buddy too.. Now just shut up and f**k off..

Kunj got ready and went to Office..He was in his car when he saw a girl walk with nervousness all over her face..He looked at her and smirked..He clicked her picture and called someone..He is about to call someone when he heard her lifting her call..

Girl:Yes.. Twinkle Taneja speaking..

Kunj:So She is Twinkle Taneja..You made it easy for me girl and called someone.. I am sending you a picture,her name is Twinkle Taneja.. I want every detail about her in Half an hour..And cut the call..So finally I got someone with whom I am going to loose my virginity..She is something..She has that aura which attracted me and I never leave something that I get attracted..And I will not leave you..Smirked and left..In half an hour his Kunj sent him the details..

Kunj was taking interview for a PA when he saw her entering the hall..He is not surprised as he came to know she is coming for interview to his place and other three places too..

Kunj looked at her and smiled..She too Smiled nervously..

Kunj:Take a seat Miss..And looked at her..

Twinkle: Twinkle Taneja Sir..

Kunj:Hmm Good Twinkle Taneja..Take a seat..

Twinkle sat in front of her and took her interview..He is surprised and impressed..

Kunj:Why did you leave the job.. I hate liars by the way.. Sensing she is going to lie he said that..

Twinkle:Sir I was working for Khuranna..And he asked me to spend a night with him to save my Job sir..And looked down embarrassed.. Something in him burned..But he ignored it..

Kunj:So Miss Taneja I have a offer for you..

Twinkle looked at him..

Twinkle:Ji Sir..

Kunj:Think with mind not with heart..Listen Twinkle the present situation you are in, you need someone who will protect you as well as give you enough Money..And I want to take care of you,give everything you need..But..

Twinkle:But..She already knew what’s coming..His lust full looks on her body said it all..

Kunj: But I want you to become my Very Personal Assistant.. Like take care of my everything..My Lust too..Dekho This Job is very important for you.. Just think about you.. I know everything about you..About your sister too.. Actually I saw you today and was attracted to you so I clicked your pic and came to know your name when you were on call..And sent your details to my friend..He sent me all the details..

Twinkle:You are married..Looked at him blankly..

Kunj:Yes..And we never had any physical relationship.. I don’t like her..And She sleeps with other men behind my back.. And I am a virgin.. I want to loose it with you.. I am very much attracted to you..

Twinkle looked at him blankly..While he sat on his chair like a King..

Twinkle: I can’t do this Sir..

Kunj:Why can’t you Twinkle..Just think about it..You can have everything in your life.. I will give you everything Twinkle..Dekho this cruel world have Soo many Monsters like me..They will never let you go..Trust Me Twinkle.. I will give you everything..

Twinkle:You will give me everything and take my everything sir?..Sorry Sir.. I will work hard..Give me a job sir I can’t do this..

Kunj:Do you really think this world will give you everything just because of your Hard work..Then you are really wrong..Kabhi kabhi apnon Keliye galat Rasta chunna padta Hain.. Your sister will be fine again if you take up this offer..

Twinkle started thinking about it..

Twinkle:No Sir.. I am Sorry..

Kunj:No Problem..Take my visiting card..Call me when you think you are ready..And took her purse and kept his visiting card in it..And remember..Kunj Sarna will wait for you..Said with a smile..She left from there while his smile turned into smirk..

Kunj:In few hours you will come to me Twinkle..Wait and Watch..

No one gave a job to her as Kunj already warned them.. Twinkle was coming back home..She was about to call a taxi when she saw only fifty rupees in her purse..

Twinkle Pov:Nahi what will I give to di.. I have to arrange food for her.. I have to save them..

And walk up to five kilometres..Her legs are paining..She didn’t had anything from the Morning..

She came back home and was very hungry..She directly went to kitchen to have some food and saw only two chapatis remaining..Then only Navya came..

Navya:Twinkle job mila.. Twinkle nodded and said..

Twinkle:Kal woh call karke batayenge di..Navya nodded..

Navya:Twinkle bacha..Make some food..We will have together..Twinkle nodded in no and said..

Twinkle:Di I had food outside..Aap ye kalijiye..

Navya:Tum Sach bhol rahi ho..Twinkle nodded and served food for her and left to her room..

She drank a bottle of water and went into the washroom.. On the shower and sat on floor with a thud..And started crying..

Twinkle:Kyun God..Meri kya galti hain..Main kaise paise Kamao..Dil karta hain mar jao but I have to live for my sister..Why are you doing this with Me..First You snatched My Parents then You made my sister paralysed..And today no one gave Me a Job.. You would have killed Me in My Childhood Itself..And started hitting her forehead with her hands while crying loudly.. I Am too much hungry God ji.. I want to eat..Kal raat se Maine kuch nahi Kaya..What should I do I will Die if I don’t have anything..

Twinkle after thinking for Sometime She remembered Kunj..It’s true some situations and Our hunger can make us do something we don’t want to..She searched her purse hastily..And saw his visiting card..She took it with shaking hands took her old keypad Nokia phone and dialled his number with shaking hands..

Here Kunj saw her number on his mobile and lift it in no time..

Kunj: Hello Twinkle..

Twinkle:Sir.. I am.. I am ready.. I am taking up this offer..Kunj smiled..Sir..

Kunj:Ha bholo honey..

Twinkle:Kunj I know you only asked them not to hire me..

Kunj:Yes I did and smirked..

Twinkle:You are do anything then can you please bring some food for me.. I am very hungry..He can feel her shaking voice..He froze at his place..

Kunj: I will be there in minutes..And wore his shirt,Took his keys and left hastily..

Twinkle changed into new pair of clothes and waited for him in the hall..At the same time her door knocked..It’s only 20 minutes since she called him and he is already here..

She quickly opened the door..He looked at her..She let him in..Navya is sleeping in her room..Twinkle took food packet from his hands,and went to her kitchen, served herself,Sat on sofa and started eating soo fastly that she started having hiccups..Kunj ran into Kitchen brought water for her and made her drink patting her head..His heart pained looking at her..She drank them and again started having it fastly..

Hope you guys like it..It is not edited..Twinkle condition brought tears in my eyes yaar..Trust Me.. Hope no one has to go through something like this..

Vote and Comment Lovelies..


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      Then this story is for you darling as you judged by just one part..Main motive is to show never judge..Anyways thanks for your valuable time you took to comment on this disgusting one..Lots of Love..

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