Not so love – a decision that went worst.

Happy family. Are they?

Chapter 1

Narrator’s voice behind,

Sun shined brightly. Absolutely not a  normal introduction of a horror story. But normal things often don’t happen in life. This story would be a lesson. A lesson for every heart that loves someone and every mind that thinks they can do anything to get what they love. Sometimes things, you feel that it would bring enormous happiness in your family will be the beginning of the dark age.


“Will you marry me? ” he proposed resting his head in her lap.

“Yes. Only if you get up and allow me to cook for you.” she smiled.

He got up and checked his mobile and looked at her tensed.

“What happened Ankit?” She asked.

“Suhana. Shit I forgot to call her. She would be waiting for me. Okay, I have to go. Bye! See you later.” Ankit ran towards the car.

Tara watched him leaving in his car and her eyes dilated fast. She then went to the kitchen drank the water in haste and looked herself in the mirror. She was sweating heavily and trembling.

At the park,

A sage opened his eyes slowly and saw a girl sitting before him confused.

“Beta! I think You don’t belong here. what made you approach me? ” he asked modestly.

“Why I don’t belong here? just because I’m elite? I have nothing except money. ” she told calmly.

” I didn’t mean that. Anyways what broke you? ” he asked.

” Ankit.”

” your love? ” he asked anxiously.

“No. My friend. We were friends from our childhood and I know his family very well. We all were a happy family until a girl entered. ” she told in one breath.

“What girl? ” he asked.

” Tara. I don’t think she is a normal human. She is very mysterious and I couldn’t look into her eyes directly its kind of influencing me. She is staying with us and now she is making Ankit fall in her trap. I’m very concerned about him. Nowadays he and his family are not as happy as before. They are going through issues and I think its all because of that girl. Can you help me with this? ” she requested folding her hands.

” beta, seeing to what you say, I think she is mysterious. Why don’t you give me her picture. ” he showed his hands.

She searched in her phone and showed him of her picture with Tara.
He looked at keenly and told her in her ears. Before she could react they heard some other voice.
She turned around and saw Ankit and shocked.

“Suhana who is he and what are you doing yaar? ” Ankit came closer.

Suhana thanked the sage and told him she will see him later and told she has to go and rushed to Ankit tensed.

She grabbed Ankit’s hands and dragged him to the car. He was confused and stopped her.

“What happened to you suhana where are you dragging me? ”

“Ankit I’ll tell you everything in detail before that we have to reach Rithik. I have called you for so many times and you have never bothered even once. You know na today is his birthday. ”
She scolded him.

” I know all that and sorry I was talking to Tara about marriage and so I didn’t pick up your call. But who is that weird man you were talking to?  Wait! is he your lover? ” he smiled.

“Stop your nonsense yaar. By the way, I don’t have time for love and other nonsense. I was just eager about my future, so I was asking him about that. After mom and dad left it’s just I’m bit bothered about myself that’s it. ” she told.

Ankit held her hands and hugged her tightly and told her, ” suhana I’m so sorry I was just kidding. You know right you don’t have to worry about anything. I will do that for you. I will never leave you ever. I promised that to your parents. You are my everything. I can’t see any sadness in your eyes. Now even Tara will be added to our family so it’s like you will be having a sister. ” he held her face and smiled.

“Girls die for you and this bushy hair of yours but look whom you are dying for, Tara. I’m seeing this whole ocean of happiness in your eyes when I utter that name. All I want is this happiness of yours. Be smiling and charming like this forever. ” she smiled at him.

He laughed and she told “Okay hero if we don’t go now your elder brother will murder us. So come let’s not be late for him” they both sat in the car.

At home,

Tara seated in the chair rubbing off her face. She closed her eyes and sees the images of suhana seated in the car and suddenly the car turned down and she meets with an accident. Tara opened her eyes quickly and prayed, ” God please don’t make this happen. If you want to punish anyone, then punish me but don’t hurt suhana. She helped me so much. Such a nice heart doesn’t deserve this”.

At car,

“Suhana, can you believe this? I and Tara are getting married and look, we will be together forever. Me, Tara, you, Rithik bhai, mom and dad. It just sounds like a happy family right? ” he smiled.

Suhana smiled at him thinking, “I wish it could be. You have fallen for Tara completely. I know more than standing against Tara, standing beside Tara will reveal the truth. I hope you should have a strong heart to accept it but suhana will always be with Ankit till her death. I will never let anyone steal your happiness or this family. I think Rithik would be only one to turn this down. I have to speak to him about Tara. ”

Suhana knows very well that Tara is Ankit’s nightmare. But she also knows that Ankit loves her and its too late for her to tell him her thoughts on Tara. On the other hand, Tara being this good soul prayed for suhana’s life cause she feels suhana is good-hearted one. Here suhana’s acquisitions on Tara becomes barely believable. Tara couldn’t be that worse. what she is a witch?  Of course not so believable. But one thing is for sure, they don’t seem to be a happy family. Right. it’s too soon to judge anyone now. But I have made a mistake of beliefs. Wish I didn’t cause that mistake of mine is haunting me till now.

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