Twinj FS His Very Personal Assistant- Part 4

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Next Morning at 4 AM Kunj woke up and saw Twinkle sleeping..He lifted her in his arms and to her inside the cottage and laid her down and slept beside her taking her in his arms..

It was 7 when Twinkle woke up..She was confused to see herself in a room as They slept outside itself after their Love Making.. Twinkle saw Kunj and saw him sleeping with a smile on his face..

She never saw him smiling..His Smile is really beautiful and innocent..She can’t help but kiss his forehead which woke him up..He opened his eyes and saw her kissing his forehead..He smiled at her to which Twinkle smiled a embarrassed smile and tried to sit but hissed in pain because of Yesterday’s Love Making..

Seeing her hiss in pain..He too sat and helped her to sit..

Kunj:Are you okay Twinkle?..

Twinkle:Yes..A little Sore..

Kunj:Hmm..And got up..He already wore his pants while bringing her into the cottage..

He went inside the washroom and filled tub with warm water..And came to their room..

Kunj: Twinkle..Go and bath..You will feel better.. Twinkle smiled at his care and went inside the washroom..

Kunj went to kitchen and made Coffee and pasta for both of them..After a long bath She came and saw her breakfast ready..She stared at him with Love seeing his care for her..

Kunj saw her staring at him and asked..

Kunj: What?..Twinkle nodded in no saying Nothing..

Twinkle:Ye..Mere liye..

Kunj:Nahi.. Humare liye.. Now come have it..You might be Hungry.. Twinkle nodded in yes and sat beside him..They had their breakfast..

After their breakfast Twinj were sitting and talking about their favourites and their Lives..

Suddenly Twinkle asked something which made him furious..

Twinkle:Sir..You have such a beautiful wife then why did you sleep with Me..And Umm when you are not happy with the alliance then why did you Marry her..

Kunj stared at her and said calmly..

Kunj: Twinkle let’s not talk about this now..My mood will change..We will talk about this later.. Please..

But She was curious and asked him again..He denied..She asked him again and again which made him furious and shouted..

Kunj:When I am saying you it’s something personal which I don’t want to talk then why are you forcing Me..Can’t you understand I am not happy with the topic..You are My Very Personal Assistant not My Wife and left from there..This matter is something which makes him furious and also makes him remember his helplessness..He want some peace which he got from her..But She ruined it all even after he denying and requesting her not to ask about it..He understands everybody but no one understands him..

Here Twinkle felt guilty for ruining his mood..She shouldn’t have forced him..He was soo happy before but She ruined it all..

She looked at the way he left..She too got up and went in search of him..She saw him sitting on rock staring at the beach..She went near him and sat beside him keeping her hand on his shoulder..Kunj sensed her beside him but didn’t say anything..After sometime..

Kunj: I am Sorry.. I shouldn’t have shouted at you..You should have understood when I asked or to be precise requested you not to talk about that..But still you did..

Twinkle: I am sorry sir.. I should have understood..

Kunj:It’s okay..Let’s just forget about it..

Twinkle: Hmm..Sir..


Twinkle:When are we going back to home..

Kunj:Kyun?.. Don’t you feel good here?..

Twinkle:No Sir..Aisa nahi Hain..I was just asking..

Kunj:We will go tomorrow.. I Love this place..Let’s spend some time here honey..

Twinkle nodded..

Kunj:Do you cook?..

Twinkle:Yes I do..Main nahi toh Aur koun karegi..But Sir.. How do you know cooking..

Kunj: Hahaha.. I don’t know cooking.. I just know how to make pasta..

Twinkle:Ohh..Teek Hain..Chalo.. Let’s cook something for us now..

Kunj:Okay..Twinj went inside the cottage and started cooking..

At night they had their dinner..After their Love Making..They slept due to tiredness..

Next Morning they went to Office directly.. Like this days passed they started falling for eachother..

One day Twinkle was having her dinner..Kunj was not there..Maid came there and gave her disgusted look..

Maid:Patha nahi..Log itne gire hue kaise hothe Hain..Chii..Itna girne ke baad bhi thoda bhi sharam nahi hotha..Patha nahi woh khana bhi ajam kaise ho rahi hain..

Twinkle who was going to take another morsel stopped and tears filled her eyes listening her..She left that morsel and stood up to go but Maid said something which brought her pain..

Maid:Ab kyun utke jaa rahi ho..Sothe waqt..Uske Paise udate waqt sharam nahi aayi lekin an aa rahi hain..Tumhari jaisi ladkiyon ki wajah se hi bohut jyada biwiya problems face Kar rahi hain..Tumhe Mar jaana chahiye..But a voice stopped her from speaking further..

Kunj:Kya kaha Tumne?..

Twinkle saw Kunj with tears in her eyes..Kunj came towards them..

Maid:Humne wahi kaha Jo sahi Hain..Suniye Sahab Aapko aise ladkiyon se dhoor rahna chahiye..Aisi ladliyan kisi ke laayak nahi Hain..Ye bohut characterless hothe Hain..Aurat jaati pe daag Hain ye aurat..

Kunj:Ek aur shabd bhi Tumne bhola toh zinda gaad dunga..Ek aurat hokar Tumne ye sab bhola aur isse bhol rahi ho ki ye aurat jaati pe daag Hain..Kya patha tumhe iske baare..And Most importantly who are you to judge her..And Why to judge her..Main bhi toh isme shaamil hoon.. I am the one who kept relationship with her..Toh phir isse akhele dosh kyun dena.. Just Because I am a Man whatever I does even if it is wrong doesn’t matter but Ladki ek choti si bhi kaam iss society ke kilaaf Kare toh galat Hain..And you say Men never support woman but More than Men woman are the one who taunts and insults another woman.. Pehle Ladki ko ladki samjna chahiye tab Ladkon se expect karna chahiye ki Aapko samje(First you woman yourself start understanding another woman then expect us to understand you)..

And it will be better if you leave this work..

Twinkle:Sir..Let her be..You can’t expect everyone to understand us.. Please usse yeha rehne dijiye..She has children.. I don’t want them to face anything because of Me..

Kunj nodded and they both went inside their bedroom..

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It is true More than Men it is woman who taunts other woman because of jealousy or anger..Even We see our neighbors who are spreading rumors or speaking behind our back is woman itself..So What I want to say is “Being a woman you are.. Respect Another Woman and expect Men to Respect Us”..If We don’t ourselves respect our jaath(Species) or Gender how can you expect others to respect her..

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