Spoilers 7th June 2019

Mishti gets a huge shock on finding Ruhaan shot. Ruhaan asks Mishti to save herself and just run. He doesn’t want to lose courage. They reach some people to take help. The goons spare their lives on seeing them seeking help. Mishti gets Ruhaan to the hospital and gets him treated on time. She informs the family, who reaches there with much happiness on knowing their safety. Ruhaan feels guilty that he dropped Mishti mid way and put her in trouble.

Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Kalyani likes Malhar’s wits after he tricks Atharv to stay at home. Malhar meets Mugdha in the hospital and introduces himself as ACP Rane. He tells that he came to ask her about Atharv Bapat. He asks her if she knows Atharv. Mugdha says yes and gives her statement. Malhar is shocked. He comes home and tears Atharv’s clothes. He gives him prisoner’s clothes saying he is giving him new clothes as he has torn his old clothes. He asks him to get ready to wear prisoners’ clothes as Mugdha got ready to give a statement in court against him. Atharv is shocked. Sarthak tries to search for Anupriya.



Kumkum Bhagya

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Kulfi kumar


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  1. Wow what a plan of makers of shakti.in a fraction of a second they turned preeto character in a negative shade.and that too so much negative that she forgot every single days what saumya & preeto had in their relation.so easily she forgot all her vows for saumya???this is what shakti makers are.they change the characters in fraction of second.my god they showed kinner astitva & shakti & turning gurumaa,my my what a get up with loads of bucket of makeup,jewellery,bordered south Indian sarees to prove her as 100 years experienced gurumaa.insulted harmans family by dancing like a kothewali & begging money & all with whom she faught against society.such a disgusting thought of shakti.and in entire 1 week episode they did not make up so they changed the character of saumya tarana kinner.itna chila rahi thi astitva shakti hain phir ek minute main apna get up kyon change kiya?baap beta dono ko pata hain tarana kinner hain and aur uska get up bhi pata hain,then why showing her body waist & new look as a young girl??unlogo yeh pata hain ki woh kinner hain but she is married & having a kid that she is hiding from them wah?and showing her beauty with a girl get up.apni purani zindagi peeche chod di apna mangalsutra aur sindoor sab then she has to leave behind her woman get also??she was suppose to live with her kinner astitva & get up,then why this change,they made saumya character selfish kinner.looking at her beauty & soft nature use ladke ko apne se pyaar karne main majboor kar degi.he fully will be mental & will get cyco in her love.and she will behave as she never knew only.the same she did with sameer,she did not tell him that she is kinner & left Harman.he became mental behind her.if she has left her past behind then soham is also her past.as per her disgusting kinner,gurumaa,astitva laws soham does not belong to her.harman must fight for soham custody & win the case.becaause she is playing & using with emotions of mens.first Harman,then sameer & now that man vedant.she is characterless kinner using her beauty what she got inspite of being a kinner.he is a rich boy with alone father & he is also stubborn like Harman.woh bhi Harman ke jaise pagal ho jayega saumya ke peeche aur jab use pata chalega she is married to Harman woh dono ka divorce karne main preeto & team ke saath miljayega.she wanted to live with her astitva & her astitva is a kinner so she must be in a same kinner gurumaa getup & do the job of a care taker.being like a woman is her past with Harman which she herself left behind without sindoor & mangalsutra.then why she is again spoiling other mens life.this is what is called selfish which saumya character is now what makers have done.what a dirty track.showing her waist & body with wearing saree below her waist & making men desparate for her.such a dirty thought of shakti makers.playing with emotions of harman.

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