Twinj FS His Very Personal Assistant- Part 2

Hey guys here is the update..Do Vote And Comment Lovelies..And guys don’t worry I will never ruin Twinj or their Purity with My Stories..Coz For Me Twinj and SidMin matters the Most..Many of you must be thinking this Story is going to be disgusting because of Title or The Conditions but Trust Me..This Story is Something Else.. I will never destroy Twinj Purity coz For Us Twinkle is always Our Crazy, Immature yet Mature and Cute Wifey..while Kunj is Mature and Naughty Husband..All that Matters is Twinj and SidMin..So Just Trust Me.. I will not do anything which may Hurt You or Disappoint You Lovelies..Hope This Story Will Win Your Beautiful Innocent Hearts..Anyways I did too much bhak bhak..Now You can start Reading..

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Twinkle had her food..Kunj took the plate from her and went into the kitchen and kept the plate there..He came back and said..

Kunj: Twinkle..Be Ready Tomorrow..You are shifting to the flat I bought for you..

Twinkle:No Sir..We are fine here..

Kunj: Listen Twinkle when I said I will take care of everything I mean it.. Now listen to me carefully.. Tomorrow pack everything.. I have kept everything ready for you including your dresses.. Everything is ready for you there..You don’t have to buy anything.. I will pay 75 thousand for you every month..There will be one maid too and also make your sister ready.. Tomorrow I am sending her to London for her treatment.. I spoke regarding her health to the doctor and he said the process will take upto six months..She will be fine..She will be able to walk in these six months.. Everything and every expenses of yours and your di will be taken by me..And your salary will be sent to your Account Every Month..And about Navya,My Friend Cabir is handling our branch in London..He knows about us..So he will take care of her and there will be servants and maids arranged for her 24 hours..Okay?..

Twinkle joined her hands,Sat on her knees and said..(Don’t be offended by this scene..See guys She is soo helpless..She don’t even have food to eat and seeing him giving everything to her..She did that..)..

Twinkle:Thank you..I owe you..You don’t even know what you did for us and how much you are helping us..Kunj held her shoulders and made her stand..

Kunj:Twinkle.. I am not giving this to you for free..You are giving me your most prized possession honey..Be ready tomorrow night..

Twinkle:Sir..You know you are powerful enough..You have everything..If you wanted you should have forced me or just have given me a salary..But you gave me everything..You made the impossible possible.. I never thought I will ever be able give that treatment to my sister but you are doing that..Thank you..And you are here to take care of me,my needs and protect me..You know my miseries and in future.. I have someone to share them..

Kunj is shocked..She should be accusing him..But no she is being grateful..She is seeing good in the wrong thing..What is She..An Angel..

Kunj:Yes I am there to protect you.. Now you are not going to face anything from anyone.. I will be there to protect you..And sealed the promise by kissing her forehead..And left from there..

Twinkle went to her room and packed her things.. Including Navya’s too..After packing she lied on her bed..

Twinkle: Hope from tomorrow I can have a normal Life.. I know I am doing wrong by giving him my virginity but in exchange for that I got soo much.. I can live without the fear of getting humiliated andnd tears slipped from her eyes.. Like every girl she too want to loose it with someone who loves her but her situation and hunger made her take the cruel decision of her Life..

Next Morning Twinkle woke up..Navya and Twinkle were waiting outside their building..When Navya asked her..

Nav:Where are we going Twinkle..

Twinkle:Di.. I got new job..And today you are going to London for treatment di..You will be able to walk in six months di..

Navya was soo happy..She not for once asked what Job she is doing that she is sending her to London.. Actually Navya never cared for her..She is selfish from childhood.. Actually she thought Twinkle should be in her place..Twinkle should be the who should be in wheel chair not her..

At the same time a BMW car arrived..Kunj got down the car..Twinkle made Navya sit in the car..

They reached Airport..Navya is soo into herself that She not for once saw pain and tears in her eyes..Kunj is observing everything..Cabir is waiting for her..It is time for her to board the flight..

Twinkle:Bye di.. While Navya just nodded..Navya and Cabir left..

Kunj:Twinkle.. I want to ask you something..Will you answer me genuinely..

Twinkle:Ji Sir..

Kunj:She looked soo selfish..She not for once saw that pain in your eyes..Why are you doing this for a selfish person like her..She don’t deserve your sacrifice and care..Why are you doing this..

Twinkle:She from childhood is stubborn..She hated me..On that day..My parents were taking me with them but she with her stubbornness went with them and the accident happened.. I lost my parents..She lost her legs..Then She accused me for her loss..She cursed me with unbearable words..She hate me..May be I am doing this coz I think somewhere she is right..

Kunj held her shoulders..Made her look at him..

Kunj:She was not right..Stop doing this..She don’t deserve you..

Twinkle:May be I am doing this for me.. I have no one except her to say mine..

Kunj: Don’t ever say that Twinkle..You have me beside you.. I will be there to hold you.. Support you without a word..And care for you.. I will be hidden behind the shadows just to step out and save you from all these evils honey..You have me to call yours..You have me beside you..With you to protect you honey..And sealed the promise with a forehead kiss..Twinkle just looked at him with all the love..What is he? all she wondered..

Twinj reached her new flat.. Twinkle is mesmerized by the beauty of the flat..She is looking at everything with awe..Maid gave her a disgusting look which got unnoticed by both as Kunj is lost in her smile..

Twinkle:Sir this flat is soo beautiful.. I never lived in such a beautiful place..

Kunj pov:How will she react when she live in My Kunjsion and smiled..They reached bedroom..

Twinkle:Kunj..OMG..Itna bada bedroom..Mera pura ghar bhi Iss bedroom jitna bada nahi hoga..It’s soo beautiful..Kunj who was controlling his desires till now..Can’t control anymore and said..

Kunj: Twinkle seeing you beside me,I can’t control anymore.. I want you tonight get ready.. Twinkle nodded..He left from there not able to see the tears of pain in her eyes..

Hope you guys like it..It is not edited.. Don’t judge Twinkle please..As I said before sometimes we end up in such situations where we do something which we never want to..And here Twinkle..She knew she has to do this to save her self from the society..And She wanted someone to protect her and take care of her everything and he offered her that..

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    1. PriyankaSurya

      Well Good Morning Sweety..It’s My Story and I have every right to copy because I solely hold the copyrights on My Story..bohut Ganda likti hoon?Well that means alot dear..That’s not Ganda that’s reality..Aaha toh phir aapko lagta hain I spoiled Twinj?but guess what babes I will continue the Story even if you try your best to spoil by name by doing this because We both clearly know who you are?Lots of Love

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