Tere ishq me jana- RagSan Episode 40

Hi sissy’s.. I know all want ragsan to unite soon. But I don’t want to write like sudden change in everything and unite like magic.. M writing according to situation and ragsan thinking abt Thier present life. But one thing ragsan will b United for sure. Hope u like this story line. Tell ur views in comments. If u dint like then I’ll make changes in my story. Let’s start.

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San: so kiddos. How’s our new home?

Both: nice papa. We love u.

San: go and see ur rooms.

Both run.

Nit: sanskar. U take rest. Till that I’ll arrange everything with help of worker.


Sanskar comes to hall and sees sanskruti and Sanket fighting. Nitya trying to stop them but they continued.

San: hey. Wats happening here? Y r u fighting?

Sans: papa I’ve selected new school. But sanket is fighting with me telling that he wants other school.

Sanskar remembers his fight with Ragini on school topic. He gets sad.

San: both of u go. Mom Wil decide ur school.

They both get sad seeing sanskar sad.

Sans: papa don’t get sad. We won’t fight. U only decide school. We will go there only.

Sanskar smiles seeing her.

San: my little Ragini.( Unknowingly he said)

Sans: Ragini? Who’s that papa?

San: actually she’s……my friend. U r just like her.

Sanskruti smiles. Then goes to play.

Nit keeps her hand on his shoulders. He looks at her.

San: m sry. I can’t forget her.

Nit: no need to say sry. No need to forget her. I never said anything to u


Morning Ragini was making satwik ready.

Rag: coz of u I get late to my work. Atleast one day get ready on time.

Sat: mom. M always on time.

Rag: u r on time. But m not.

Sat: let’s go mom. U making late.

Shar: both of u stop now. Take ur lunch box and go.

Ragini and satwik take Thier boxes and both kissed on sharda’s cheek and left.

Ragini starts her scooty. Satwik sits behind.


They reached school. Sanskar and nitya were in principle cabin of same school.

Rag: ur school came. Go to class now. After school stand inside the gate till I come. Don’t go anywhere.

Sat: ofho mom. Naani tells correct. U always tell same thing again and again. Don’t u get bored?

Rag: shaitan.. go now.

Sat: mom wait. U have to meet Sangeeta.

Rag: Sangeeta? Who’s she?

Sat: mom again u forgot? Yesterday we had fight. She beats me. U come and talk with teacher abt her.

Rag: let it b. Next time I’ll Tel.

Sat: no. Now only.

Rag: pls satwik, my golu. Wil talk tomorrow.

Sat: stop buttering me. U don’t love me.

Rag: ok ok. M coming. Now don’t start ur lecture. Don’t love me, don’t care me bla bla..

Sat: I learned this from u only.

Rag: let’s go now. Tel where’s she?

Sat: come.

They go inside.

Rag: where’s ur teacher’s cabin?

Sat: there . Beside principals cabin. U go and talk. I’ll go to class. Bye.

Rag: hey stop.

He ran. She smiles and moves towards cabin. She goes inside and nitya, sanskar come out of cabin. Both ragsan feel something. But ignores.

Sanskar gets call. He goes to other side to talk. Nitya was standing there only with both kids. Ragini comes out. Sanskruti collides with Ragini and falls.

Ragini bends down and make her stand.

Rag: slowly. Don’t walk fast. Did u get hurt?

Sanskruti looks at her.

Sans: m ok aunty. Sry I didn’t see u.

Rag: it’s ok beta.

She lost in her innocent face.

Rag: Wats ur name?

She was abt to tell. Sanket comes calling her.

Sank: di… Wat happened?

Sans: nothing.

Nit: wat happened beta?

Rag: nothing. She just fell down.

Nit: sry from her side.

Rag: no it’s ok. She’s like my daughter.

Nit: thanku ms?

Rag: Ra…

Sank: mom come let’s go. Papa is waiting.

Nit: ok bye. Will meet again.

Rag: bye.

she tried to look at sanskar but she can see only his back. She gets call from her office.

Rag: coming. On the way. Just few mins.

As she moved out sanskar turned back. Cudnt see her.


Lunch break of school

Sanskruti was having lunch alone. Satwik comes to her.

Sat forwards his hand: hi m satwik. R u new here? Friends? After all we r in same class.

He said in one go.

Sans: how much he talk. M sanskruti. Ive joined today only. My brother is also there in this school. He’s junior.

She saw satwik sad.

Sans: wat happened? Y u became sad?

Sat: I’ve a sister whose name is also sanskruti. Just remembered her after listening ur name.

Sans: where’s she?

Sat: don’t know.

Sans: wat do u mean by don’t know?

Bell rang.

Sat: teacher Wil come. I’ll Tel u next time.

Sans: ok.



Siya( ragini’s colleague and friend) : again late ha? Golu?

Rag smiles: of course.

Siya: do u know that new branch of a famous company is opening here.

Rag: Wats new in that? Many branches of different companies r getting opened here.

Siya: it’s really different. U know who’s the owner? The famous rich buiseness man sanskar maheshwari.

Ragini’s heart beat stopped for a second.

Rag: wat did u say?

Siya: maheshwari group of companies.

Rag: r u sure?

Siya: of course dear. M going to boss to submit this file.

Ragini sits on chair. All past memories flashes Infront of her eyes. Tears almost abt to fall from her eyes. Someone called her from behind.

‘ Ragini how was ur conference meeting’

Rag: Arjun? It was good. It’s so helpful for our company.

Arj: I think again something went in ur eye. Sry no eye. It’s eyes. Both eyes.

(Arjun and Siya r ragini’s best friends. But only Arjun knows abt ragini’s past. He was always in her support.)

He cud feel her pain. Listening him her tears made their way.

He took her near canteen.

Arj: wat happened Ragini? Anything serious? Satwik is ok na?

Rag crying: he came. He came to this city with his wife.

Arj: Ragini I understand ur pain. Instead of crying do one thing. Go and ask him how can he move on? Or else leave thinking abt him and concentrate on ur life. It’s not only u. It affects satwik too.

Rag: satwik. Wat if he comes to know that we r alive. Wat if he takes my satwik from me? Then I wud b alone. No I won’t give my satwik.

Arj: Ragini don’t think unnecessarily. Be calm.

Rag: wat if he comes Infront of me? I’ll become weak.

Arj: if he comes then only na? Rite now stop thinking. U gone mad. Take half for today. I’ll also come with u.

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