Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 43

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Twinj: When I fell for you: Episode 43

A quick recap: Twinkle and Rahul’s plan put into action, Alisha’s deeds begun to be unveiled before the elders

The Sarna mansion was filled with silence. The silence that contained hundreds of questions, a thousand confusions, and many worries. Twinkle sat down next to Rahul on a nearby sofa quietly, while everyone else just wanted to ask her what was going on.
“Twinkle! You ganged up with that Raj of all people? How many times have I asked you to stay away from him?” Kunj began, breaking the spell of silence that had been cast upon them. When he didn’t recieve any reply, he walked over to her, kneeled down in front of her, and held her hands in his own. “Twinkle… It’s just that all of us are worried for you… You know what Raj has done once, he might as well repeat his sins, right?” He spoke softly, totally forgetting that Twinkle was pretending to keep away from him and the rest of the gang.

Before Twinkle could speak anything, they saw the door open, and Raj and Alisha walked in, hand in hand. They dropped their hands as soon as they noticed everyone’s gaze on them.
Boiling in anger, RT stepped towards Alisha, but Yuvi held him back and whispered to let Twinkle execute her plan.

“Alisha… Thank you so much for making the two families realise that we weren’t at fault, and for accepting all your crimes..” Rahul spoke, while the elders were even more shocked. Alisha simply blinked her eyes, wondering what all of that was about. The angered looks made it evident to her that she had messed up something.
“Raj! Tell them that I haven’t done anything wrong!” She pleaded, knowing that he was the only one she could rely upon. “Rahul! Stop teasing her… Alisha, he’s just kidding. Don’t worry… We know how innocent you are…” Twinkle spoke, something in her tone was different, but Alisha couldn’t figure out what it was.

Alisha managed to plaster a fake smile on her face, her mind was still troubled, with her intuitions killing her. “He just wanted to thank you for making both families realise that bhaiyu and all the others should be given a chance to prove themselves….” Twinkle spoke slowly, while Alisha couldn’t even guess how the elders had suddenly reversed their decision.
She recalled the previous night, when she had met the elders.

“Aunty, uncle, I am really grateful for everything that you all have done for me… I don’t think anyone else would have been able to take such righteous decisions… All this for a girl, you don’t even know properly… You went against your own kids for me…” Alisha told the elders, who were in a state of dilemma. As she spoke, she slowly walked around the room, carefully observing the changes in their expressions, trying to judge how much more she needed to flatter them to get them to blindly believe her.

“I think you should forgiven them now, aunty… They are all your children, the ones you have raised after all…” She said, smiling, while she waited for the expected response.
“No! They don’t deserve to be forgiven, Alisha.. You are just like the other daughters for us, and we should punish them exactly like we would have, if Twinkle, Amaya or Chinki was in your place…” Manohar spoke, while the others agreed.

“Fine then! It’s decided. They can keep the shares in the property, but they will have to keep out of family issues, they will not have a say in any decisions we take for the family. We might as well go back to speaking to them, but things will never return to normal” RT announced, storming out of the room with Manohar.
Leela and Usha looked on teary eyed as they wondered how all of this would affect Twinj’s wedding. They managed to smile at Alisha and slowly walked away, while she performed a happy jig, her years of plotting and planning had finally paid off.

Later, she drove to an undisclosed location, and met Raj there. “Raj! If you hadn’t been there for me three years ago when these people had banished me from the Sareja empire, I can’t imagine what I would have done…” She told Raj, running her finger on his face, while he quietly looked on, a strange fear evident on his face.
“Tch tch… Poor Raj baby!! Don’t be so scared, I’m not going to trouble you anymore… Instead, let me end your troubles for you.. What say?” She said, laughing, and narrated how she had manipulated the elders yet again, unaware that all of this was being recorded, and Rahul was listening to it live, on the phone.
End of flashback.

Twinkle snapped her fingers before Alisha. “Alisha! Are you even listening? I said that I should be thanking you for saving my life that day by informing bhaiyu about my whereabouts…” Twinkle was speaking, once she was sure that she had her attention.
Alisha smiled weakly, something seemed to be extremely wrong to her.
“And should we also thank you for being the reason Twinkle was at the cliff, Alisha?” Rahul asked, walking over to Twinkle’s side. Alisha’s eyes widened in horror as she wondered how he knew of that.

As she stumbled for words, Twinkle looked at the door, and Alisha was surprised to see a few men walk into the room. The worst part was that she recognised them, and knew exactly why they were there. The others watched everything quietly wondering what was coming up next.
“You might recognise, or rather recall this man, right Alisha?” Rahul said, pointing to one of the men who had just walked in. “Of course you would. Twinkle’s hair breadth escape from behind hit by that truck, who could forget that?” He continued, while everyone gasped. The man, who introduced himself as the truck driver, narrated how Alisha had plotted Twinkle’s accident, and that she had strictly informed him to just scare the families, she only wanted to be able to get Kunj to follow her orders quietly, she had said.

Twinkle smirked watching Alisha’s changing expressions. “Oh my god! Alisha! Don’t worry so much already, there’s a lot more to come…” She said, while Rahul asked another man to introduce himself. He claimed he was a doctor, the very doctor who had treated, or rather carefully made Alisha look wounded when she had turned up suddenly after three years of disappearance.
He narrated how Alisha had payed him a filthy sum to make her look wounded, to keep her at the hospital for three days, and to convince the Sarejas that she needed more care.

Alisha had everyone glaring at her now. She wondered where she had gone wrong, but the frown on her face suddenly made way for an evil smirk as she appeared to remember something.
“Would you care to explain this Twinkle?” She retorted, forwarding some papers, while Twinkle looked on, mixed expressions on her face.

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  14. this is was awesome yr
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