Hold My Hand —— Short Story for Swabhiman By Minakhi – Shot 3

Hiiii every1 im back for a long time n sorry those day im little busy to college work so im not post to my shot …n finally i decide that today im back with a new shot so i hope you are guys love my shot.


Shot – 3

Teacher : Rihan why u are lying?
Rihan : Im not lying sir. He is lier.
Karan : Rihan , why im saying lying? I think u are down me in whole class.
Rihan : U are lier, because U stolen my book.
Teacher : Listen to me both of u…please tell me true. Then i will not go to principle room.
Rihan : So, tell me karan true.
Karan : Yeah, its true that im not stolen your book.
Teacher : Then who was stolen his book? Tell me
Karan : I know sir. Rihan was lier.
Teacher : Karan talk was right Rihan?

Rihan slowly say , Yes sir . He is right. My book was not stolen .

Teacher : Then Rihan why u are saying lying?
Rihan : I really hate him . And i always fight with him so im telling lie. By the way Sorry Sir next time im not doing this type of work.
Teacher : Rihan , say sorry to karan.
Rihan : Karan , im really very sorry.
Karan : Its okk Rihan.
Teacher : Sit down …and attention your class.

At Sharada School

My dear girls and boys today i will teach only english grammer.
Okkk Madam….All student says.
So, grammer is most important to english…when we learn english at first we know about grammer.okkk

So Sharada lecture about english grammer during her class.

At night
In chauhan Mention
Dada ji, Nk and Sandhya discuss about their business . Nirmala cooking. Kunal & karan playing video game.

Khyati shout, Bhai…Bhai where are both of U?
All are shock.
Khyati what is it? ..dada ji said
Dada ji where are my both of Bhai….khyati ask
Kunal& karan …. Nk shout.
They are coming in the hall.
Yes papa…whats the problem?
Nk..Now khyati tell me beta. What happen?
Khyati..Bhai, Do u remember about tomorrow?
Kunal & karan…Tomorrow , what will be tomorrow khyati?
Khyati.. Really bhai. Both of u dont remember?
Yes we are not remember …so tell me
Khyati…bhai tomorrow will be Raksha Bandhan.
Kunal & karan … Ohhh….No god
Khyati… Why both of u react like this?
Karan..Because only for gift.
Khyati…This year both of u some new gift give me okkk.
All are laughing to khyati talk.
Karan…Bhai…u are buy two gift okkk…im mean my gift buy u.
Kunal…ohh no…i have no pocket money karan.

Nk…Okkk all of U go your room n study and tomorrow we are celebrate Raksha Bandhan.
Okkk Papa..all are say and leave there.

At Bundi
At night naina n meghna sitting their study table.
Suddenly, naina saying….Di….tomorrow Raksha Bandhan .
Meghna : I know cheeku
Naina : Okk di..toh tomorrow we are celebrate.
Meghna : Yeah. Cheeku

Naina listening to her di talk n running to vishal room.
Naina : Bhaiya Bhaiya… Where are u??
Vishal : Yes. Cheeku …im sitting to study table.
Naina come in to vishal room.
Vishal : what happen cheeku??
Naina : Bhaiya tomorrow will be Raksha Bandhan …u know that.
Vishal : ohhh…Toh tell me what gift buying for u?
Naina : Please give me a big teddy bhaiya.
Vishal : ookkk. Cheeku..
Naina : Thank u bhaiya . She saying n left there.

So, Next Morning…
In Chauhan Mention

All are wearing beautiful dress for celebrating Raksha Bandhan .
Kunal & karan sitting a chair .
Khyati : Ready for start to Raksha Bandhan. So, first of all kunal bhai..please give your hand bhai.
Kunal..okk and khyati wearing to rakhi for kunal hand and after that karan hand. Finally , complete the puja.
Both of bhai..please give me my gift…khyati said
Karan : what?? Why we are give to gift u??
Kunal : Yes..khyati why?
Khyati : please stop your nautanki..bhai.
Karan : okkk…this is for u..and please open and tell me how is it?
Khyati. : Thank u bhai…she open the gift and that is pink color teddy. She very happy . Bhai i love it.
Kunal : So, this is for u my sweet heart .
Khyati : Thank u bhai.. She open and that is beautiful dress. She love it.

Thank u so much both of bhai for your beautiful gift.
All are happy their raksha bandhan celebration are nicely complete.

At Bundi
Same there condition.
Vishal sitting a chair and naina or meghna wearing their rakhi to vishal hand.
Naina : So, Bhaiya please give my gift .
Vishal : So, sorry cheeku i dont remember buying for your gift.
Vishal : okkk…baba dont cry and this is for u?
Naina : Thank u so much bhaiya. This gift is a big teddy. Naina very happy for her bhaiya gift.
Meghna : so, where is my gift ?
Vishal : This is for u gudiya.
Meghna open her gift that is beautiful watch.
Thank u so much bhaiya…and i really love your choice . This is very beautiful n i promise to u im never lost it.
Vishal : U are welcome gudiya.
So all are happy. And finally complete their celebration.

To be continue
So, that is my simple shot i hope ur guys love it. N please do like n comment n tell me how is it.

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    Awesome !!
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    Hi Di!! This was awesome!! The way they celebrated Raksha bandhan was good! Loved the siblings bond!! Waiting for Nairan and Meghnal to meet!
    Post ASAP.
    Loads of love.❤❤

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