Twin troubles IshRa SS Part 4

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Twin troubles Part 4
Ishita:Yes.I am willing to marry Raman.
Divya was shocked while Mahesh and Madhu were surprised and relieved.
Mahesh:Are you sure?
Ishita:Yes dad.
Madhu:I knew that you will not be able to resist Raman.
Mahesh:I will tell them now itself that Ishu said yes for marriage.
Madhu:Yes Mahesh.Do that soon.Don’t delay it.

Ishita and Divya in their room…
Divya:I can’t believe that you agreed to marry Raman.
Ishita:I know.
Divya:How did you suddenly get impressed by Raman?
Ishita:Impressed with Raman?My foot.
Divya was stunned:Then?
Ishita:If I don’t say yes mom will irritate me to the core.So I said yes.
Divya:But they will proceed with marriage.
Ishita:Let them do that.Because instead of me you will marry Raman.
Divya was shocked:Ishu..what are you saying?
Ishita:Yes di.As Ishita you have to marry Raman.
Divya:Are you mad Ishu?Marriage is not a drama?
Ishita:I know.But I know that you are impressed with Raman.Don’t lie that you did’nt like him.
Divya was shy:Ya…he is a good guy.
Ishita:And he is just like you.So you guys are perfect for each other.That’s why I think you should marry him.You both will have a happy married life.
Divya:No Ishu…but the truth will come out one day.
Ishita:The truth will come out only if we disclose the truth.Who will recognize us?
Divya:But I can’t hide it from Raman.

Ishita:Tell him after marriage.He will understand you.
Divya:After marriage?
Ishita:Yes.Before marriage if you disclose the truth there will be a mess at home.So only after marriage you tell him.Since he loves you he will understand you.
Divya:But Ishu…
Ishita:Please Ishu di…for me please do that.Otherwise I will be forced to marry the person I don’t like.But you can marry the person whom you like.
Divya thought a lot.
Divya:Ok.. I will …
Ishita:I am lucky to have a sister like you.

They both hugged each other emotionally.

Raman and Abhishek were in Raman’s room…
Abhishek:Wow…finally you liked a girl.
Raman blushed.
Abhishek:Why you liked her so much though she is entirely different from you?I thought you will marry only a traditional girl.
Raman:Even i never thought that I will like an ultra modern girl.But I don’t know how.I just liked her.

Opposite attracts.
They both giggled.
Abhishek:But no opposite attracts for me.I will marry only an ultra modern girl who is just like me.

Suddenly Toshi came:Raman puttar…There was a call from Kapoor house.Like I told you Ishita liked you.
Raman was very happy.
Abhishek:Congrats Raman.By the way show me your Ishita’s photo.
Raman took his phone to show the photo to Abhishek.But suddenly his phone rang.
He attended the call.
Abhishek:Oh Raman..I have appointment wit that Mr.Mittal.I have to leave now.

Raman was thinking of Divya and blushing.
He imagined dancing romantically with Divya.

Na hai yeh pana
Na khona hi hai
Tera na hona, jaane
Kyun hona hi hai
Tum Se Hi din hota hai,
Surmayi shaam aati hai
Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai
Zindagi kehlati hai,
Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi
Na hai yeh pana
Na khona hi hai
Tera na hona, jaane
Kyun hona hi hai

Aankhon mein aankhein teri,
Baahon mein Baahen teri.
Mera na mujh mein kuch raha,
Hua kya
Baaton mein baaten teri,
Raatein saugatein teri.
Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya,
Hua kya

Mein kahin bhi jaata hun,
Tum Se Hi mil jata hun.
Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi.

Shor mein khamoshi hai,
Thodi si behoshi hai.
Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi

Aadha sa vaada kabhi,
Aadhe se zyada kabhi,
Jee chahe karlu is tarah,
Wafa ka
Chhode na chhute kabhi,
Tode na toote kabhi,
Jo dhaaga tum se jud gaya,
Wafa ka.
Mein tera sarmaya hun,
Jo bhi mein ban paya hun.
Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi.

Raaste mil jate hai,
Manzile mil jati hai.
Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi.
Na hai yeh pana,
Na khona he hai.
Tera na hona, jaane,
Kuyn hona he hai.
(Jab we met).

Kapoors and Bhallas arranged a meeting in a resort.

Ishita to Divya:Di…I have a photo shoot.So I won’t be able to come.
Divya:But you are supposed to come there in disguise of me when I go there as you.

Ishita:But I can’t help it di.Please manage the situation.
Madhu came with a white suit.
Madhu:Ishu…for tomorrow’s get together you wear this suit.You should not wear mini skirts as your future In Laws are coming.Understand?

Ishita nodded her head.
Ishita:Ok mumma.I won’t wear short dress.But please don’t expect me to wear traditional salwar kameez or saree.

Madhu:I know.I will be a fool to expect you to wear saree and salwar kameez.So I bought a gown for you which covers your body.Wear diamond set.You should look grand.
Divya thought:What a relief that tomorrow I don’t have to wear uncomfortable ultra modern short dress.
Divya:Mumma…I won’t be able to join you all as I have to go for the poetry show.
Madhu:What are you saying Divya?Tomorrow is your sister’s important day.Then you can’t come?
Ishita:Let her go mumma.You know that she can’t avoid it as she is participating with her poems.Her biggest happiness is poetry recitation.Let her go mumma.
Ishita and Divya were relieved.

All Bhallas were dressed up to go to the resort.Raman became upset after getting a call.
Raman:Sorry I can’t come.
Toshi:What are you saying Raman?
Raman:I have been called for an important meeting.
Om Prakash:But today is your marriage fixing day.
Raman:I know papa.But I am helpless though i am dying to be there with you all.But I can’t avoid it.

Om Prakash:Ok.

Kapoors and Bhallas met at the resort.Divya touched the feet of Toshi and Om Prakash.They blessed her.
Seeing Divya in the white gown and diamond jewellery Toshi was impressed.
Toshi:You look like a fairy.

Divya smiled:Thank you mummiji.

They all smiled.
Divya looked for Raman secretly.
Mahesh:Where is Raman?
Om Prakash:Sorry.Raman could’nt join us in the last minute because of an important meeting.

Madhu:That’s sad.
They all say together,chatted,ate food .Most importantly they fixed Raman and Ishita’s marriage.

Ishita was in the pub.2 guys go closer to her.She was shocked.She tried to move away.But they pulled her closer.
Ishita:How dare you?
Ishita slapped them.They went angry and grabbed her hair forcefully making her scream.
Abhishek who was busy dancing turned back hearing her scream.

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