His Silent love – Chapter 21

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Chapter – 21 – I smell s*x in here

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Twinkle (POV)


Kunj’s eyes widened a fraction the moment I placed my lips upon his. With my left hand wrapped around his neck and the other on jaw, I moved my lips fiercely against his.

I could feel the frantic beating of my heart and disappointment overpowering my senses when he didn’t kiss me back. “Kiss me” my voice almost came out in a pleading whimper and he squeezed his eyes shut.

I felt the sudden burning of my eyes and I knew I was close to breaking down. Without any second thoughts, I pushed myself away from him standing up with trembling legs.

Be strong. Be strong

“I’m sorry” I whispered wiping my sweaty palms on my shirt, “I shouldn’t have kissed you”

I opened the door but before I could step outside, Kunj pulled me back shutting the door and held me against it holding my gaze.

Before I could open my mouth, he clashed his lips on mine, one of his hand holding my neck. I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck.

His lips perfectly worked against mine with the right pressure and a throaty moan erupted from me when he sucked on my lower lip.

“Keep your voice down” he murmured against my lips grinning, “Else they’d barge in and Yuvi would skin me alive”

I chuckled throwing my head back but my laughter turned into a moan the moment he placed his lips on my neck grazing it.

“You have no idea” he whispered pressing his forehead against mine, “How long I have waited for you. How long…” He trailed leaving feathery kissed down my throat and stopped near my collar bone for sure leaving a hickey behind.

“I loose then” I breathed out trying to keep myself composed which was hard due to the way how his lips worked wonders, “I’d be the one begging you to kiss…me”

I gulped down audibly feeling him press himself more against me and I knew. This felt good. New. Exciting and secure.

“I wish I had lost before thou” I mumbled and he pressed his lips against mine once again smirking through it, “Feels that good, Huh?”

“I smell s*x in here” I jumped against Kunj’s lips hearing Ben’s voice from outside and heard the locking of the door by Kunj.

Kunj’s tongue parted my lips entering and I tried to resist knowing how Ben was outside. “He’s outside” I muttered against his lips and he shrugged kissing me once again.

“Come on” I pushed him away slowly and he sighed pulling back pouting at me. I shook my head at his stubbornness and stood on my tip toes giving him a quick peck.

“Now that’s better” he placed a lingering kiss on my forehead before opening the door and there stood Ben in all his mighty glory displaying his famous trademark smirk.

“I smell s*x in here” he repeated sniffing and I flicked his forehead going out of the room. “Don’t talk bullshit. I was helping Kunj”

“Through the power of your kisses?” He retorted passing me a smirk and I fake gasped, “Never knew my kissed were that powerfully”

“Leave her alone, dimwit” Kunj placed a hand on his head pulling him back and walked towards the kitchen but not before winking at me.

“He’s hot” Ben mumbled catching up with me and I chuckled, “That’s the 7328923738 time you have told me that”

“Are you gonna tell me or not?” he questions frowning and I smiled at him, “Of course”

He beamed at me but, “Not, Ben. Of course not”

His smiled dropped and he rolled his eyes throwing his arms up in the air, “Ugh. No one loves meee”



“Girl, I’m telling you” Maira beamed at me settling down on the bed, “I shipped you and my dimwit of a brother since like the 8th grade”

“No shit, Sherlock” I mumbled opening the packet of sour punk and chewed on it grinning at nothing in particular, “I feel good. Happy really happy”

“You just kissed that hot ass” Chloe chuckled taking a seat beside me and helping herself with the candies, “Of course, you would feel on top of the world”

“Ew thou” Maira gagged, “That’s my twin brother you both talking about”

“I am sorry for being so oblivious regarding you, Chloe” Maira muttered her smile fading away, “I wish we could have done something thou”

“Don’t be” Chloe shook her head smiling, “Everything would be okay, I know”

“By the way, do you guys notice Ben and Theo being a lot awkward these days?” I question raising an eyebrow at them and Maira gasped slamming her hand against the mattress. “I thought I was the only one to notice that”

“I know right” I mumbled sitting up straighter and tossed the empty packets aside. “Yesterday, they accidentally brushed past each other and I could feel the tension in the air”

“I think I know why” Chloe chewed on her lip nervously and scratched the back of her neck. “I think Ben’s not into girls”

I stopped stuffing my face with sour punk and looked stunned at my best friend who shrugged sighing, “That’s what I feel thou. I mean, look at this. Ben’s not dating a single girl from school. And don’t you guys deny it, haven’t you noticed Ben and Theo secretly stealing glances of each other?”

I nodded comprehending her words and it all made sense. “Wait, what? Theo as in our Theo?” Maira asks her eyes widening a fraction and Chloe nodded.

“Wow” I breathed out with a nervous chuckle, “That’s some news”

“And I think I know what’s holding him back” I mumbled breaking the silence. “Their families. Ben’s parents would literally disown him. We all know how his relationship with his parents is. He’s already so isolated in their presence and their constant pressure on him is gonna drive him nuts”

“We’ll talk to him” Maira nodded, “We are his best friend; a family to him. He should know this”


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Here’s a quick chapter for you all. I wrote it in a hurry so hope it’s good and you’d enjoy it.

Next chapter coming up in Chloe’s POV.

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