TV Divas who took to YouTube to Entertain fans amidst Lockdown

The lockdown brought our entertainment to a stand still for a very long time. NO shoots were happening and there was no new content to watch. But our TV stars are creative enough to generate some content to keep their fans hooked on to the. As we know the most trending thing these days is Youtube and our TV celebs too didn’t shy away from making their own channels to keep up the buzz.

Fans were given a real sneak peek into their lives all throughout this period and they are now more interested in knowing what their favorite actors like, how they live, their favorite dishes and more. Celebrities showing their real life, home and family is what fans always find intriguing and well, it was all served in a platter to them. With the lockdown, celebs got a chance to indulge in something that can keep them close to their fans – YouTube. From Hina Khan to Dipika Kakar, several well-known faces took to YouTube and opened their channels to entertain and engage fans with ‘interesting’ content.

Here’s a list of YouTube channels that can keep you entertained and busy throughout this year: 

Hina Khan (YouTube Channel- Hina Khan) 


Dipika Kakar Ibrahim (YouTube Channel- Dipika Ki Duniya) 


Sambhavna Seth (YouTube Channel- Sambhavna Seth Entertainment)


Ratan Raajputh (YouTube Channel-Ratan Raajputh) 


Zareen Khan (YouTube Channel-Zareen Khan) 


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