Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Om lazily stretches his hand searching for her , Feeling the cold empty place he opens his eyes and stretches his hands yawning . He smiles hearing the water running in the washroom . Taking the pillow He hugs it close and turns to sleep on his stomach hearing the door clicking sound .

Gauri walks out of the washroom , Her Face glowing and Her eyes sparkling . Her eyes falls on Her Husband who is sleeping . Drying her hair with the towel She walks towards the bed . Seating beside him She blushes remembering Their nightlong moments . She tucks his strands behind his ear and leans down to closely have a look at his face . She bites her inner cheeks to stop herself from grinning . Seeing his breaths even She assumes He is still asleep .

She presses her cheek onto his back and runs her index finger playing violin on his back as She blushes remembering how tangled they were early morning when she woke up .She had a hard time removing her legs from his as He had crushed her with his weight , For instance She did not mind . She loved how She could feel him closely and have him all for herself . Placing him on his back without awaking him had been another task .

Presently , With a small smile Gauri runs her hand over his back , the soft hairs tickling the tips of her fingers . She could feel the bones through his skin , The vertebrae of his spine looking as though they tried to pierce through his flesh . Her eyes widens as She sees nail marks on his back , She shuts her eyes knowing It was Her , Last night She had scratched his back sinking her long nails into his as He— She blushes and shuts her eyes to stop her thoughts . Seeing him still asleep

She mumbles a quick sorry on his ears and places her lips on the places she has been digging her nails causing scratch marks . Feeling him stirring Gauri’s eyes widens She gets on her feet to make a dash out but only to be held by her wrist . She shrieks as She feels herself bouncing on the bed as He takes her under him .

“What were You Doing Biwi?” He whispers huskily in her ears . She flushes red and tries to push him off but instead She feels his hands snaking around her waist pulling her more closer to him .

“Good Morning Jaan ” He says softly placing a kiss on her temple seeing her not replying .

She lowers her eyelashes down unable to look into his orbs . A bubbles of giggles leaves her lips as He brushes his stubble on her cheeks . He stops to look into her eyes as She stops giggling and stares at him only to be repeated again by him . She giggles loudly and tries to push him back ,

“Husband ”

“Ahaan Finally ” He winks hearing her voice , She stops giggling hearing him , He had tricked her to speak to him knowing She would shy away .

Placing her palm on his cheeks She lowers his head and places a deep long kiss on his forehead . He smiles and kisses her on her forehead .

He buries his head on the crook on her neck and places feathery kisses down her nape . She giggles as his stubble tickles her .

“What?” He chuckles asking

“This tickles ” She giggles saying holding his stubble .

He continues brushing it on her nape as She giggles loudly and tries to push him back . Tears sprung her eyes due to excessive laughter .

“Hus—band ” ,

“Stop please ” She begs .

He stops and raises his head to look into her eyes , They stare at each other with contentment in love . He smiles feeling her cupping his face and pulling him down to rest his forehead against hers . She lets her eyes drop just enjoying the moment with him .

“Gauri ” She hums

“Gauri How About I-” She opens her eyes seeing him pausing , She sucks in her breath until he completes .

“How about I-You- ”

“I—You?” She gulps her saliva , Yes they had been intimate but it was in the dark in the dim light She feels shy to be exposed infront of him in the morning rays of sun .

“I-You—” He raises her curiosity

“Sleep” ,

“Aah?” She asks shocked realizing what he had said and Seeing him laughing at her She hits on his chest for teasing her and chuckles .

“Aap bina ”

“What Did You Think Darling? ” He raises his brow , She blushes and bites her lower lip to put up a straight face .

He chuckles and places his head on her chest and hugs her tightly . She hugs him by his neck and runs her fingers through his locks .

Om groans against her heart hearing the phone ringing . She chuckles seeing him irritated . Whining He gets up from the bed and mutters curses for Ishu under his breath but Seeing the Caller ID He shakes his head “Urgh Both are same !” ,

“O Open the Damn Door How long I had been tapping this? Man I know You need some sleep after hhaa – ” Om could clearly get the teasing in his tone but He feels confused hearing Rudy saying he had been tapping the door since a hour .

“Rudy Don’t lie You were not –” He stops as Realization dawns upon him and visuals of them coming to penthouse comes past his eyes .

“What O? Were You So lost that You did not hear my voice reach – ”

Om hangs up the call not letting Rudy speak further and turns to look at Gauri worriedly . Shifting his gaze from Gauri to the clock . His eyes widens seeing it is 8.00 am .

“What happened?” She asks worriedly moving towards him

“We need to go soon !” He says and dashes into the washroom leaving her baffled .

Gauri wears her bangles and her earrings and turns around hearing the footsteps approaching her . He is Fresh after Shower with water dripping down from his wet hair , Gauri watches the drop of water trailing down his abs He is shirtless , She inhales sharply to stop her imaginations from going crazy wild as She sees the water dipping down across his waist band . She turns away as She feels herself getting flushed .

Om smirks seeing her checking out , He walks up to her and hugs her from behind , Om could feel her shiver as His cold bare chest presses onto her bare back courtesy She was wearing a backless netted blouse with a plain Dark Deepest shade of Red Designer Saree .

“Like What You See Baby?” ,

She twitches her lip to see him back to his self- obsessed state . She nudges her elbow on his abdomen and pushes him back ,

“Why?” He frowns

Gauri chuckles seeing him scrunching face , She takes a pinch of sindoor and tries to apply but stops feeling his hand on her wrist . She smiles and nods looking at the mirror seeing his reflection .

He turns her around to face him , She looks at him with a radiant smile and closes her eyes feeling the moment as He applies Sindoor on her parting .

His Fingers lingers around her cheeks as He tucks a strand behind her ear , She shivers feeling his gentle touch . With her cheeks hotly blushing She glances up to look into his captivating brown eyes . He leans down and rests his forehead upon hers . Gauri watches him breathlessly as His eyes studies her with intensity . His warm breath ghosts around her face as She shuts her eyes in anticipation . Gauri stifles a surprise gasp as his soft lips captures hers , causing her body to flush with heat . The heat travels through her veins , warming her . Just as Gauri feels a rush of euphoric bliss envelop her , making her heart sing with pure joy . Om draws away making her instantly miss the lovely heat curling up within her .

Om chuckles seeing her face falling , Gauri slaps him lightly on his cheeks seeing him laughing at her , Little giggle leaves her mouth as She kisses hardly on his cheeks .

“Let’s Go!” , Om says while dragging her out of the house .


“DCP Are You Sure We Have to use this route again?” Gauri asks sighing in frustration seeing him asking her to climb to their room through the Ladder

“If Not You mean We Go in From the Front Entrance and Surprise them” Om asks equally sighing frustrated in trying to convince her .

“Okay ” She says giving in making him a place a small kiss on her cheeks .

“My Girl ”

“My Husband !” Gauri saying faking her anger pushing him back

Gauri is the First one to climb as Om stays down to catch her in case She stumbles on her steps .

“Ri” Rudra shrieks

Hearing the voice Frighten Gauri ends up losing on her footing but this time no luck as Omkara Singh Oberoi Was lost in trying to come up with an excuse he did not see his wife falling .

“Ouch ” Gauri cries as Her back hits the ground .

Hearing the shrill cry Om turns to see her cry in pain Feeling guilty for putting her up on this situation He runs and takes her in his arms . She looks at him with tears in her eyes and slaps on his chest angrily .

“Sorry ” He whispers cutely , She glares at him pushing him away She gets on her feet dusting her saree .

That’s when She sees They got an audience who is the sole reason for her state .

“Ri what were you doing up in the Ladder?” Rudy asks suspiciously

Gauri Shots a glare at Rudra making his inside Shiver , Boy Her glare frightens the shit out of anyone ! ,

“Aaha Exercising ! ” She tells sarcastically stomping her foot with one last look at Omkara and Rudra She walks inside to the House .

“O” Rudra opens his mouth but closes seeing Om murderously glaring at him and following Gauri pleading her to forgive him .

“What Just Happened ?” Rudra mutters to himself and Decides Never ever get into talks of a Husband and Wife ! ,

He walks towards the Ladder and looks at it curiously , Gazing his eyes from Ladder to his body He checks himself

“I Have Put on Weight – ” He pauses as His lips curve as He eyes the ladder “This would help me put down ! ”


“Gauri ” He pleads cutely sitting beside her but She glares at him “What?” She barks .

“Smile woman !” He says hugging her from behind , Her lips curve but She is quick to put up the mask .

“Smile ” He says hardly kissing on his cheek making her chuckle as She tries to get out of his hold .

“Does it pain?” He asks taking her hand in his . She nods pouting

“Where?” ,

She shows her elbow which had scraped a bit , Om places a soft kiss there as he says “Now it will heal soon ”

“Where else?” She points at her back sucking on her breath

She inhales sharply as he places his hot lips on her back .

“Rii” Ishana shrieks tapping the door loudly .

Gauri stifles a laugh as he curses Ishu under his breath , withdrawing himself from Gauri reluctantly .

“Ishu Don’t You Have A Family Life?” Om asks her narrowing his brows , Ishu nods cheerfully

“Then Why the hell Woman , Hell Bent on Spoiling My Romance ” Om shouts at her making Ishu drop the flowers she had been carrying as She dashes out frighten for her life .

Gauri widens her eyes and turns Om around fuming in anger “What was that?” ,

Om sighs ,

“Don’t Be Rude!” Gauri says sternly but a chuckle leaves her lips seeing the way Ishu ran for her life .

Om who had been looking at her worriedly chuckles raking his palm on his face .He had scared Ishu !

“Go Apologize !” Gauri pushes him out of the room .


Ishu munches on her chips angrily

“Don’t hurt the poor chips ” Om tells sitting beside her in the kitchen , She glares at him instead

“Sorry ” He pleads cutely pulling his ears a small smile appears on her lips but She masks and puts up her long face .

“Smile Woman !” He mutters holding her arm

“Urgh Why God Me? How Can I deal with so many Drama Queens at the same time?” ,

“Drama Queen?” Om shuts his eyes hearing Gauri’s voice He had screwed up .

Ishu lets a silent chuckle “Yes Gauri He was talking non-stop how you had been troubling him and how he had to put up with you – ” Ishana continues blabbering making up , Making Omkara look at her baffled .

Gauri ties her hands around her chest angrily “So I trouble you?” ,

“No no Gauri –She is lying ” Om tells hurriedly

Ishana jumps in with her innocent face as She tells Gauri “Gauri You believe me right? I helped you too during the functions , Will I Lie?” She sheds crocodile tears making Gauri melt .

“Drama Queen” Om mutters under his breath , Gauri is the first to hear and She ends up assuming it was for her . Silently She gets hold of the Spatula.

Ishana bites her inner cheeks seeing spatula in Gauri’s hand as She sits with her ice-cream to enjoy the show . She laughs loudly seeing Gauri and Omkara playing run and catcher with the Spatula .


That Day Night , Gauri walks into the room to Find it’s Dark around . She lets out a moan Feeling his breath falling on her nape . She instantly turns around to look at him .

He carries her in his arms and places her on the middle of the bed . She turns giving her back to him shyly . She feels him turning her around . She shuts her eyes as He kisses down her nape . A blissful smile plays on her lips feeling his arms wrapping around her and pulling her close in her hug .

“Sleep” He whispers kissing on her forehead .

She looks up from the embrace . She had expected him to make a move .Seeing her questioning gaze,

He says cupping her face in his palms “You are tired !” , The never-ending rituals had indeed be tiring for her but She wanted him to make love to her .

“Hus-” She opens her mouth but He silences her placing his index finger on her lips .

“Sleep sweetheart ” He whispers placing a small kiss on her forehead .

She smiles as She says “But I am not sleepy ” ,

He runs his fingers through her scalp massaging her head “So What Do You want to do?” ,

“Let’s talk ” She tells excitedly sitting up

He follows suit and rests his back on the bed post and pulls her close to him and runs his fingers through her hair ,

“What Do You wanna talk about?”

“Tell me about Your Job ” Gauri replies

Om chuckles as He says “What to tell about My Job? Now that I am Promoted to DCP I will have more files and cases stacked up on the desk to look upon , Double Responsibilities !! , More Enemies ! ” ,

“You have enemies?” Gauri asks shocked

“Yes I have but now it would increase as I am not an Undercover cop , There would be more threats and stuff ” Om tells worriedly trying to gauge her reaction but She smiles assuring

“Don’t Worry none can shake me , You Got a Gundi Biwi !” She tells pompously making his eyes soften as He chuckles agreeing with her .

“Husband” She whispers fumbling with his shirt button

“Why?” He asks pressing his cheek upon her head .

“Is that the reason you wanted to live alone ?” ,

Om sighs as He says “Gauri I Do not want to impose problems on My Brother’s Life or Daadi’s or Maa’s They are leading a peaceful life after so long , I do not want it to break due to my job , Gauri My Job would call me at odd times , There would times I would get late to get back home I do not want them to fret over it ‘ ,

He pauses and says cupping her face in his palms “But My Biwi is Strong and Brave to overcome them although I would be guilty for making you worry ” ,

She shakes her head negatively “Don’t Be.. That’s My Right to Worry about You “,

“Gauri ”


“I Love You ” Gauri chuckles as She says “I have lost count how many times you had been repeating it !” ,

“Poor me I keep repeating but My Wife does not take out a minute to even reply ” He tells pouting .

“Aww My Baby I Love You too ” Gauri throws her arms around his neck as He chuckles seeing her act .

“Let’s sleep now?” Om proposes brushing his nose with hers .

“Remove this thing and then Let’s Sleep ” Gauri tells tugging at his shirt sleeve

Om giggles She will not Change and removes his shirt as She hugs him tightly and they cuddle to sleep .


Soon Gauri and Omkara Fall into their Daily routine after Three weeks of marriage . They are back in their place , as Expected Oberoi’s had vehemently refused to let them live alone , Omkara had convinced each of them who had let them go reluctantly after taking a promise that they would come over for the weekend . Divya Amma along with Randhir and Ridhimaa had returned to Chennai . Randhir and Ridhimaa had decided they would see each other for sometime before getting into marriage .

Life turned beautiful as each day they had a new reason to fall for each other more . They wrestled through the nights only to wake up the next morning sore and lazy to get to work . Gauri would be back home before Omkara , Opening the Door with a smile wearing off his tiredness . There were days where she would get home late to find him Waiting for her with open arms to kiss her and take her stress away .

There were Days where Om would return home late to find her working from home . Silently he would carry her by her waist from behind making her shriek and place her on bed caging her in between his legs and rests his head on her shoulder and sign her to continue her work . She would smile and place her palm on his cheek patting him to take some rest and continue her work and Later wake him up to have their Dinner .

If He finds her working in the kitchen , He would place a chaste kiss on her cheeks hugging her from behind and Leave her walking to their room to have a nap . If Gauri had been watching a serial He would stretch himself on the couch and place his head on her lap pushing his face further into a stomach while she would pat him to a nap .

Gauri smiles while cutting the vegetable thinking about her life , Three months since their remarriage , The only void she felt is She wasn’t pregnant yet , Each month She got monthly She felt depressed She craved for a Baby it was not that She had any problems but She wanted one soon as possible . She & He had a Harsh childhood both had gone through so many difficulties in life until they met each other . He Showed her what is love & what Is to be loved . She wants to give her child the childhood they were deprived off . Her Husband knew that She longed for it , If He sees her sulking He would pester and trail behind her until she would smile . He would hug her and whisper sweet nothings such as that The God is still on the process in creating their unique lovely baby and He would send His Little Girl to them Once it is Her time and We have to wait until the baby is ready to come to us .

Presently , Her thoughts halt Feeling his hand snaking through her bare waist courtesy She was wearing a Saree .

“What are You Doing Sweetheart?” She smiles and leans into his embrace

“Cooking ” ,

“I can see that ” Om rolls his eyes saying making her chuckle

“What do you want me to do?” She asks sighing

He turns her around and pulls her close “What were you thinking?’ ,

“Our Life ” She tells blissfully smiling as She turns back to stir the curry .

“Ahaan ” Om hugs her from behind and kisses on her cheeks

“Behave” She admonishes cutely but instead Om pesters kisses around her face making her chuckle and squirm under him .


It was an off Day for both of them , Laying tangled in each other’s arms after their long make-out session . Gauri pulls the sheets around her getting up making him pout at her

“Omkara this is the sixth !” She tells sighing

“So what?” He pulls her by her wrist as She falls over him . He places feathery down her nape as She moans into him and tries to push him back .

“I have no stamina husband ” She whispers slowly .

He smiles and steals a quick kiss before Carrying her in his arms walking towards to the washroom “You know your husband gives good massage ” He winks making her chuckle throwing her arms around his neck . Soon Moans could be heard in between the close door as two bodies move against each other in a perfect rhythm .

That Day Evening , Feeling bored Gauri decides to have a look at the Old albums while Om is busy on a call . Going through his childhood pictures She smiles caressing his face in each picture . Her eyes falls on a picture Which spots Omkara in short hair . She giggles to herself thanking all the stars for making him let grow his hair or He would have been looking like A Freaking teenager .

Her eyes Falls on a Picture of Her husband in his two years . He was in a bath tub naked grinning to the picture . Mischievousness spreads across her face as She takes the picture in hand and puts it on the frame chuckling to herself .

Om walks in finishing the call to see her laughing to herself . He leans towards the door frame seeing her happy . He could not have imagined His life without her . They had Fights where it would last for a whole day but yet on nights She would be the First to make up before He could . She would pull his cheeks and kiss him hardly on his cheeks making him smile and apologize cutely Where he would repeat the same making them chuckle loudly as they would cuddle to sleep.

He had gone to extreme in Fight Once , She had cooked for him happily for Dinner but He had got an urgent call to be present in the station . She had pleaded him to have his dinner and go but he had refused it but Gauri being stubborn had pulled him with her to have food . with continuous calls from the station he had lashed out at her and by mistakenly the food plate had ended up tumbling in the floor . Tears had welled up in her eyes where She had shouted at him to go marry his job and pushed him out of the house .

Once out of the Door He had understood how wrong he had been , All She had wanted was him to Fill his tummy and get back to work but With Frustration and Stress from his Work he had vented all on her . He had left home not consoling her due to continuous calls from the station . He had got back home around 3 am to Find her Sleeping on the couch with that tear stained face .his heart had shattered to see her in that state . He had waken her up only for her to maintain a long face . She had been hurt that day even then She had dragged him to have food . He had silently had his only to Find her falling on his arms dizzy . He had been extremely guilty to find her waiting for him with an empty stomach . He had fed her making her sit on his lap despite her struggling . That day night She had thrown him out of their room only for him to climb all the way through the pipeline to get to their room . He had hugged her from behind apologizing only to find wetness in his palms , He had turned her hurriedly to find her crying . She had sobbed onto his chest hitting him occasionally asking him not to be too mean . He had kissed her and promised her not to be rude calming her down . He had admonished himself for making her cry .

Presently , Looking at Her blissful glowing face He could not help but smile back , she had the smile which made his tiring days brighter .

“Gauri” He walks towards her

She laughs looking at him as She shows him the frame .

“Gauri ” He shrieks seeing his naked baby picture framed .

“Give it ” He shrieks running to her only for her to run out of the room before he could catch her . They dust around the whole house laughing and giggling . Each time She easily slips from his hold . She leans to the wall panting for breath Seeing him She tries to run but –

“You getting too much playful these days haan” Om tells Gauri smirking Catching her by her forearm and pinning her to the wall.

She pants For Breath as She Looks up at Him .Her hands behind her back tightly grasping the frame .

“Give it Gauri” He tells her trying to take the picture from her .

“No Go Get a Life’ She pushes him back catching him off guard sticking her tongue out she runs from the place.

“Gauri Give it” He shouts running behind her .

“Not Before I show everyone!” She shouts back chirpily .

“No Jaan ,Gauri Listen How about I get u golgappa’s in return?”

Gauri slips on the water which had been accidently dropped in the Floor . She shrieks but a pair of arms snakes though her waist but Om too ends up losing his footing making them fall on the nearby couch .

“Give it “He whispers huskily running his index Finger behind her back .
She bites her Lower lip to stop herself from moaning as His Fingers Circle around her belly button ,She shakes her head negatively as heat creeps through her skin due to her husband’s sweet torture .

“Anyone Could Walk in!” Gauri whispers breathlessly as His hands moves upward and closes around her bust .

“My House ,My Hall ,My Couch ,My Wife! So What would happen?”He asks her placing his lips near the corner of her mouth.

“Omkara Just Stop this !” She tells him in hoarse whisper.

“Not Before I Give My Punishment” He smirks Looking into her eyes . As His Other Hand closes around her other bosom making her squirm under him .

“Husband Please ” She whispers Feeling him pulling her blouse sleeve down . She bites her lip to stop herself from moaning out loudly as His hands slips down her waist band .

“Please ” She begs trying to calm her racing heart beat .

She stifles a surprised gasp as He captures her lips in a soul-searing kiss .

“Husband” She moans loudly as He presses his erection against hers .

“Please” She moans begging .

The Frame long forgotten as it slips down from her hands as He carries to their room . Once in He puts her on her Feet , Before the Door has even closed Omkara wraps his arms around her from behind . Gauri inhales his musky scent and turns around feeling intoxicated . His right hand drops to her thigh . He pulls her legs up locking it around his waist as He walks towards the bed . They tumble on the bed , His eyes searches hers . Gauri smiles as She pulls him by his collar and kisses him hardly . With her lips against his Gauri feels his mouth stretching wider than it should , Fighting between grinning and kissing .

Leaving her lips He hovers over , She unbuttons his shirt hurriedly as His hands pulls her Sareee. Once yet again they lose themselves in the pool of passion and love .


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