Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge RuMya SS (ShivIka as parallel lead)Part 8

Dilwale dulhania le jayenge(The Big-Hearted Will Take Away the Bride) Part 8

Rudra was chatting with Shivay.Suddenly he saw Soumya near them.He was very happy.They trio chatted and enjoyed a lot.

Suddenly Rudra realized that it was his imagination.
Rudra:Oh..always I am seeing Soumya everywhere.

The result of the exams came.Soumya topped her class while Rudra too passed the exam with quite good marks.All were very happy.
Avantika :Well done beta.You proved me wrong.I am proud of you now.
Harish:You surprised me beta.You can join our company soon.
Avantika:Shivay…you did a good job by teaching Rudy.
Shivay smiled.

Harish:I guess we should celebrate this happy news.Because Rudy scoring good marks is a wonder and we all celebrate wonders.
Anika:Sure daddyji…
Ahem:Rudy scoring good marks is a superb news.
Gopi:So celebration is a must.I will make sweets for you Rudy.

Shivay:Let’s make the arrangements.

Tej:Well done Somu.I knew that my Somu will score well.I am not at all surprised.As I am so happy I am giving you a gift.

Tej gave her gold bracelet.
Soumya hugged him:Thanks a lot papa.

Soumya who was in her room was gloomy.
Romi:What happened Somu di?You got a good result.Papa gave you a gift.Still you don’t look happy.

Jhanvi:I also noticed it.Tell the matter Somu..
Soumya looked at her emotionally:Maa…during the trip I met my dream boy.
Jhanvi and Romi were stunned.
Soumya:He confessed that he loves me.
They were shocked.
Jhanvi:What did you say?
Soumya shed tears:How can I betray papa?I did’nt say anything to him.But now I miss him very badly.

Jhanvi and Romi became very upset.Suddenly they saw Tej standing there shocked.
They got scared.
Tej:Somu…there is no guarantee that the person you met is actually genuine.H may be fraud who is pretending to be nice.He may be trapping girls.
Soumya:No papa.He is not that sort of a person.He had many occasions to trap me if he wanted.But he protected me and made me feel secure.
Tej:Sorry beta.I can’t trust anyone easily.And I am sure that my selection is the best for you.
Jhanvi:But Tej..,at least you can enquire about that guy before you conclude.
Tej:I don’t need it Jhanvi as I have full faith in my choice.Anyways tomorrow itself we are leaving for India.That’s decided.

Tej left the room.
Soumya burst into tears and hugged Jhanvi.Jhanvi caressed her emotionally.Romi felt upset and joined their hug.

All Oberois were enjoying the party.
But Rudra was not enjoying it at all.He was depressed thinking of Soumya.
Gopi stuffed sweets in his mouth.
Gopi:How is it Rudy?
Rudra:As usual very tasty Gopi aunty.
Gopi smiled.
Gopi:But you don’t look satisfied .
Rudra:Nothing like that Gopi aunty.
Shivay-Anika were busy clicking selfies.

Avantika:What is this Rudy?I thought you will be super excited about the result.But you are not affected by it in any way.Why?
Harish:I too noticed it Rudy.These days you are lost.
Ahem:Tell clearly what the matter is.
Gopi:Yes Rudy..say..
Shivay:Rudy..come on..tell..
Rudra became very emotional:I…I am …finally I am in love.
All were stunned excluding Shivay and Anika.
Rudra:You are right bhaiyya bhabhi.When we are in love we won’t even look at any other girl.We will feel like seeing the girl we love the whole life.

Shivay:We know that you are in love.Anika and I understood that much earlier.We just wanted to hear it from your mouth.Soumya.Right?
Rudra was surprised:You both understood it?
Shivay and Shivay smiled:Yes.
Harish:Rudy in love.I just don’t believe it.
Avantika:Who is that girl?
Shivay:She is Soumya.We had met her during the trip.
Anika:She is a nice girl mummiji.
Gopi:If Rudy is in true love it’s such a nice news.But why are you upset?
Ahem:Exactly.It’s a nice thing.Right?

Rudra burst into tears:But Soumya is going to marry her dad’s friend’s son.
All were shocked.
Harish:So it’s one side love..?
Avantika:She does’nt love you?

Rudra:She loves me.Though she did’nt say that I understood it from her eyes.But she is helpless as her dad has already arranged her marriage.I lost Soumya.I can never get her.I can’t even see her.
All were upset.
Harish:Don’t worry Rudy.Her dad’s mind will change if we go there with the marriage proposal.Tomorrow morning itself we all will go to her house.
Rudra was surprised:Really?
Avantika:You know where she stays?
Rudra:Yes.She had told me that during our casual talk.
Ahem:Then let’s not waste time.

The next morning itself Oberois went to Kapoor house.But no one opened the door.They enquired about them from the neighbours.
They:They have left for their home land for their eldest daughter’s wedding.
Rudra was shattered.All were upset.

They reached back home.Rudra was in tears.
Rudra:Everything is over.
All were feeling sad for Rudra.
Shivay:Rudy…do you know anything about Soumya’s fianc?His name..place?
Rudra:I just know his name.Prem Bharadwaj.

Shivay was stunned.
Shivay:Prem Bharadwaj?Oh my God!
Harish:Why?You know him?
Shivay:Ya.During my business meetings in India I had met him a couple of times and we became good friends too.
All were stunned.
Rudra:What bhaiyya?My biggest enemy Prem is your friend?
Shivay:Ya.Actually he had sent me invitation card.I read it too.But I did’nt notice that his bride is your Soumya.
Rudra:What’s your plan Shivay bhaiyya?Are you going to attend your friend’s wedding?
Shivay:Yes .Not only me,all of us will go for the wedding.
All were stunned.
Avantika:What are you saying Shivay?
Shivay:Yes.We are lucky that Soumya’s fianc Prem is my friend.Prem invited me to attend the wedding with my whole family.It’s a good opportunity for all of us to go there…meet them…stay with them.
Rudra:What will I do staying there attending Soumya’s wedding functions?I can’t watch Soumya getting married before my eyes.
Shivay:You fool!I am not asking you to sit and watch the wedding.Why don’t you use this opportunity to win Soumya’s dad’s heart?So that he himself will hand over Soumya to you.
Rudra’s face blossomed.
Everyone smiled.
Harish:It’s a superb idea.Let us also see our daughter in law.
Avantika:Yes.Let us all go there together and bring our daughter in law here.

Rudra:Yes ..thank you bhaiyya for this awesome idea.Ys,I have decoded that I will not let Soumya marry Prem.With her parents’ permission I will marry her.I am confident that I will be able to win Soumya’s strict dad’s heart.
Ahem:Good to see your spirit.
Gopi:I am sure that like you scored good marks in the exam, here too you will score well.

Shivay:Be cool man.
Anika:We all are there with you Rudy.Let us start packing.


The Kapoors reached India.
Ho koyal kuke hook uthaye
Yaadon ki bandook chalaye
Ho koyal kuke hook uthaye
Yaadon ki bandook chalaye
Baagon mein jhoolon ke mausam
Vaapas aaye re..
(Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re)

They got into a train to reach their home town.
They enjoyed the beautiful scenery of India from the train.But Soumya was lost in Rudra’s thoughts.She was gloomy.
O baagon mein jhoolon ke mausam
Vaapas aaye re..
(Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re) Ghar aaja.. pardesi.. tera.. des bulaaye re

Is gaanv ki anpadh mitti
Padh nahin sakti teri chitthi
Ye mitti tu aakar choome
Toh is dharti ka dil jhoome
Maane tere hain kuchh sapne
Par hum to hain tere apne
Bhoolne wale humko teri
Yaad sataaye re
(Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re) Ghar aaja pardesi.. tera.. des bulaaye re
Panghat pe aayi mutiya re
Chham chham paayal ki jhankarein
Kheton mein lehrai sarson
Kal parson mein beete barson
Aaj hi aaja gaata hansta
Tera rasta dekhe rasta
Arrey chhuk chhuk gaadi ki seeti aawaaz lagaye re
(Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re) Ghar aaja pardesi.. tera.. des bulaaye re

They reached Bharadwaj Mansion.They got welcomed by Bharadwaj family with a lamp.Rajender and Tej hugged each other.Prem’s mother Sujatha and Jhanvi hugged each other.Rajender and Sujata blessed Soumya when she touched their feet.Then came Nirmala Devi who is Rajender’s mother who is a motherly figure for Tej.Both became so emotional that they hugged each other.
Nirmala:I missed you a lot beta.
Tej:I also missed you a lot Mataji.Though in London,our hearts were also in India.
Nirmala smiled.
Jhanvi:How are you Mataji?

Nirmala:I am very much fine Jhanvi.But missed you a lot.

Soumya and Romi touched her feet.They got blessed by Nirmala.
Haathon mein pooja ki thaali.. (Hunmm..)
Aayi raat suhaagon vaali (Hunmm..)
O.. chaand ko dekhoon (Hunmm..)
Haath main jodoon (Hunmm..)
Karvachauth ka vrat mein todoon (Hunmm..)

A pretty girl came.She is Prem’s younger sister Bhavya.
Tej:Hey Bhavya…
Bhavya was very happy
Tej and Jhanvi hugged her.
Bhavya:Welcome you all..we are so happy to see you all.

Bhavya hugged Soumya and Romi.

Tere haath se peekar paani
Daasi se ban jaoon rani
Aaj ki raat jo maange koi wo pa jaaye re
(Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re) Ghar aaja pardesi.. tera.. des bulaaye re
O.. mann mitra..
O.. mann meeta
De.. tainu rab de..
Havaale.. keeta

Duniya ke dastoor hain kaise
Paagal dil majboor hain kaise
Ab kya sunna ab kya kehna
Tere mere beech hi rehna.. (Aa..)
Khatam hui ye aankh micholi
Kal jaayegi meri doli..
Meri doli meri arthi na ban jaaye re
(Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re
Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaaye re)
Koyal kuke hook uthaye
Yaadon ki bandook chalaye
Baagon mein jhoolon ke mausam
Vaapas aaye re
O.. mahire..
O.. chanve..
Be.. jindava
O.. sajna..(DDLJ).
Prem and his younger brother Sameer came.Seeing Tej and Jhanvi they went towards them and touched their feet.Tej and Jhanvi blessed them:God bless you both.
Prem and Soumya saw each other.They exchanged a fake pale smile with each other.


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