Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 43 (18+) : Wedding & Suhagraat

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Chapter 43 : The Wedding & Consummation

Warning : Contains Mature Contents in The Last Part (Skip Last Part if Uncomfortable )

Chapter 43


She chuckles to herself seeing a Figure trying to climb up from the balcony , As expected Her Husband is here early in the morning to Celebrate Their Haldi Function together . A mischievous smiles spreads across her face as She hides behind the balcony door .

Omkara walks in dressed in White kurta with haldi in his hands but His face falls not finding her around .

Gauri trails behind him as He walks forward , Feeling someone’s gaze Omkara turns around but Gauri is quick to hide behind him yet again . She bites her lip to stop herself from smiling widely seeing him sighing .

“Happy Haldi Husband” Gauri shrieks chirpily applying to his cheeks from behind .

“Ahaan So My Wife is in a mood to tease me ha?” Om asks turning around and tries to get hold of her wrist but She giggles and moves away quickly .

“Try me ” She challenges him seeing his hands full of haldi .

“Don’t Challenge me Biwi ” Om smirks

Gauri rolls her eyes in return and signs to catch her .

“Biwiji Do You know today is Our Wedding?” Om says trying to divert her mind while running around the bed trying to get hold of her but His Little Dwarf got small little legs which helps her to escape from his hold .

She laughs as She teases ” Ahaan Husband You cannot catch even Your little Wife How can You catch criminals husband ?” ,

“Ouch that hurts woman ” He tells feigning sadness

“Aww My Poor Husband ” She acts along standing at a fair distance .

But She did not notice that he had closed the distance between them , She tries to dash out but he is quick to catch her by her waist from behind .

“So Playfull Ahaan ?” He tickles her half biting his lip

“Hus-band—” She tries to talk in between her laughter

“Please” She begs him to stop as joyful tears sprung her eyes .

Om applies the haldi on her arms and Her face hurriedly , She widens her eyes realizing He had applied it . She pulls him by his collar and brushes her cheeks onto his transferring the haldi while giggling as His stubble tickles her . He brushes his cheeks once twice and thrice making her giggle loudly .

She bites her lower lip and pushes her husband away and gets out of his hold as She runs to the washroom as expected Om follows her only to get drenched by bucket full of haldi water.

He shuts his eyes and he rakes his palms across his face . Gauri laughs seeing him . Om glares at her but his expressions softens .

Splash !

Gauri gapes finding herself drenched in haldi water from head to toe . It was Omkara’s chance to laugh at her . Gauri glares at him and throws another bucket over him . Soon they were on a match of throwing water at each other .

Om holds her wrist and pulls her close , She leaves the hold on the bucket as it falls on the floor . Om places his hands on her waist as She smiles into him as He caresses her cheeks with his knuckles . They share a deep passionate eye-lock and chuckle looking at each other before hugging each other closely seeing the way They were behaving too childish . It was as if it was Holi than Haldi .

“I”ll See You as My Bride Tonight and Biwi –” He stops as He forces her to look up at him

“You’d Be Mine and I’d Be Yours Tonight !” Om whispers huskily in her ears . She blushes and buries her face on his chest and nods against his heart agreeing with him .

They walk out of the washroom , That’s when Their eyes falls on each other , Their eyes widens seeing theirselves .

“I can’t go down like this ” Gauri whispers worriedly seeing her drenched from head to toe in haldi .

“Even I cannot ” Om replies back

“It is also because – ” Gauri starts ranting but is cut short as Om cups her mouth .

“Uff Woman You talk too much ” , She glares at him and pushes his palm away and turns around .

He lets out a laugh and hugs her from behind trying to cool his angry biwi “Why Fear When Your Husband is here?” He places a chaste kiss on her cheeks .

“Now What Am I suppose to do ? ” She puffs out in anger .

He smiles against her temple and says while walking out to the balcony to get back to his room “Check in Your closest ” ,

Gauri tries to call him but he is already gone , Curiously She walks to the closest , No longer angry as a small smile forms seeing a Yellow Shalwar with a note .

I knew it would happened So You know *Winks*

Taking out her phone She messages him “My Smart Officer 😘 ” .

Putting her phone away She hums to the tunes of a melody , Showering yet once again She dresses up in the dress Her husband had brought for her .

She knew this would happen , The suspicious glances from The Oberoi Ladies at her dress made her anxious and She could not even come up with an excuse as When Ishana and Ridhimaa had walked up to her room they had seen the haldi stains everywhere around the room . They had gaped and asked her not so innocently Why She & Omkara could not wait for few hours to – . Gauri had shrieked seeing their assumptions and told what had happened making them look at her Girl-It’s-Your Haldi Fuction Not Holi-You know Right Look ! .

“Gauri I clearly remember getting a choli for you ” Jhanvi says eying her shalwar from head to toe .

“That-Maaji-That ” Gauri stammers but Ishu jumps in saving her friend

“I spilled the juice on it by mistake Maa” , Gauri heaves a smile of relief as Jhanvi seems to buy Ishu’s answer .

“Thank you” Gauri whispers to Ishu while Ishana is applying her haldi

“Haha You Owe Me Darling ” Ishu winks .

Soon the Haldi Function comes to an end with Omkara’s Haldi happening on the back garden of the Mansion While Gauri’s was inside the mansion .


The Yellow Ball of Fire Changes to hues of orange , and then almost tangerine , It merges with the sky . The clouds were cotton candy as though they blushed at the warm touch of the sun . The Silhouettes of birds flew across home across the sky while down on Earth , A pleasant breezes passes through rustling the surrounding scrubs and as the trees sway in the Back Garden of the Oberoi Mansion .

The Sun moves away allowing the Moon to take the place , but Tonight The Moon is in a mood to play peak-a-boo ,weaving in and out of the ribbons that were studding across the sky.

The Classical Folk drums beats starts playing cheering the guest to put up on their dance moves . Laughter’s and Smiles erupts on Every nook and corner of The Oberoi Mansion as The Elders Does Bhangra Dance while the Little ones following suit giggling .

Fairy lights lit up in each corners of the mansion in festive colors and in the Middle of the Garden a Mandap decorated beautifully with The holy fire burning up waiting to see the union of Two souls.

Omkara walks up to the Mandap dressed In His Royal Sherwani with His Long Mane Falling a Few inches below his neck and a White turban draped around his head . All eyes turned to the entrance as the Drums beat stops to Start yet again with The entry of Bride . Omkara breath hitches as He sees her walking towards him with her head held high with a beautiful glow itched on her face , She Looks Gorgeous with the Red Lehenga that She had adorned with her Face beautiful painted adding a special glow to hers and matching jewelries to go with and with her Veil put on.


Om smiles as he gets on his feet and stretches his hands , She gives him in a full smile before slipping her little palm into his and as He leads her to the Mandap .

Pal ek pal mein hi tham sa gaya
Tu haath mein haath jo de gaya
Chalun main jahaan jaaye tu
Daayein main tere, baayein tu
Hoon rut main, hawayein tu

The garlands are given to the groom and the bride to exchange . Om lifts his hands to put it on her but Stops as Gauri gasps and lets out an excitement chuckle as She finds herself carried by Randhir and Shivaay who challenge Omkara to put it on her .

Om sighs unable too as Each time He would try Randhir and Shivaay would pull her back . The crowd cheers up in excitement . Omkara grins widely as Abhishek and Rudra carries him . Gauri smirks at Om challenging him . After Many Failed attempts Om’s succeeds in making her wear the garland.

Abhishek and Rudra pull Omkara back not letting Gauri to put on the Garland on Omkara . Rudra and Abhi egg Omkara not to lower his head and Gauri has to try harder . Gauri’s face falls as She sighs unable to put it on him . Om looks at her intently seeing her smile waving Om lowers his head bending his head infront of her despite The teasings and hooting given by Rudra and Abhishek calling Him ‘Biwi Ka Gulaam (Wife’s slave)’

Hansu main jab gaaye tu
Roun main murjhaaye tu
Bheegun main barsaaye tu

Her eyes shines in admiration and love for Her Man as She makes him wear the garland . Without thinking twice cupping his face in her one palm She places a chaste kiss on his cheeks overwhelmed with happiness making the crowd hoot and cheer . She blushes as She is put on her feet . While Om rubs the spot where she had kissed with a small smile .

Saaya mera hai teri shakal
Haal hai aisa kuch aajkal
Subah main hoon tu dhoop hai
Main aaina hoon tu roop hai
Yeh tera saath khoob hai

The Bride and Groom are made to sit around the scared fire and are told to follow the rituals while the pandit mumbles the mantra’s .

Gauri’s eyes brims in tears as Randhir and Along With Shivaay move forward to do the Kandyan . They warn Omkara to protect and not let a tear fall from their Little Sister’s eyes . Om nods assuring with a small smile . The Elders Look on serene smile playing on their lips seeing their children loving each other as their own except for Tej who was just present for the sake of the media .

Tu ishq ke saare rang de gaya
Phir kheench ke apne sang le gaya
Kahin pe kho jaaye jo
Jahaan ruk jaaye pal
Kabhi naa phir aaye kal

Gauri’s and Omkara’s duppata’s are tied at the end in a knot as they stand up for the Mangal Phere (Seven Vows) , Omkara holds her pinky finger in his and Looks up at her as her lips curves up in a smile and dimples peeks through her rosy cheeks . Gauri takes the first three rounds and moves behind Omkara as He takes the Last Four rounds Vowing to each other in the seven rounds as The scared Fire witness the holy union of two souls .

Ek maange agar sau khwaab doon
Tu rahe khush, main aabad hoon
Tu sabse juda juda sa hai
Tu apni tarah tarah sa hai
Mujhe lagta nahi hai tu doosra

They are made to sit again as The Priest announces that Omkara can now apply sindoor . Taking a pinch of sindoor Om looks at Gauri with love , Ishana moves Gauri’s mang tika so that Om could apply easily .

Gauri’s eyes wells up in happy tears as She closes her eyes in ecstasy as He applies The sindoor on the parting of her forehead . Gauri and Omkara are instantly transported to their Marriage back then Where He had claimed Her as His For the First time .

A tear slides down From the Corner of her eyes , Om wipes it with his thumb and signs her to smile . She gives him a contagious smile as her orbs glow in love for him .

Pal ek pal mein hi tham sa gaya
Tu haath mein haath jo de gaya
Chalun main jahaan jaaye tu
Daayein main tere, baayein tu
Hoon rut main, hawayein tu

Omkara ties The Manglasutra around her neck and places a chaste kiss on her cheeks and whispers in her ears ,

“Mrs.Omkara Singh Oberoi “

She stares at him lovingly as he returns the gaze . Gauri bursts out in sobs as She throws her arms around his neck making him fall on his as She hugs him tightly and sobs into his chest overwhelmed by happiness and love . Om chuckles and hugs her back tighter . They two embrace each other not caring about the people who are surrounded around them .

Hansu main jab gaaye tu
Roun main murjhaaye tu
Bheegun main barsaaye tu
Saathiya… ho… mm…

“Ahemm ” Ishana Fakes coughs alerting the couple , Embarrassed Gauri breaks the hug while everyone chuckle looking at them .

Not bothering about anyone , Omkara cups her face in his palms and pinches her chin lightly forcing her to look into his eyes .

“Why?” He signs to her

She smiles through her tears and shakes her head negatively as He wipes her tears using his thumb and places a Long deep kiss on her forehead .

The Devil coughs again making Omkara groan in irritation .

“Any Death Wish Ishu?” He whispers angrily as they stand on their feet .Ishana chuckles in reply hearing him .

Gauri and Omkara walk up towards the Daadi and Divya Amma to seek blessing who hug them and shower their blessings with happy tears brimming in their eyes .Gauri pulls Omkara towards Tej who was standing beside Jhanvi , Hesitantly Omkara follows her but He gets surprised to See Tej blessing both of them . He smiles sadly knowing it is just a show put up for the Media The So-Called Happy Family .

Gauri angles her head slightly to look at Husband after taking blessings from Jhanvi and Tej . She squeezes his hand knowing the inner turmoil he might be going through , He looks at her and gives a smile squeezing her palm back saying all is fine .


It Would Be a Lie If She said She wasn’t anxious and nervous . She Looks around Their Room which is decorated beautifully with Jasmine flowers draped around their bed with rose petals spread across in a Heart Shape and Scented Candles lit up around giving a pleasant romantic ambience . They Had Been together before Shared intimate moments yet She could not stop her pounding heart which was beating rapidly .

She chuckles to herself as her thoughts drift to the night before , She had tossed for hours without any sleep , without him by her side she could not sleep but Today She is all jittery .

Omkara walks towards his room only to be blocked by Ishana , Ridhimaa and Anika who bribe him to let him in . They giggle seeing him giving them more than they had asked for , After Few minutes of bickering They let him in seeing how impatient He looks .

Gauri’s heart beat quickens as She sees the Door opening ever so slowly . Her toes curl up as He takes his seat beside her on the bed .

He smiles looking at her . Lifting Her veil He looks into her Doe-shaped eyes filled with love.

Taking her Little palm in his He holds it tightly as He asks her “Are You Happy Jaan?” ,

Her eyes wells up as She throws her arms around his neck as She says while choking “Never Been Happier Than This in My Lifetime .. Thank You Husband ” ,

Om pulls her back from the embrace “Stop Thanking Me Darling , It is You Who came to My Life Filling it with vibrant colors , You gave me a reason to smile idiotically despite the struggles I have been going through in My Life ” ,

“You Took My Pain Away and Healed Me With Your love Husband ” Gauri continues as He smiles brushing his nose .

“No more Emo Talks ” He says kissing her eyelids softly .

She nods smiling blissfully

“Gauri –” He whispers huskily

She blushes and nods giving her consent knowing exactly what he wants to ask .


“Hit me with a Chappal !” Gauri snorts throwing her hands up in frustration as She continues to herself “Never ever Nod without letting him complete !”

“Gauri it’s getting late “

“So You want me to climb all the way down this Ladder ?” She shouts

Omkara shows his index finger placing it on his lips asking her to tone down or someone might hear .

Gauri sighs seeing him giving his best innocent puppy face .

Praying to all gods not to make her end up on a hospital bed on her First night . She climbs down the ladder . She stumbles on her Lehenga skirt She shrieks and shuts her eyes tightly as She loses her footing . She waits for her back to touch the ground breaking her hips but Omkara is quick to catch her in his arms .

“Why Fear When Your Husband is Here?” He tells proudly

She slaps on his chest hardly as She fumes in anger “I might have made headlines tomorrow !” , Omkara chuckles but presses his lips on a thin line seeing her glare directed towards him .


Her eyes glistens in excitement and Love seeing Him carrying her to their pent house . She smiles and locks her hands around his neck and buries her head on the crook of his neck letting him to take her wherever He wants . He smiles and presses his cheek on top of her head .

Her jaws hung down as her eyes widens seeing Their Room decorated with Flowers and Scented candles lit up .

“I Want To Start Our Life Here ” He whispers lovingly kissing her temple .

She lowers her gaze shyly and nods against the crook of his neck . He chuckles and kisses on top of her head seeing her all shy .

Om could Feel her shiver when his hands grazes her skin while removing the jewelries . Once out of her Jewelries’ and Duppata removed . Om looks at Her who was sitting on the middle of The Bed with Only in Her Red Lehenga . Feeling her hands clenching the sides of the sheets before even he could touch ,

Om gently takes one of her palm removing it from the sheet and says while kissing her knuckles “You Looked Gorgeous ! “

She smiles and opens her eyes to look at him .

“Shall I tell You a Secret?” , Gauri nods curiously

“Even I Feel nervous ” He lets out a nervous chuckle ,

“Gauri ” He continues cupping her face in his palms

“I Do not Know How You Would Feel But Trust Me Gauri I Feel pride that You Would Be The Only One I Belong to and I would Have ever making love too ! “

She smiles through her tears hearing him “Make Me Yours Husband ” She whispers closing her eyes .


He hovers over her crushing her partially with his weight . He kisses on her eyelids one by one slowly , Dragging his lips across her cheeks He places a chaste kiss on her right cheek and with the back of his palm he caresses her cheek . He runs his thumb over her lower lip She inhales sharply and turns sideways to find him already ogling at her with love .

She meets his lips halfway kissing him . The start of the soft touch sends a strong feeling of warmth spiraling through her system. Her eyes drops letting him take the charge . His lips feels so gentle so warm , She slides her hands onto his chest unbuttoning his Sherwani without breaking of the kiss . He smiles into the kiss as Her hand  roams across his bare chest before encircling around his neck as The Kiss begins to grow heavy .

Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De

Mera Na Dooja Koi

Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De

Mera Na Dooja Koi

Omkara’s hands slides down from her face and runs down across her arms lengths , She shivers feeling his touch . He tightens his arms around her bare waist . He continues kissing her hungrily wanting more . Gauri feels herself being pushed against more into the mattress as He hovers over her pressing her body against hers . The kiss goes on , Their lips moving in a perfect sync and the kiss becomes more passionate each passing second .

Sant Aur Peer Hue Sab Rab Ke

Sant Aur Peer Hue Sab Rab Ke

Their lips part and clasp onto one another once again adding more pressure . Om’s hands slides to her back as His fingers undoes her strings swiftly . Gauri pulls him by his collar as Their Kiss grows more greedy , Her mouth locking tighter . The heat flowing throughout her body begins to grow as She feels his hands closing over her bosom over the clothing . She moans into the kiss as his other hand pulls her straps down letting it loosely hang over her shoulders .

Main Toh Teri Hoyi

Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De

Mera Na Dooja Koi

Om removes his lips from hers gasping for breath . She opens her eyes slowly as She sucks in the cool air . Om looks at her tenderly as He rests his forehead upon hers . She tightens her arms around his neck . Her breaths get slow .

In a mere whisper She says lovingly “I Love You Husband !” ,

Omkara’s breath gets slow as He emits the same words “I Love You Biwi !” .

Mujhe Bas Yaar Yaar Ek Baar Baar

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Mere Yaar Yaar Se Mila De

Their Lips capture once more before letting it go . He places his lips on her jawbone and kissing down her nape . She tilts her head giving more access . His lips so gentle and warm on her skin , He takes it slow savoring each and every taste of her skin .

He takes out the pins letting her hairs cascade down freely . She buries her head on the crook of his neck . He kisses along the other side of her neck , She clenches His sherwani tightly fisting it as He nips on her collarbone , She hisses lightly in pain and pleasure at the same time , He soothes the place with his tongue making her arch her head as He kisses his way up her slender neck .

Mujhe Bas Yaar Yaar Ek Baar Baar

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Mere Yaar Yaar Se Mila De

Leaving the hold on her Om moves away , Feeling the loss of warmth She opens her eyes to see him sitting up on the bed . Her lips curve up in a blush as He removes his sherwani . He lowers his face to hers . She tilts her head up to meet his lips . Placing his hands on her waist He draws her closer deepening the kiss . As they part His eyes sparkles and lips curve up into a smile which She could not help but smile back .

He buries his head on the crook of her neck . Taking his index finger he runs it slowly across her neck . She sucks in her breath and arch’s her body up .

Holding the strap in his palm He pulls it down . She shuts her eyes tightly Feeling her blouse slipping off her body . His eyes widens Finding her wearing nothing underneath . Feeling shy under his intense gaze She turns around giving her back to him . She inhales sharply and bites her lower lip feeling his hot lips on her bare back . He runs his full palm across her bare back making her squirm under him . Softly he turns her around . She pulls the duvet up covering herself from his piercing gaze .

Main Jahaan Jahaan Gaya Wahaan Basar Fizool Thha

Bas Ek Teri Unhi Nigaahon Ko Hamesha Dhoondhta

Mere Raat Ki Subah, Mere Dard Ki Dawaa

Na Zameen Na Aasmaan, Ho Humaare Darmiyaan…

A gentle flush of pink arises in her cheeks that makes her look vulnerable. He slides himself in and pulls her close hovering over her . He kisses her temple . Her eyes drops as She holds the sheets tightly fisting it Feeling his lips on her mounds . He rubs his nose along her cleavage making her moan out loudly .

She gasps and flushes as He takes her hardened peak in his mouth while his other hand gently kneads the other . She throws her head back in pleasure as they wrestle in between the sheets . His lips leaves her mound as He takes the other mound in his mouth while his hand slides down circling around her navel .

“Hus-band” She lets out a moan . She squirms under him as His lips and hands assault her around her belly button . He moves his head up and kisses gently on her lips . She stares into his eyes in passion .

Looking at her reaction He slides his hand down to the waist band of her skirt . Feeling his hand on her waist band She shivers as her muscles tense up She closes her eyes tightly knowing What is to come . She knew it would hurt her immensely . Feeling her shivering Om hugs her tightly

“Shhh” He soothes her and runs his fingers through her hairs .

She buries herself on his chest hugs him tightly try to calm her racing beat . He knew She was scared and He knew at the same time the pain is inevitable for the first time . She was naked upwards , Her naked body pressed onto his bare chest was arousing him but He knew He had to take it slow , His desires can wait until She willingly gives herself to him .

Mujhko Wajood De Ya Koi Naam De

Mujhko Wajood De Ya Koi Naam De

Mere Haq Main Tujh Mein Khoyi

Mere Haq Main Tujh Mein Khoyi

“Gauri ” He softly calls her out , He Feels her tightening her arms around him .

“Do You Want Me to Stop?—We Could Do When You are ready ” He whispers softly .

She looks up from the embrace as She stares at him lovingly . Her eyes wells up .

Seeing tears in her eyes Om cups her face worriedly “What happened Jaan? Did I – ” he is cut short as She places her finger on his lips .

How could He be so considerate? She had seen his eyes darkening with desire and love for her Yet He is willingly to pause until She is ready . How could She be lucky to get A Husband Like him? Her thoughts halt as She Feels him forcing her to look up .

“What?” He asks lovingly . She smiles and shakes her head negatively .

She whispers in a bed-room voice reserved Only for him “Make me Yours Husband ” ,

Om looks at her unsure “Gauri-It would –We can wait until – ” ,

She leans onto his palm which is placed upon her cheek “I Trust You ” ,

She bites her lower lip to stop herself from moaning loudly as She feels her skirt sliding down.His hands moves down to her feminine delicacy as She lets out a moan. Om kisses his ways down as She clenches the sheets tightly .

Moving up He kisses on her lips . Every kiss with raw intensity – breathing faster as the heart rates increases . Tears stung as She shuts her eyes tightly feeling His Fingers enter her . Om kisses on her eyelids slowly sucking her tears . She bites her lower lip Feeling the intensity of the pain but After sometime she lets out a moan as waves of pleasure hits her . Before She knew She feels him positioning himself as He enters her . She lets out a cry before She moans out as pain replaces pleasure . Their skin moves softly together like the finest of silk . Their tongues entwined in a kiss and Then She feels her breath changing with every thrust . She writhes and squirms under him as His lips and hands does magic to her body .

He falls on her crushing her with his weight as they reach their climax . Moving his head up He looks at her a rosy tinge adorns her cheeks as She shuts her eyes blushing . He kisses on her temple tenderly making her look at him tenderly .

Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De

Mera Na Dooja Koi

Tere Jaisa Mujhko Bana De

Mera Na Dooja Koi

“I Feel Complete ” She whispers shyly placing her palm on his cheek leaning her head onto his .

“Feelings are mutual ” He says softly kissing on her forehead .

Knowing that She would Find it uncomfortable to sleep with nothing on , Om gets down from the bed making her shriek as She pulls the sheets up her face .

“There is nothing that You did not see !” He teases as he wears his pants .

“Gauri” He tries to pull the sheet down her face but She holds it tightly

“I am decent ” He says and chuckles seeing her peeking through the sheets and sighing .

“Wear this ” He hands over his shirt

“Cover Your eyes ” She says blushing

“You know there is nothing I did not see tonight ” , Her blushes deepens as She says a please .

He closes his eyes until She wears the shirt “You can open ” She tells in a mere whisper .

Om smiles and slides under the duvet , She hesitates to move closer to him feeling shy . Om stretches his hand lovingly and blinks his eyes . She rolls on to him and places her head on his naked chest as He hugs her tightly .

Mujhe Bas Yaar Yaar Ek Baar Baar

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Mere Yaar Yaar Se Mila De

“It was Beautiful ” Gauri hears Om whispers as She buries herself more into his chest obstructing his view on her . He kisses on top of her head as They cuddle to each sleep with a blissful serene smile playing on their lips .

Mujhe Bas Yaar Yaar Ek Baar Baar

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Rab Tu Hai Toh Dila De

Mere Yaar Yaar Se Mila De


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