Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Flirting out with his little mini firecracker had been a natural task but Here with the these three girls . Omkara could not find it so easy . Ridhimaa who knew about his skills could only laugh at him inwardly . His cheeks hurt with the fake smile he had putting up since a hour .

Why Does his firecracker can’t be on time?, Just when he thinks his phone pings with a message from Randhir . If the Smile he put up was fake the Full smile he gave the girls who sat in front of him was more than genuine after reading the message. Omkara Looks at the Girls in front of him who are oblivious to what is gonna happen . He smirks at them making them give Him their rarest smiles .

He countdowns silently “3..2..1” , But his eyes widens as a Spatula hits straight on his head making His pride go down in a minute as the girls laugh seeing him . He gives a nervous smile and turns around to meet his Firecracker who is shooting glares at him through her eyes .

Ridhimaa presses her lip in a thin line trying to stifle her laugh knowing how possessive Om and Gauri are for each other . Despite that She had agreed with Om with this thing .

Spatula? Like Seriously Gauri didn’t you get any damn thing to carry? Om glares at her at her back trying to equally match with the fierce gaze his firecracker had on her face But nothing could match her intensity of anger .

Seeing the girls ogling at her Husband Made Gauri want to strangle her Husband , No not the girls when Her Husband is at fault here . Yes She said him to remarry but It was just in an emotional moment it jumped out . But Does that mean Her husband will take this as a chance to free from her? If He thinks so? , No way , He is hers and trapped for life and There is no way He can escape from her chains .

Each step she took forward Om’s insides shivered and the smile he had to put up to have the façade He isn’t scared of anyone was the worst . True If anything Could Scare the IPS Officer is a glare from his Wife . Marching towards his table angrily Gauri sits with the four .

Om gives her a full smile which is returned with a deadly glare which meant danger . Looking at the Girls in front of her Gauri gives them a smile which sent chills down their spine . Ridhimaa who already was aware about Gauri and Her possessiveness could only shake her head knowing what is to come . She needs popcorn right now to enjoy the show which is gonna happen .

“So Husband?” , If yesterday Omkara had been hurt that She didn’t Call him Husband Now He could only shiver hearing the tone She used to call him . By God’s Grace Save me ! He whispers to himself letting out a nervous smile .

Gauri narrows her brow asking him silently through her eyes to shut that toothy grin up before She breaks it to pieces maybe by her hammer? She pats herself mentally for her idea . Om could only pray out loudly for all the gods out there that he doesn’t get beaten up by his wife .

“So Ladies Can I know your purpose of visit here?” Gauri asks them taking a sip of water from the glass .

Ridhimaa shifts her gaze from Gauri to Omkara silently shaking her head and with a curt nod She starts speaking ” We Are Here For A Re-marriage purpose !” ,

Trying her best to smile despite the slight ache in her heart Gauri tightens the hold on the glass ,”Ohh Is it So ? For Whom?” Gauri asks her challenging Ridhimaa to go ahead .

Ridhimaa knew it was just a matter of time that those water would be on her head flowing either ways if She gives Gauri an answer but despite that She goes ahead and answers .

“For Who else other than the Handsome Hunk here?” Ridhimaa says flirting ,

“Ahh” Om lets out a cry while Gauri gives him an innocent smile . She had just stamped her 3 inch kitten heel on his foot .

“Husband what happened?” Gauri asks blinking her eyes too innocently making Om glare at her .

“Husband?” The gasps from the two girls makes Gauri turn her gaze to the two girls .

“Is there any problem?” Gauri asks too sweetly .

“No” The girls reply with fallen face.

“Girls come on yaar Cheer up , You guys might have a chance ” Om tells flirting with a wink . He knew This going to end up as a disaster but Isn’t it a sin to break a girl’s heart? .

Splash !

Om wipes his face as water pours down either ways . Before He could open his eyes fully he sees the Spatula landing straight on his head again . If this wasn’t enough? He runs for his life as His Firecracker runs behind Him with A Rolling pin .

“Gauri , Jaan How about we discuss this at home?” Om shouts panting for breath still running around the chairs and tables circling it .

The People in the restaurant leave their spoons on the plate and the glasses on the table trying to entertain their selves , Come on It is Not Like Always you get to see a Lady running behind a Man with a rolling pin right?.

“Jaan ? My Foot You Idiot of a husband!” She yells out loudly running between the tables and chairs to catch him .

.Which angered Gauri the most was despite her trying to get his life . Her Husband is still in between running and fighting for his life . He did not forget to give his infamous smirk to the girls make them still ogle and swoon over his manly gestures .

Unable to get him in her hold She throws the rolling pin at him which in time Omkara ducks but but ..it gets knocked to a Man straight at his head who was walking with a woman in hand . He was not so strong to face the blow that he ends up falling flat on his butt . The Woman who happen to walk with him sstomps her foot pissed and walks out leaving the poor man who pleads behind her crawling and gets hold of her leg . but she gives him a kick on his abdomen leaving him whining out in pain.

Om makes sounds feeling pity for the man . Omkara bends down to his level glancing from the corner of his eyes at His firecracker who had stopped due to the shock .

“Kya main kabhi tumahri biwi aur tumahre beech aaya? (Have I ever come in between you and your wife? )” That man asks Omkara in a calm yet threatening voice

Om confused shakes his head negatively .

“nhn na…Fer kyun tum aur tumahri kiwi meri jaan ke saath khel rahe ho? befkoof insaan…meri jaise shaqal ke adagi ko ek ladki mushkil se milti (‘Then Why the hell is you and your Wife playing with my life? You Stupid fools . It takes a man a time to hardly get a girlfriend that too with my face!”)” He shouts angrily making Om stumble back but Om is lucky to balance his head from knocking the ground by placing both his arms either sides .

“It took one whole year to gather courage to ask her out finally after asking her She made me run around her like for another whole year . After some faking and suicide attempts . She gave in reluctantly and asked me to impress her in seven days ” He tells his story sadly as Om shakes his head feeling sorry looking at the man .

“Oh come on bhai saab , My story is somewhat similar but My girl did not know I am behind her ” Om tells sitting beside that man .

” Okay bhai saab then what happened? ” Omkara asks that man more intrigued to know

“What happened? You asking me , It was the First day , First Outing and Your Wife Spoiled it by throwing the rolling pin at me !” He puffs out in anger

Gauri gives him a nervous smile while Omkara scrunches his nose pity the man .

“Main uska jaana bardaash kar sakta hoon par yeh kaise bardaash karun ki jo insaan apni biwi se pit-ta hai wo mujhpe daya kar raha hai? (I could even bear with the fact that She left me but not with the fact that A Man who is getting beaten up by his wife is pitying over me!)”

Gauri’s lips hooks up in a not so good smile as She kneels down beside that man .

“Oh Boy how about if I tell I would like to be your girlfriend?” ,

The sullen lips turn upward while the pitying lips of Omkara fall downwards .

“Oh Girl , My Love You Look beautiful more than her , How about a dinner tonight?” That man asks Gauri in an over-sugar coated voice .

“Aww you are so sweet !” Gauri says blushing pulling his cheeks .

“How dare you call my wife your Love? You B**d!” Omkara shouts at him ,

Gauri shots a glare at him and points her finger at Omkara and says haughtily ” You Cannot Scare away my Boyfriend , Am I right My Black bear?” Gauri asks that man in a sweet voice turning her gaze from Omkara .

“Yes my sweetie , She is my Girlfriend!” That man says Omkara puffing out in anger taking hold of Gauri’s palm in his .

“Take your Hands off my wife!” Omkara shouts at him making that Man’s insides shiver , Trying his best to put up his mask of I-Am-Not-Frightened He asks Omkara ” If Not?”

“If Not? , ” Om smirks at him Gauri bites her bottom lip trying to stifle her laugh . Tables have turned husband .

“Omkara why don’t you just go over to the three who are waiting for you? Giving some “Us” Time ?” Gauri asks sweetly making the man beside her to go cloud nine .

“Take your hands off her!” Omkara roars in pure possessiveness making that Man flinch but he does not let go off that hold .

“Tum pagal ho?” That man asks Om

“Your Wife likes me now so go and enjoy your life man !” He advices Omkara and stands on his feet pulling Gauri up with him . Om stretches his foot front .

“Baby what’s your name?” Gauri asks him too sweetly for Omkara’s liking making him from at her.

“My Name is Jonny Lever ” He says with a proud smirk .

“Aww Johns I love it !” Gauri tells patting on his cheeks .

Omkara unable to take it pulls that Man by making him stumble over Omkara’s foot . He falls flat on his head as He cries out in pain calling out to his mama .

Leaning down Om whispers in his ears ” Never Dare to even eye my wife!” .

“When Did I?” He murmurs in pain but Om does not hear on the pretext of getting on his feet Om ends up stamping on Jonny’s hand .Another yelp and a cry leaves from his mouth .

Gauri who had enough from her Husband Shots another deadly gather and walks to the table where the three girls were standing stuttering in fear . Gauri grabs her purse and turns around to get bump into her husband .

“What was that?” Om asks her angrily

“What was that Omkara? Wasn’t it the same what you were doing before I came?” She asks him back .

“It was different!” Om tells her

“What is different ?” Gauri asks her back .

“Gauri ..I ..here” He stammers .

Unable to hold back another Gauri bursts out crying “Why did you do this Husband?” She asks punching on his chest .

A Chuckle escapes his lips seeing her try to beat him with her tiny palms . He holds both her palms in his one hand . She hits him more seeing him laughing at her .

“Stop harassing your husband Woman !” Om tells her pulling her closing to him .

She chuckles through hear tears hearing him . He leans his forehead against hers as She looks at him with tears in her eyes . He shakes his head against her making her chuckle at him against his forehead .

“How Can I get free from my Little Firecracker?” Om asks her scrunching his nose . She pushes him away but instead he pulls her to him again and hugs her close to him .

“What Do you think that If you say so I will do every damn thing? ” Om asks her smirking looking down at her to see her glaring at him .

“No..I.. mean I will do everything but not leaving you !” , He tells quickly not to gear up his Little Firecracker .

A tear slides down from the corner of her eyes as She throws her arms around his neck making him stumble a few steps backwards as He lets out a joyful laugh .

“My Husband!” She kisses hard on his cheeks

“Only Yours!” He answers back kissing her on her cheek

“Only Mine!” She shouts chirpily hugging him by placing her chin on his shoulder as He hugs her back tightly .

The audience who were enjoying put their hands up for applause . Jonny cries out loudly seeing them .

“Why me?” He cries looking at them .

Gauri and Omkara break apart hearing the claps blushing and embarrassed at the same time .Gauri lowers her gaze down .

“Mr.Oberio Are u marrying her again?” One of the girls who had come with Ridhimaa asks Om dreaded .

“Why?” Om asks them holding Gauri by her waist . For the rest out there it would look like a romantic gesture but For Om it was trying to calm his angry tigress to stop pouncing her on that girl . In other words Omkara is saving a girl’s life .

“She Looks no more than a dreaded Horror Ghost , How could you even live with her?” She asks oblivious to the possessive woman .

“What Do you mean by that? , Even if I am a ghost I would haunt him for life and You are not getting a chance with him , You –” Gauri shouts at her but is cut off as Om cups her mouth to stop her from screeching more . He and His woman would be the talk of the town .

Om carries her from behind as Gauri’s shouts come in a muffled voice due to the palm which is acting as an obstacle .

“Girls will discuss tomorrow , Now I have to go!” Om tells quickly and carries her from behind . He leaves the hold on her once in the car .

“What was that? The nerve of you to meet them tomorrow too?” Gauri yells at him

Om scrunches his nose and laughs at her ” They are The marriage organizers , Gauri , Ridhimaa is a fashion designer , I called them to talk about Marriage !” Om tells not knowing he is igniting more fire . She flares her nose .

“You marrying again?” She asks angrily

“Yes ” Om tells quietly enjoying his wife’s jealousy

“You Moron , Go marry any girl but remember you will come back to me running none can bear you like I do !” She tells angrily as hot tears well up .

Om chuckles as He pulls her closer ” Why Marry another one then?” ,

Gauri looks at him clueless . She opens her mouth to speak but her words die as He yanks her to him and covers her mouth in a hungry kiss . As their lips crushed together , It felt for Gauri as if she was walking on air . It was magic , the way his lips connected with hers. His mouth so warm , the caress of his lips softer than She could have imagines , She opens her mouth to let out a low moan to be grasped by him again into a kiss.


If he had thought kissing the lungs out his angry tigress would make her melt , No it didn’t actually to be honest it did but Omkara could not keep his mouth shut that in flow when She had asked about the pictures he had send . He had told dreamily that they got the finest curves and indirectly She had understood he meant that She is too short and too skinny .

Instead of waiting for him She walks straight inside the house to Find Randhir and Shivaay Look at her and Shift their gaze to Omkara who is walking right behind her like .

Randhir walks up to Gauri and was about to ask her for forgiveness but is surprised to hear her ask him

“Bhaiya’s !” She shouts at both Randhir and Shivaay . Shivaay too walks up to Gauri hearing her .

“Do you guys love me or this idiot more?” She asks pointing at Her and Omkara .

Seeing her angrily glaring at Omkara , Shivaay and Randhir were quick to answer .

“of course it is my Little Sister !” , Om shots a glare at both of them seeing them siding with her .

“Bhaiya My pyaari Bhaiya ..Don’t you love me?” Omkara shows his puppy eyes at Shivaay .

“Bhaiya from when?” Shivaay asks raising his brow . Omkara never called him bhaiya unless he needed something .

“Bhaiya You love me naah? Can you do something for your little sister?” Gauri shows her puppy eyes making them melt and nod .


“You b**d!” Omkara shouts at Randhir who is tying his hands to the bed post and SHivaay who is tying the other hands .

Randhir and Shivaay laugh at him, ” What did you do that made get so furious? ” Randhir asks Omkara .

“I just riled her up sending some girls pictures ” Om answers causally making their jawas drop .

“Serves you right Omkara !” They twitch their lips and shakes their heads negatively disappointment .

Gauri walks in to the room and mumbles a thank you , taking this as a cue both Shivaay and Randhir leave the place as Gauri closes the door locking it .

Gauri sits beside him in the bed “Gauri jaan how about we talk carefreely?” Omkara suggesting with a goofy grin .

Instead She glares at him and proceeds to remove his shirt .

“What—are—u –doing?” Om stutters feeling jinxed as her finger tips grazes lightly on his chest making him shiver .

“You are shivering?” She tells surprised

“I..am ..not ..” He stammers again as She runs her hands along his chest up and down . She lays beside him and rests her head on his chest . Her fingertips teasing his skin .

“I hurt you , Didn’t I husband?’ She asks sadly . He smiles trying to free his hands from the duppata which is tied to the bed post .Yes Duppata , His wife felt to pity on him that She decided to tied him with a duppata .

“To be honest it hurt Gauri .. You know how much I love you then You suggesting something like that made me go mad ” ,

“I Love you husband . Thank you for holding onto me despite everything ” She tells kissing on his cheeks .

“Show some love biwi , maybe by removing them ” he winks but She shakes her head negatively

“That is your punishment , How Dare you eye other girls!” She admonishes him slapping on his arms .

“Why would I when I got a beautiful s*xy wifey !” He winks as heat creeps up her cheeks .

“Shut up!” She tells blushing and resumes to her earlier position placing her head on his chest . He sighs he just wants to hug her damn this duppata’s . He tries hard to get out of the hold .


“How about I show you that ?” Om whispers in her ears , She looks up at him intently to know what he is speaking feeling his hands on her bare waist . She lets out another gasp as He pins her to the bed and hovers over her .

“Hus..band..” She lets out a moan as His hands moves upward and he buries his face in the crook of her neck and leaves delicate kisses down her jaw .

“Never Even think of even leaving me ! ” Om whipers in her ears as His takes her earlobe in between his teeth.

She humms letting out a moan as He nibbles on her earlobes .

His hands push the pallu aside away . She gasps feeling her pallu moving .

“Time to show my biwi !” He whispers huskily making heat creep through her skin . He dips his head down near her chest trails down kisses down her cleavage . She moans into him feeling different sensations in her body . Feeling his hands caressing her mounds over the clothing She moans again as his hands replaces his lips kissing around her chest over clothing.

“Om..ka..ra ” She moans loudly Feeling tingles and heat seeping through her skin feeling his hands and lips everywhere around her body .

He moves upwards and places a kiss on the corner of her lips . She looks at him and blushes and hugs him hiding her face on his chest . He chuckles and hugs her back tightly dropping his entire weight on her .

“Should I Show more?” He asks her . She instead tightens her hold around him and pulls him close as they cuddle to a nap .

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