Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 23

Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date……

Author’s Note : I haven’t replied to previous episode opinions posted..Sorry for doing so..will reply all of you by the end of the day. 

‘’What happened to this Om and what break down in the past was he talking about and why did he leave so suddenly ?’’ Gauri thought to herself and closed the door to resume her work as she didn’t feel like eating.

‘’Gauriii’’ Anika called

‘’Dii…you stay there I am coming’’ Guair ran to Anika’s room while speaking

Anika sat on the bed holding her head.

‘’Dii..are you alright? Why are you holding your head like this? shall I shall I call the doctor ?’’

‘’No Gauri..i..i am fine..it’s just that I had a bad dream and woke up. Sorry I am troubling you a lot’’ Anika spoke

‘’Dii…please…don’t say sorry. It’s my duty isn’t it?’’

‘’Gauri, I feel I am related to you, I feel you are my real sister…and you know what dream I saw?’’

Gauri looked on

’Someone was holding a knife with blood  and a person was lying on the floor about to die and I was beside that almost dying person and crying. ‘’

‘’Whaat?’’Gauri exclaimed

‘’Yes Gauri…I was small, somewhere around 8 years girl and what surprised me more was, I was wearing that Locket which Shivaay brought. The injured person handed over me a piece of paper, when the person holding the knife walked away from us saying he will be back in sometime. I didn’t know where to hide the paper and so I opened the locket and placed it inside the locket carefully. Then someone hit on my head ..seeing this I woke up being scared and called you’’ Anika concluded

‘’Dii relax…It is a bad dream, that’s it…just forget it and take rest. May be because you slept thinking about that locket , so you saw such a dream. Don’t think much ‘’ Gauri tried to persuade

‘’you are right Gauri. But for me to forget this is not so easy. I need to indulge in some work to make myself normal. So I am planning to get back to my work’’

‘’No..Dii..you need to take rest for some more days, Did you forget what doctor said during last check up’’

‘’I know Gauri, but do you really like me to see getting disturbed with such dreams very now and then or would you like me to see getting relaxed doing my work.. and kaha mein poora din kaam karoongi keh rahi hoon…’’

‘’I don’t know what to say, but I will let your decision be known to Shivaay sir, because he has strictly warned me to take care of you and not be lenient’’

‘’No need to say. He will always say opposite to what I say. So let it be.’’

‘’Dii..no this time not..he is our boss, so we need to intimate him. if he agrees , I will not have any problem’’


‘’Dii…please,,,would you not listen to your sister..’’ Gauri made puppy eyes

‘’You know how to convince me right…now don’t be melodramatic and inform him’’

Gauri smiled and hugged her sister

‘’I will inform him , but have your lunch first..after talking to you, I am also feeling hungry’’

‘’Why? Did something happen?’’

Gauri reminisced the conversation of Om and then turned towards Anika and said ‘’No..nothing…just I was not feeling hungry then’’

‘’okk..let’s have lunch then’’ Anika patted Gauri and both left towards the dining table.

———–Sometime Later

———Shivaay’s Cabin

Om knocked the door and Shivaay asked him to get in.

‘’Om…you know , you need to knock the door and come in…then why do you repeat this’’

‘’habit…what to do’’

‘’Fine…you and your habits…ok tell me , is there anything important ?’’

‘’yes Shivaay, Gauri is on the call and she wants to talk to you about Anika’’

‘’About Anika’’ Shivaay straightened up his position and took the mobile from Om’s hand being a bit tensed and praying everything should be alright with her

‘’Hello Gauri’’

‘’Shivaay sir’’

‘’Is she alright? I mean , she if fine right? Do I need to come there to check up on her ? ‘’

‘’Sir relax. She is perfectly fine’’

Shivaay took a sigh of relief while Gauri continued

‘’Sir, I called to let you know that Anika didi wants to resume her office work, so that she gets peace of mind and not stay disturbed. I couldn’t convince her to rest, as you know how stubborn she is’’ when Gauri was saying this Anika was giving angry glares to Gauri , while Gauri smiled

‘’Who can know about her better than me Gauri’’ he spoke at once


‘’Nothing…is she beside you?’’

‘’yes sir’’

‘’Give the call to her and let me handle’’

‘’Ok’’ Gauri handed over the phone to Anika and Anika made faces while taking the mobile

‘’Hello…tell me Shivaay what are your conditions’’

Shivaay got shocked

‘’How do you know, I am going to put conditions’’

‘’I know you and your ways prettu well. Who will know you better than me’’ she too spoke without thinking

A smile creeped on Shivaay’s lips , while Anika bit her tongue being embarrassed

‘’Well then when you know me, listen…I will allow you to work, but you must come to office and work. I cannot take a chance and in office , since you will be in front of me, keeping an eye on you will be easy. ‘’

‘’what..i know why you kept this condition’’

‘’then tell me too’’

‘’because I said I will work from home few days back, you are saying this right?’’

‘’you definitely know me pretty well STU…Anika. Fine agree for the condition then you are welcome to work, else I will ..’’

‘’haan you will what terminate me’’

‘’Naah…I will continue to extend your sick leave. And you will be staying back in home for I don’t know how long’’

Listening to their one sided conversation Om and Gauri couldn’t control their laughs

‘’You know what Shivaay, you are really Khadoos…Khadoos singh Oberoi’’ she stomped her feet, while Shivaay supressed his smile

‘’whatever you think. Just tell me you agree or you don’t?’’

‘’I will..as I have no option left. But trust me , you will regret’’ she spoke being irritated

‘’we will see’’

‘’yes we will see’’ Anika gave the mobile to Gauri

‘’Shivaay Sir’’

‘’Gauri for today let her work from home, from tomorrow come back to office, I mean you both’’ he winked at Om and Om felt happy knowing Gauri would be with him in office

Gauri also jumped in her heart thinking she will be back to office working along with Om

‘’Thank you sir. Will do as you say’’

‘’Thank you Gauri for being a true sister to her. She is lucky to have you in her life as I am lucky to have Rudra, Om and Prinku in my life. ‘’ He smiled and ended the call

—————–Somewhere on the highway, in the car

‘’Rudra…Duffer’’ Sumo screamed

Rudra didn’t listen as he had his earplugs in and was driving the car..Irritated she shrugged him, he brought out his earplugs and

‘’I will lose the control over the car if you shake me like this fatso’’

‘’very funny…you are such a duffer, idipot, stupid and and’’

‘’cut it and tell me why are you scolding me’’

‘’You really donno?’’

‘’no..wy would I ask if I know’’

‘’it was better that I left in the bus, atleats I would’t have got bored so much’’ she turned her face towards the window irritated

Rudra smiled and entwined his right hand with her left, which made a shiver ran down her spine, she quickly turned and looked at him and then at their entwined hands

‘’I understood, you are hungry right?’’

She hit her head and pulled her left hand from his

‘’I said I am getting bored not hungry’’

‘’I mean as far as I know you, you get bored when there is nothing to eat in your hands. Right’’ he brought his one eyebrow up

‘’shut up duffer else I will kill you’’ she scremed and turned her face towards the window

‘’ok fine ..sorry..now I got it…you want to listen to music..you can say that straight’’ he turned on the music

Sumo TAM ‘’he can speak some rubbish right, when will he understand. He is real duffer’’

Some Nice song started playing and he was humming, she too joined singing along

———————————That day evening, Anika’s house

Shivaay and Om ringed the bell

Sahil opened the door and welcomed them

‘’Someone is so full of manners here that he welcomed in’’ Shivaay indirectly taunted making Anika make faces

‘’Anika ..i need to talk something personally to you.’’

Gauri , Om and Sahil ‘’OOOOOOOOO’’

Shivaay and Anika looked at them , while Anika said ‘’ok, in my room ‘’

‘’After You’’ shivaay replied

———Anika’s room

‘’Hmm..tell me, what is so important that you couldn’t wait till tomorrow?’’

‘’I finally found someone to share my matters with as you asked me in the morning to do’’

‘’Whaat?’’ Anika stood in shock and surprise

‘’why are you shocked?’’

‘’I mean today morning I said and by evening you chose the person also’’ she was somehow getting angry

‘’Yeah..you asked me and I did, what’s there to get shocked’’

‘’I mean so fast. By the way He or she?’’

‘’She …obviously…’’

‘’I knew…I knew …’’ she was getting more angry while Shivaay was controlling his laugh

‘’Who is she? I …I mean what is her name’’

‘’hey ..she is my fr..i mean she is ..’’ he couldn’t understand how to refer her

‘’what she is she is..say something ahead also’’

‘’why should I say you…’’

‘’then why did you come here…’’

‘’to say that I agreed your words’’

‘’you did na..now go..i don’t want to talk to you’’ she pouted angrily

‘’but why are you getting angry?’’

‘’I donno ..i am angry that’s it and irritated also..and feel like breaking something..no actually feel like ‘’ she picked up the water jug and splashed at him at once and continued ‘’Feel like doing this to you again and again..now just go’’

‘’What the wuck.. you made me wet. I mean like seriously?’’

‘’yes…if you stay here na ..aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….just go’’ she screamed and turned back bringing her hands to her chest and murmured ‘’found someone so fast …huhhhh..tomorrow I will ask him to marry someone , will he do that too’’

‘’By the way I heard what you said now’’

‘’good…I don’t care’’

‘’If I like her and if she likes me, I will marry her ‘’

‘’haan go..go..marry her…who is stopping you…in a day, she has become so important that you forgot everyone else’’

‘’come on Anika..don’t be so jealous’’

‘’jealous my foot..why will I be jealous’’

‘’You are jealous..that’s shoing up clearly on your face’’

‘’If you say again that I am jealous…I will…I will just ‘’

‘’you will just what?’’ he came close to her

‘’I will just…wait let me think’’

‘’hmm think but soon’’ he further took steps towards her while she was trying to find right words, not observing that he was coming really close to her

‘’I will make you eat Aloo poori everyday and make you fat..yeah..i will do this’’

By the time she completed her sentence , she found him just inches away from her and her breathe hitched..he leaned further though not touching her by any means and came towards her ears

‘’I will eat Aloo poori everyday, and will not mind getting fat, if you ask me to do so’’ he whispered in her ears

She closed her fists and her eyes as his breathe touched her nape making her go crazy for few seconds….Shivaay looked at her and smiled and left from there making no noise , she still stood closing her eyes and fists

Om and Gauri didn’t speak much , but Sahil, Om and Gauri enjoyed some fun moments while Shivaay came out being wet

‘’Shivaay bhayya…did Anika didi throw water on you?’’

‘’yeah..how do you know Sahil?’’

‘’that’s because I am also a victim of her such deeds… poor you, she didn’t even spare you’’ he laughed

‘’She is a rare species isn’t it’’

Sahil called Shivaay near him , Shivaay sat on his knees  when Sahil said

‘’don’t say this to her, because she might throw you in a pool of mud water next time or probably in a tub of cow dung ..trust me, I am saying this out of experience’’

‘’Whatt…chee…ewww..did she do this with you’’

‘’no, I am victim of drinking water till now or tap water to the maximum,  but I have seen her pushing  someother guys into…’’

‘’I ..i got it…no need to complete’’ Shivaay wiped his face again and again

Om and Gauri were into splits while Shivaay and Sahil were feeling sad for being the victims’

‘’Ho gaya tera Sahil’’ Anika came from her room

Shivaay looked at her, but Anika couldn’t dare to see him as she was still in the effect of his previous act

‘’Gauri…ask Shivaay to leave..i am angry..’’

‘’Didi..they came here for us and moreover they are our guests’’

‘’Haan tho Guests hi haina rishtedaar thodi na hain…and by the way you are my sister, so in my team..don’t flip ‘’


‘’Gauri..it’s okay..I don’t mind and anyways I was about to leave..i spoke whatever I had to…’’ Shivaay Stopped Gauri from saying anything else

‘’Sorry Sir..’’

‘’Gauri ..i said it’s okay…so don’t apologise’’

‘’Om you stay back’’ Anika asked

‘’but Anika, you asked us to leave’’

‘’I asked only him to leave, not you….so you stay here..let him leave’’

Om was about to say something when

‘’Om, you stay back, anyways I have someother work , I need to meet someone special, so I will not be joining with you to OM..’’ Shivaay spoke wantedly to further more irritate Anika and left from there smiling

Anika TAM ‘’What does he think of himself. I agree I said him to find someone to share his matters with, but can’t he see I am also there and he can share with me. Why will he share with me, he has this long ego…if he shares with me his height would be lessened right. Wait a min, how does it bother me and why am I getting bothered…but how can he do so …let him do, I will also not care’’

Om sahil and Gauri looked at Anika being confused while Anika was disturbed seeing Shivaay leave.

Precap :

Shivaay ‘’It is you whom I wanted to share every detail of my life with , will you listen and be my someone special with whom I can move on’’ Anika looked at Shivaay being surprised , while Shivaay looked at Anika and spoke ‘’Will you?’’…Anika smiled happily

To know more stay tuned !!!

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    1. VHM

      Hi Sweety…thank you so much dear..thanks a lot…Bhavya will not be there in this ff , atleast as of now i am sure about this..if in future she arrives then i promise it will be as a cameo, but RuMya will be the pair… hope you would feel relaxed after knowing this…next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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      Hey Nati…welcome back…how have you been? It’s so good seeing you here…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot….i am glad you are liking the way the story is progressing …that means a lot to me…next episode is posted…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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