Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 19

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So Here Goes Chapter 19


“Om” Gauri Squeals happily as she shouts his name when she enters the mansion with a smile ..”Gauri Gauri ” Stop Anika Holds Gauri Pulling her back “What’s hurry Gauri ” Anika asks with a smile since the time Gauri Ishana had brought Gauri Home she had started to love Gauri as her own sister …”Gauri we are also here ” Anika tells teasingly while Gauri’s eyes are around the mansion searching for him “Babhi Ri has gone blind Since the time Om married her…She cannot see us only her Nandhi “…Rudra teases playfully as he places his hands on Ri’s Shoulder ..”Shutup Rudy bhaiya” Gauri tells blushing ..”And Rudy Bhaiya Only I can calling him Nandhi” She says shyly while Rudy raises his brows showing Anika “Dekho Anika Babhi ..”…”My Ri is changed ” he pouts while Gauri tries to leave sneakily from the place ..She tries to move forward but is again pulled back by Anika “What’s so hurry ?..Care to explain “…

“Bhojai please Let me meet Om”..She begs them ..”Oh my poor child ..we let you go …as the highness seems to be missing her Romeo ..” Rudy teases her and nevertheless they let her go …Anika sighs “I am happy for them Rudy …”She tells him with a heartwarming smile “Babhi Ri is like a ray of light   in Om’s life ..I Have Been noticing him Since the Last four years Babhi Since the time Gauri came into existence he had become a happy person .. I have caught him laughing alone ..talking alone …” Rudy starts to tell her happy for his brother ..”Love makes people go mad ” he tells with chuckle making Anika laugh ..”Really Rudy ..I wish My SSO is also like Om…But My fate he likes to be romancing his phone and Khanna ..”Anika tells with a fake sadness and pouts making Rudy burst out laughing .

“Om ” she shouts as she enters the room and hugs him  happily …that’s when she notices he is shirtless her cheeks pressed to his naked torso…Gauri looks up at him in a passion filled gaze to see him returning the gaze …as if in a daze Gauri runs up her hands along his torso turning him on ..He held’s her shoulders and pins her to the nearby wall and leans down kissing her passionately while her hands runs up his torso to his neck and locks behind pulling him more closer …He Turns her around as her cheek pressing to the wall as he pulls the strings of the Kurti and starts kissing her neck “Om” she moans breaking his stupor he frantically moves backward …running his hands through his hair he leaves taking his clothes to the changing room …

Gauri stood shock when she realized what has happened between them ..a blush crept up her cheeks as she stood rooted to the place..She liked when he had touched her ..She wanted to go along with her husband ..yah husband..She had Accepted Om as her husband ..She was ready to take their relationship to the next level but She sighs seems like he is not ready ..She takes her dress to change in the Guest Room as Seems like her Sweet Husband is planning to Sleep in the changing room …

She returns to her room to see him sitting with his laptop ..She smiles at him when he returns it with a small smile ..Is He Shy? Gauri could not help but wonder ..”Om” She calls him softly ..”Gauri ” he starts saying ..”Om why Did you stop ?” Gauri asks softly having her head bend down …He looks up to see her …He gently calls her “Gauri ..Come..” he pats the place next to him in the couch ..”Om can we go to the terrace ?”She asks him softly…He smiles at her as he took hold of her hand and they move to the terrace …”Woow See the Moon Om it is a Full moon ..” She sequels squeezing his hands ..he shakes his head smiling ..they take there sit on the bench …Gauri leans on his shoulder as he wraps his arms around her protectively “Why?” she asks softly referring to her earlier question ..”I want it to be special …I do not want us to do that in the heat of passion carried away “…”Hmmm ” Gauri musses “You will Give me Two Kids Someday right ?”She asks him instead making Om’s eyes wide surprised “Gauri I did not mean we are going to go on like this …” he tells her teasingly and then adds “I can’t keep my hands to myself biwi you might have discovered the fact on the very first day of our marriage “..She smacks on his chest blushing “Behave “making him laugh out loud .

“Om I never thought my Nandhi could be a such a sweet darling ” Gauri tells him teasingly “You were so rude  when I woke up in the car remember “…”Hmm Gauri ..I am sorry ..” he tells her guilty ..”Why?” Gauri looks up at him as he tightens his hold around her “The Moment I placed sindoor on your head I understood without you I will not be able to live ..and when you started yelling that I have no right to touch you ..I do not know how my possessive nature kicked in and turned me into an angry man that’s why I held your arms tightly hurting you …”…”Hmm So My husband is Guilty …” She grins at him “So give me something .. From yesterday I am asking you but you cheated by..” she turns red “What Did I Do Biwi ?” He nudges her teasing …”I can’t remember ” she tells him and tries to move away with a smile …”So Biwi can you remember what we were trying to do today ?…She hides her face in his chest shyly …”I don’t mind even doing it now if you open your mouth “…”What? Shameless ” She hits him on his arms ..

“What do you want jaan ?” he asks her as he cups her face “Om can I sleep in your lap?” she asks like a child while he kisses her forehead “Do you need to ask jaan?” …come he places his head on his lap and strokes her hair “Om I got the contract ” she tells him excitedly as he keeps combing her hair …”Om you know this was my first presentation and the first contract given to me …you know how happy I am to get the contract .. and you know what I am the head of the project …”..Om looks at her with a smile the twinkle in her eyes her actions the way she stretches out her hands ..He will go mad one day because of her “…”Om .” she shakes him ..”I was talking so much and you did not hear a word” she frowns …”My Chirrayai I heard “…She again starts talking how she had presented and how they were impressed by her work she suddenly stops “Om…” She calls in whisper..”hmmm”…”Aren’t you angry with me ?” she asks curiously as he raises his brow with a look WHY-

“Even the Oberoi Company was presented to quote for the contract ” she tells him ..”So?” …”So? Om ..Bade Bhaiya and Mr.Oberoi was there Om during my presentation when I got the project Bade Bhaiya ofcourse congratulated me but Mr.Oberoi?..” ..”What Did he do?” Om asks frowning …He pulled me to aside without anyone noticing and accused me that I have trapped you into giving me the information of the proposal ..and he accused me that being an Oberoi Bahu How i did not backout or help knowing even they were quoting for the contract”…Om gives her a proud smile “Jaan Do you know how happy I am ?”…”Why Om?” She expected him to be shocked or angry but he ..”Because My Biwi has Done something which no one could do for the past years …Defeating Shivaay is not easy Gauri in business ..but my Chirrayai has done it ” he kisses her forehead lovingly …as She looks at him proudly She thought that he was put her aside and choose his brother and would ask her why she did not give up? But he ..Day by Day the love she has for this man is increasing …”You gave it back to Mr.Oberoi Gauri?..”…aah “her chain of thoughts broke hearing him “how?” she asks him meekly ..”A Sadak Chap …As he called you that day winning over a project he had laid his eyes on is enough Gauri”He tells her with utter disgust…”Thank you Husband “…”Lately you have been thanking me so much Gauri ..” He teases her while she smiles ..She leans up and kisses his cheeks and resumes her position in his lap …

Seeing her dozed off ..Om talks to her knowing that she will not be listening “Gauri Since the time you entered my Life it has turned out to be beautiful …The Dreams We had weaved together …he sighs ..I hope it  doesn’t  disappear as I open my eyes …I would give more than two kids …of course I need a chirpy bubbly mischievous Little Ri just like you ..Only if you believe me no matter what in the end “…He places a kiss on her forehead …”No matter what Decision you take at the end I would be accept it with open arms even if it ends in pain”…

Dreams Weaved together ..The Heart Shatters as The Eye Opens…Just Like the Broken Pieces of Glass it could not be put together…The Life Full of Miseries ..When the Reason turns out to be…?…The Pain Envelopes in a way that there is no escape… 




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      I am working on another ss of rikara “a cindrella tale” once i finished it will start working on this

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    It is nice lovely dear

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