Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ajay holds his head, Shreya says in heart is he trying to recall last night. Sanjana says what happened? He says my head is heavy. She says come inside. Ajay says i dont know i am trying to recall last night. Sanjana says don’t pressure yourself. Why were you following that car? Ajay says i dont know. Sanjana says leave it. We will think about it when the function ends. He says i just remember that there was someone in the car i wanted to catch. Shreya smiles and says to shaina ajay doesn’t remember anything. Shaina says just see what happens next. Shreya calls ajju and says be careful next time. Next three days are mehndi, sangeet and shadi. And we have to send ajay, sanjana and mishri jail in these days. Ajay says see how i ruin this wedding.
Ajay took my sanjana from me. I wont leave any of them.

Everyone is busy decorating for the mehndi. Elaichi, sanjana and vinati are working in the kitchen. Shreya comes there. She says it will not be mehndi’s colors, it will of blood. Elaichi says vinati bring the mehndi here. Dadi says be quick. Vinati places the mehndi there. Shreya pretends like she collides with Vinati, the mehndi is about to fall. Mishri says in heart is it because of my past.
Vinati takes shreya to her room. Elaichi is worried she prays for mishri. Sanjana says everything will be fine don’t worry. Sanjana says we are all with her. Elaichi says i am not worried when you are here.

Mehndi starts, women are singing. Dadi suggests them songs. Bhushan and amar welcome the guests. Kirlok says ajay order some more collars. Mishri comes downstairs. Sanjana says she looks so good. Sanjana says he will be so crazy after your mehndi that he wont ever leave your hand. Sanjana and vinati choose the mehndi designs. Mishri says i will put on whatever you like. Sanjana says what if he doesn’t like it? We will says that it was your idea. uppal says mishri i will shift in your room after you leave. She says where will i live when i come back to india? I will lock my room. He says i will shift in your room, its easy to break in locks. Ajay says you will fight with anoj the same way? She says no he doesn’t tease me like this. Sanjana says stop teasing her both of you. Sanjana says love increase after wedding. Vinati says now go both of you. Mishri gets a text. Sanjana says its from anoj i guess. Mishri is scared. Vinati says give me the phone i will check if for you and you put on the mehndi. Mishri says no. Anju calls mishri. He asks how are you? She says i will call you at night. He says okay. Mishri is worried. She says why should someone else pay for what i have done. Ajju clambers in the house.
Shaina says to sanjana you should put on mehndi too. Dadi says yes sanjana come here. Sanjana says there is too much work. Dadi says no come here and put it on. Shaina says write a letter, like a for ajay. Anyone can be ajay, i am not talk about your ajay sanjana.

Precap-Wedding is on going. Cops come in and says mishri you are under arrest, you have murdered ajju. Sanjana says i have murdered him. Let her marry. Sanjanaa sees ajju and says you are alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. this is so stupid…why hasnt anyone from the family gone to the morgue to see the body or finding out from the police about the body. This is just blo*dy stupid…this story needs a new life. Shreya being the antagonist is getting old.

  2. Shreya is a b****..I hate her…send her to hell,with all the damn evil she is doing she deserves to b the devil’s right hand slave…writers make tht witch suffer terribly plz.I hate her damn face..she acting but damn I doubt I would even like her in reality.. Cz to act such a role,you must b capable of tht in reality.take every las thing from her…and as for aju,he’s too young & naive…

  3. Please this show is best but don’t drag
    Evil part so much, and why bhushan is so dumb?

  4. I agree withdevi Singh how can they not find body and how police blame without seeing dead body

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