Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Chander Ek Thi Sudha 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Chandar keeps the photo in his pocket as the pooja was ending. Sudha turns to call Chandar downstairs where they light candles. They go upstairs hand in hand with each other. Chandar thinks about Mr. Shukla’s opinion about Kailash. He remembers one of his teacher had told him not to forget about the ones who owed them with something, never forget to respect others and give love, in the end success will be his. He looks at Kailash’s photo, sitting on his easy chair. He tears Sudha’s photo in his book and press it in his fist.
Sudha was enjoying with her friends, dancing in her room. Chandar comes home and hears the girls singing. He arrive at Sudha’s room and calls her out. Sudha comes out, she sends Chandar away and says she will come to him a bit late. Chandar waits for her on the swing downstairs. Binti comes to him as he was watching Kailash’s photo. She asks what happened? And asks is this Kailash with whom Sudha’s proposal has been done. So, her uncle has given him this responsibility to tell Sudha. She asks Chandar to look at her. Chandar asks what is she seeing. She says she is seeing if Devta’s ever blink. She leaves.
Mr. Shukla calls Sudha, Sudha brings tea downstairs. Chandar stops her and asks her to sit. She shows her the photo of Sudha, that this is Kailash. Sudha says he is good looking, and handsome. Chandar asks if she likes him. Sudha says yes, and heads to leave. Chandar stops her, Sudha says if he needs something he must ask Binti. Chandar asks her to sit down and takes her hand in his. He asks her to agree upon something he is going to say. Sudha asks what is that she doesn’t hear when he says. Chandar says that he wants her to promise she won’t deny. Chandar places his eyes on Sudha’s hand and asks her to marry that guy. Sudha jerks his hand away and goes backward, away from Chandar. She cries and says she doesn’t like such jokes. Is this why he had been speaking to her with such love. Chandar says that she has promised him. Sudha says she didn’t promise, and what promise does he fulfil; is it right to get his promise fulfilled. She cries and pleads him not to sacrifice her tying her in a promise. Chandar comes to her, keeps a hand on her shoulder. She jerks his hand away and runs inside the room. Chandar comes to her again, she again jerks him away and says she will never marry. They want to kill her, she herself will beat herself to death and hits her head on mirror. Sudha asks if he was the only one to make her choose her proposal, she doesn’t need him anymore. She asks him if he felt ashamed asking the questions that he did. She cries, takes the photo from Chandar’s hand and says that she will tell Papa that she likes this guy, he is good but she will never marry him. Chandar stops Sudha, she wrestles with him. He slaps her, she fell on the floor. Both cry in agony.
Sudha gets up to hold Chandar’s hand, she asks if he is hurt? She keeps her face on his hand, he looks at her. She says if he will take enemity with her Chandar? Chandar says he wonders what she must be thinking about him, he understands her well. Her heart has told him what it couldn’t tell her, have they come into each other’s life to make each other weak. Sudha holds Chandar’s hand, his tears fell off his eyes. Sudha says she knows that she isnt Geesu who dreams of getting married. She knows that she is so pure for him, she doesn’t want to marry anyone. She tells him not to get upset. She will do what he would ask her in life. Both cry. Chandar asks Sudha if he should tell Mr. Shukla that she has agreed for this proposal, Sudha fell back to sit. Chandar leaves the room heavily. Binti was watching this. Chandar loses control and fell on floor in the hall, he stands up, rubs his head and moves forward. Binti watches.
Sudha cries in her room.

PRECAP: Sudha was touching Chandar’s shoulder. He says that it will get black. Sudha tells him not to worry, his soul can never get blackened. Sudha’s wedding with Kailash was going on.

Update Credit to: Sona

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