Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Bhushan comes downstairs and says we have decided to o to Manali. amar says sherya is that your choice too sherya? Mama ji says you are both going on honeymoon, you should decide too sherya. Sherya says we are going to manali, we can go to Goa some other time. Bhsuhans says then lets go and decide what we have to do.

Ajju says one day please. ajay says come on sanjina. she says ajay you stay oout of this. ajju says i will come back in evening we will go out. sanjina says its my birthday tomorrow, ajju says this match is really important. Sanjina says okay but i have a condition, ajay will be on his knees and request me to let you go. Ajay says i am never going to do that. Ajju says please for the match ajay. Ajay says okay, he sits and says princess sanjina please let him go. ajay puts water on her face. Sanjina says what the hell. ajay runs, ajju says i am so sorry on his behalf. i will come in the evening. she says promise me he wont between us tomorrow.

The match starts, mishri says every sunday is sachin day for us. We play cricket all day. Sherya says who will make the meal then? vinati says its ladies holiday too. We will order from outside. One team’s captain is mom and other team’s captain is elaichi. sherya is in mamma ji’s team ad bhushan in elaichi’s, the match starts. alok’s team is all out, its elaichi’s team to bat. Elaichi’s team loses, but they cheer up as well. sherya says we lost why are you all so happy? daddi says being happy is what matters not the win or lose.

Ajju falls suddenly, They take him to hospital. Ayush says i want to eat sweet. vinati says i will make it for you. bhushan says sherya will make it, she cooks it too good. sherya says in heart how will i make it for so many people?
Ajju says its sanjina’s birthay she will kill me if i dont meet her, do something please.

Avni says let me help you. sherya says you dont have to rin your sunday. Mishri says but how will you do it alone? Sherya says i will. sherya takes pictures of sherya while she works in kitchen. sherya calls her mom and asks her how to do this, vinati is making her video. sherya serves the sweet dish. mamma ji and everyone praise her. daddi says its too good that i am out of words. bhushan kisses her secretly. daddi says i can see it. Vinati shows the video to amar. Amar says you are married. Sherya says its not easy for me to make food for such good family. sherya doesn’t like it.

Sherya tells it to her mom. she says she shouldn’t have made fun of you and bhushan didn’t say anything. And your papa has not canceled the goa package. She puts lotion on her feet, bhushan comes and massages her he says someone served everyone today so i planned to serve you a little. he comes closer to her. Ayush comes in suddenly, he says i want the tap. Sherya says what was it, he should have knocked. Bhushan says ask him to knock when he comes again. Bhushan says yes. He says lets start packing. Sherya says i have asked mom to send my summer clothes. Bhushan says its cold there its manali. she says i am going to Goa.

Precap-sherya says we will go to Goa. Bhushan says we will go to manali or we wont go anywhere. sherya says okay we wont go anywhere. bhushan tears the papers apart.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Superb serial…i love u all the character..mama ji and daadi character r superb

  2. Ravjeet I love u a lot bro

  3. I sloop love Ajay

  4. This serial starts of on a beautiful beginning.The episodes are really good .I do hope the writers do not spoil it with any kind of black magic or kidnapping. I am loving it now.

  5. sorry 2 satly ATIBA bt plz characters k naam dekh ke thik se likha karo…

  6. atiba tumari dhyaan kaha rehta h?? hamesha ghalti karti rehti ho?? concentrate on ur work

  7. It’s now getting so interesting

  8. wer s tdy’s epi?

  9. Whr s today epic

  10. This show is exhausting, this Manali Goa crap needs to end. These 2 clearly won’t see eye to eye in this message because of different upbringing and mostly thanks to Shreya’s mother and het misleading advice.

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