Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya reaches Modi Bhavan and tells Pari that her misunderstanding towards Gopi is cleared and she has forgiven her. She says she wants to reunite family and says she had Rashi aunty before to help and guide her. Pari says se has Pari aunty now.

Kinjal calls Mansi and taunts if she booked her tickts. Mansi asks what does she mean. She says Vidya is here and if she convinces her to reaccept Gopi, then even Ahem will accept Gopi. She will have not other go then. Mansi asks her suggestion. She suggests her to come and take out Meera from here.

Ahem comes to Kokila’s room and sits near her feet. Kokila wakes up and says when a son sits near his mother’s feet, it means he is in a delimma and is feeling guilty. She says he should tell Meera truth and clear misunderstanding towards Gopi. Gopi just then comes and says she is going to meet Meera alone in temple.

Meera in her room fumes and yells at Modi family. She hears door knock and opens shouting and thinking someone from modi family is troubling her, but gets happy seeing Mansi. Mansi brainwashes her and sends her for shopping before Gopi comes there.

Meera comes down and Pari tries to stop her, but she yells at her and leaves. Gopi comes and asks her about Meera and she says Meera left just now. They both see Mansi coming out and Pari asks where did she send Meera. Mansi says she does not know. Pari twists her hand and asks to speak out. She continues, but when Pari says she will twist from both hands, she says Meera went to some restaurant with her friends. Gopi says she will go and meet Meera there. Pari says she will accompany her. Gopi says she wants to meet her alone.

Gopi travels in her car towards restaurant and stops her car in a signal. She sees Meera in a car with someone and she gets out of car to speak to her, but green light glows and vehicle start moving. Gopi drops her phone and vehicle run over it. Gopi leaves her phone on road and starts following Meera in her car.

Mansi reaches chawl, starts crying, hugs Ahem and tells Pari and Gopi twisted her hand. Ahem says he cannot believe Gopi can misbehave. She says she misguided Gopi that Meera went to different restaurant. He gets angry and asks what is wrong with her. Vidya tries to call Gopi, but her phone is not reachable. Pari also tries Gopi’s number on the other side, but with no success. Vidya calls her and asks if Gopi called her. She says no. Vidy asks her to inform her if Gopi calls her.

Mansi packs her suitcase, calls Kinjal and complains. Kinjal taunts her and says she should get Meera into her good books, else she will lose even Ahem. Urmila taunts Mansi that she is dry cleaner’s dog now (dhobi ka khutta).

Precap: Gopi finds Meera dancing with a man in night club and slaps man. Man asks who is she. She says she is Meera’s mom. Meera calls her name Gopi and asks her to get out from ther.

Update Credit to: MA

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