Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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scene 1
sanjina calls ajay. He says i am not coming, sort out yourself. she says i am not home i am in your backyard. ajay says are you mad. she says this dog has ruined my life. He has broken the pipe and my whole house is flooded right now. ajay says i am coming. Ajay goes out, Mishri says where are you going? he says why are you up? She says i was studying. He says i am going to walk. She says okay go.
He gets a call and says sanjay i am coming. Mishri says who is sanjay. Brownie comes out of basket and starts running, Sanjina starts running after him. dadi says ajay come here massage my feet please. She takes ajay with her.

Ajay is massaging her legs. She says i will be fine now. brownie come in, dadi says what dog is it? ajay says must be some street dog. dadi says go and check. ajay goes out and stops brownie. he says you could have given him food he would have calmed down. Shreya sees them. He stops and auto and says give him the dog food. She says why dont you take care of him? She says thank you and sits in the auto.
Shreya asks ajay what were you doing outside? he says it was my friend he came to give me notes. shreya says where are notes? He says i returned him. she says did you return the heart? he says its nothing like that.

Next morning, amar shows vinati the poetry he has written. She says why are they all incomplete? he says i used to make cards for mamma ji and mami ji and write those words on them. but i never gave them these cards. she says we will give them these cards on their anniversary. We will complete them. He says you gave me my confidence. i will commplete them and give them. shreya overhears it.
She goes to bhushan to talk about it. Dadi asks shreya to come, mishri says please come. dadi tells her the things that have be bought. shreya says i and bhushan will go.

Sanjina and ajay are on walk with brownie. Ajay says i am sure your dad knows where you live, she says why are we doing this? he says to get close to brownie. he needs care and love. its not difficult to make friends. watchman comes and says madam is this dog yours? she says yes. He says clean its crap. brownies starts running, ajay says you did it again. Ajay goes to look for it.

Shreya says to bhushan i love rain. he says is everything bought? She says yes. She says you have a big heart you care too much about others. He says others? they are all mine. shreya says yes. She says lets go. Shreya says i think we should buy some gift for mom dad, she tells him about the special gift vinati and amar are giving them. He says i will ask him not to. we will give it together. Shreya says they have planned it already, they wont like it. bhushan says amar should have told me.

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  1. This girl Shreya is a bad influence on young girl they are showing how woman from India live double life she came from no were and want to control the house and the husband is such an ass these young girls that act negative roll
    are such b***h these series teach people bad thing

    1. She is so irritating!!!!!

  2. Shreya is a faulty thing in this programme… she wants 2 control every1

    1. I still don’t understand why she feels the need to fix this family. So what if you’re not the 1st bahu can’t she be happy. She has this need to be recognised as the only bahu of the house, so she can control everyone as her husband is older. Don’t get it.

  3. Ajay start caring towards sanjana.it feels nice.sanjana you are too cute

    1. Funny thing is, I always thought they’ll end up together. They won’t get a divorce. Something tells me Ajju won’t come back. Anyway I never understood their kind of love, it felt forced or the other person was begging always to even breath.

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