Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Zakir saying Sandhya that she has made their stay odd in this home by her one question. He says he has thought all night and even joined his and Chavi’s pic. He shows the pic in phone and his and Emily’s pic comes. He says sorry, this is catalogue pic and shows his and Chavi’s pic. He says he thought she and Bhabho will think good for him, so his heart said yes. She asks really, I will tell Bhabho. He says like you and Sooraj have feelings, I did not feel anything for Chavi even after saying yes, I m sorry. She says arranged marriage has love slowly, I was angry on Sooraj as my marriage broke my dreams, when I knew Sooraj, I fell in love, you will also fall in love.

She says its imp for every relation to have love. He says one thing is good, I will not get scolded by my mum. He says he will just come. He says my mum gave me these two bangles and told me to give to any girl I like. He asks her to give it to Chavi. She asks him to give and goes to call her. He holds the bangles and Emily is there too sitting far. Bhabho and Sandhya bring Chavi.

Bhabho says Sandhya have her the good news, he has filled happiness in Chavi’s life. She thanks her and says she is not willing to tell this to anyone. She says she will say once Sooraj comes, she will do rituals and make relation fixed. He says if you want to give the bangles to Chavi, you can give.

He gives the bangles and one bangle fall in Emily’s lap. Bhabho says its Chavi’s bangles and asks Chavi to get it. Chavi goes to get it.

Sandhya says the study timing to all the kids. Bhabho says she did not say about Sooraj’s match, this can’t happen that she forgets his match date, I will remind her. She goes to Sandhya. The kids start acting seeing Bhabho. Bhabho tells Babasa that Sandhya does not remember, why are they not preparing. Sandhya asks Ved what is he thinking. Bhabho asks Sandhya will she teach them today, its Sooraj’s last match today, did they forget. Misri says they remember.

Bhabho asks why are they not ready. She asks Sandhya what did she tell them. Sandhya says we decided we will not go for the match. The kids say we will not go. Bhabho asks how can they say this. Sandhya asks why is she not going then, as she is Sooraj’s real strength. The kids say yes, we will go if you and Babasa come. Bhabho asks them will they teach her a lesson and reminds Sandhya that she is her saas. Sandhya says she is planning to make her realize her mistake, she wants them to come, and not make any superstition as her fear. She says its big day for Sooraj, he needs you, if we go without you, he will ask us and we have to lie. She asks them to come, else kids will also not go. Bhabho says she is very adamant, fine I will come. The kids dance and they smile. Bhabho says Sandhya is the one who can change your decision.

Aditi talks to Sooraj and says she used to trust Mahendra always, he always supported her and made her worries away, and today he has broken my trust and courage. She says she does not feel she can trust anyone. Sooraj says no, people change, but world is on trust. He says he is here based on his trust, he became captain and reached the final match. He says my Bhabho says trust puts life in dead, but we are still alive. He says all our dreams are here, the future will be decided in this field, its do or die situation, they have to win for everyone.

Avinash comes and says you know its imp for me to play this match, he has a dream, he wants to win over his brother’s team, and prove he is not a bad player. He says its imp for me, I know our terms are not well, don’t let it come in between my dreams. Raj says nothing can happen now, Sooraj decided to take me in the team in your place. He thanks Sooraj and leaves. Avinash gets upset and leaves. Sooraj and Aditi see him.

Aditi asks Sooraj about this. Sooraj says Avinash is imp in this team, but he can’t tell him now, he will not hear anything as he has many things going on in his mind. Aditi says I agree with your decisions as a captain. He says thanks. Bhabho asks Emily to cook.

Zakir says we should find here. Bhabho asks Sandhya what are they finding. Sandhya says his memory card. Bhabho asks Emily to help him. Zakir bumps into her. Mohit looks at them. Zakir and Emily say sorry. Mohit says I will not leave them. Sandhya says she got it. Zakir gets a call and senior asks him to leave for Delhi soon along with Sandhya, they will get tickets at airport, they have to report in national investigation bureau. Zakir says fine, we will be there. He tells this to Sandhya. Sandhya says why did they call us. Zakir says its urgent, soi they booked tickets too. Bhabho asks how can she go when they have to go to see Sooraj’s match today.

Sandhya says I will come before match starts. Bhabho asks her to come on time. Sandhya asks her to take kids. Sandhya and Zakir reach Delhi by flight. They go to NIB and pass the security. Zakir is stopped and sent to another room. The man asks just Sandhya is allowed to meet the seniors. Sandhya finds the room dark and looks on.

The senior says the mission is dangerous and every challenge will be risking life, he can’t say anything about the mission, and can’t promise will she come back alive. Sandhya gets stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  7. I think Zakir will marry Emily. Wat abt Chavi? Her heart gonna break. Mohit doesn’t deserve Emily at all. I hate him very selfish person.

    1. No its not happen in show. Zakir marry chavi.

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      In today episode..Bangle and memory card scenes shows that zakir – emily

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