Tumhari Pakhi 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 9th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ayaan telling he wants Tanya to stay in the house. Anshuman does not understand and goes to talk to him. Tanya says i m surprised, Ayaan hates me and wanted me to go from this house, why did he stop me today. She says I was leaving this house for Anshuman’s happiness, but Ayaan wants me to stay, my life depended on Anshuman’s decision and Ayaan’s decision is he does not want Pakhi. She asks Lavanya shall i stay here or should I leave, I don’t have any problem. Pakhi leaves. Lavanya asks Tanya to stay back as she does not know how Ayaan took this decision, he loves Pakhi as his mum, and today he is asking Pakhi to leave.

Tanya says I m hurt, but I will bear it for Ayaan, I will not go leaving Ayaan, I will stay in this house for Ayaan. He asks Sukhi to take her bags inside. Anshuman sees the family photo of him, Ayaan and Pakhi. Pakhi comes to him and he says you were right. Ayaan is like me, he can’t decide, what happened to him now, now he wants Tanya, he wants you to go, what is all this. He shows her the photo and says I thought to gift him this and tell him we will always be together. Pakhi says there is something else. He says its all a game for him. It depends on his mood.

Pakhi says you are not thinking right in anger. He can’t say we does not want me, he is not sharing his problem, I know him well, something is troubling him. Anshuman says he can’t be irresponsible, we can’t do whatever he says. Anshuman calls Ayaan. Pakhi says we will talk to him later. Ayaan comes to them. Anshuman asks him what is it, why is he doing all this. He says look at me. Ayaan bows down. Anshuman explains him well. Ayaan says I want Tanya aunty. Anshuman says fine, it means you understood what we are talking about, so we will talk like elders. He says you wanted Tanya to leave this house and Pakhi stays here. You helped Pakhi and wanted me to be close to Pakhi, why did everything change?

He says its very important decision for this house. Ayaan says you like Tanya right. Anshuman says now I m feeling my mistake. He says my like does not matter. Ayaan says I want tanya aunty, not Pakhi Maa. He leaves. Pakhi says there is something troubling him, don’t worry. I will talk to him. Anshuman says I don’t want you to leave this house. Pakhi looks at the family photo and cries, Lavanya talks to Girish and says how did Ayaan choose Tanya. He loves Pakhi so much then how can he ask Pakhi to choose. Girish says even I don’t know.

Naina comes walking. Lavanya hugs her. Girish says Ayaan has some burden on his heart, I just hope Pakhi understands him. Pakhi comes to talk to Ayaan. Ayaan is sleeping. Pakhi says how did he sleep so soon. She sits by his side. Ayaan asks her to go. Pakhi cries. She says I will go, once I see smile on your face, I will do as you say. Pakhi sees a drawing in which someone is pushing a woman off the cliff. She thinks what can it mean.

Pakhi finds Ayaan’s clothes wet and smells it. She says it smells if urine, but he did not do this, it means my doubt is clear, something is troubling him. She thinks she will talk to him in morning. She sees the servants talking that the seat covers also smell urine. Pakhi understands that Ayaan was in Tanya’s car. She says Tanya has scared him. Pakhi thinks Tanya has crossed the limit, I will not leave you. She says no, I can’t tell anything today, she is clever and may trouble Ayaan more. I can’t tell this to Anshuman also, he will get angry and talk to Tanya, she will lie to him. She thinks of talking to Girish.

Lavanya is shocked to know Tanya scared Ayaan. Girish says our problem is Ayaan not telling us anything, we can talk to psychiatrist by which we can know his fears. He calls his doctor friend and makes Pakhi talk to him. Pakhi says fine, thanks for your help. Pakhi tells them that doctor said if kids hide anything by fear, we have to tell them that things will go out of hand if they hide it, maybe then they will say you has scared them. Pakhi says I will be strict to him for his goodness.

Ayaan asks Pakhi to go. Ayaan gets angry. Pakhi says why should I go from here. Ayaan says they will kill you.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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