Maharana Pratap 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 9th April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Pratap and ajab conversation, Pratap says, do what you want but fastly? Mamrat ji says, ajabdehi, why you stops to pratap? Ajab glances off to pratap. Mamrat ji gets angry and moves away. Pratap passes smile to ajab and moved away.
Here gohar moves towards terrace and pratap moves out from fort. Gohar tries to throw poison needle but as she throw it pratap checked his necklace and goes again towards fort. Aim gets missed and gohar gets angry. Ajab ask from phool, where is pratap’s necklace gone? Phool says, i also like her but i want to teach him a lesson. Ajab says, lets go to pratap’s room for cleaning. Phool excitedly says, will i come with you then instantly says, no. Phool sees pratap, and says to herself, why am i looking to pratap everytime. Pratap says, i forgot an important thing in my room and please inform to hansa mosi that i will become so late to come so dont wait for dinner. Ajab thinks that i had seen necklace in pratap’s neck but now it didnt then ajab finds into his room and get it.
Pratap comes into the room and ajab hide herself behind the wall and put onto table. Pratap heard something into room then get it. Hansa mosi reaches towards pratap and says, i will cook food for you. Phool says, i will cook food for pratap. Pratap moves from there. Hansa mosi ji ask from phool that when will you learn to make food. Surtan singh laugh on gohar and says, i had already informed you that you cant kill pratap. think some idea for killing pratap otherwise lets go to mughal fort again. As gohar says, i will not go to mughal fort and i will enjoy to kill pratap, jalim singh reaches there. and says, i also enjoy. Surtan singh says, for what you are enjoying. Gohar says, i will not go anywhere until phool will learn dance from me. Jalim singh says, lets go with me to meet phool. Gohar gone with jalim singh.
Pratap and mamrat ji reaches to afghani’s bunker and pratap says, are you really confirmed that this is our land. Mamrat ji says, yes and show the map. Then pratap says to benidas to come with him.
Pratap goes towards afghani soldier and fights with them and beat them. Pratap destroy all afghani bunkers.

Precap:- Ajab says, pratap is our guest so dont mistake for anything. Phool says, i had made everything by own. Gohar mixed poison into food and says, now as pratap will eat this food then he will no more..

Update Credit to: tushar

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