Tumhari Pakhi 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi being worried about Anuja’s words. Ayaan comes from school and hugs her saying it was his best day at school as he introduced Veer to everyone. Anuja tells Lavanya that they have to think something to kick out Pakhi. Lavanya asks what. Anuja tells her plan. Lavanya says its too much, things can get worse. Anuja says what we do is justified. Lavanya says you are angry, think and decide. Anuja says she decided well. Lavanya says yes, fine, as you wish, I will go home, Girish might be waiting. She leaves. Lavanya comes home and talks to Girish. He asks about Pakhi and she does not say. He says he will come home late. She says fine and sees the note. She reads it and gets many such other notes.

She sees Riya arranging the surprise. Riya turns and is shocked seeing her. Lavanya says Riya, whats all this. Riya says my boyfriend was coming here to meet you in your and Girish’s absence, its his birthday so he was coming to meet me. Lavanya scolds her for wearing her clothes and how can he use her bedroom. She says Girish is thinking I m writing this. Riya says sorry. Lavanya says its her mistake to keep her, you are now fired. Riya says sorry please. Lavanya says let me inform your parents. Riya argues. Lavanya says she will use her contacts, get out. Riya says fine and leaves.

Veer talks on phone about work. Ayaan comes and talks to him. Veer signs him to wait. Ayaan says its family time and Veer ends the call. Veer asks whats the plan. Ayaan calls out Pakhi. She comes and asks what happened. Ayaan asks Pakhi to ask him how was his day. She asks how was your day. Veer says good, and starts telling about meetings. Ayaans says stop it. Veer says sorry. Ayaan says about family project. Pakhi says its not in diary. Veer says its his personal one, tell me what to do. Ayaan asks Sukhi to bring the items. Sukhi brings the chart.

Ayaan says we will hand print on this sheet and reminds Pakhi they did before too. Pakhi thinks of Anshuman. Saiyyan…………………..plays………………. Veer prints his hand. Ayaan says I knew you won’t know, what will I teach you. Ayaan too makes it and asks Pakhi to make it. Veer gives his hand to take the color. Pakhi touches his hand. Ayaan says its family pic time. They take a pic and Anuja waits for something to come. Pakhi gets a courier. Ayaan goes with Maha ji. The lawyer says its summon from court. Veer takes it and reads it. He is shocked and says Bua did case against you, to get Ayaan’s custody. Pakhi is shocked.

Pakhi asks Anuja whats all this. Anuja says this notice came, your husband is a good lawyer, go and ask him, the things have gone very far now, you told me who can dare to make you apart from Ayaan, now I say who can dare to keep my grand child, I want Ayaan’s custody. Pakhi says you are taking house matters to court? Anuja talks about Aryaman. Pakhi argues and says Ayaan can’t live without me and asks her to take the court case back.

Pakhi says if she wants Aryaman, she will get him. Anuja says its so late now, you did not care for anyone, you were teaching me mum’s love knowledge. She says you are Veer’s wife, Ayaan will be here, I will love him, you don’t have any right, go and prepare for the case. Pakhi apologizes to her and says Ayaan is her life. Anuja says I told you that you should also take the case back, even I begged you, and cried for Aryaman many nights, but you did not take case back, now you know mum’s love. Pakhi says don’t punish Ayaan, he can’t live without me. Anuja says its very late and pushes Pakhi. Pakhi falls and Veer holds her. Anuja looks at them. Veer gets angry.

Veer says he will see it that no one can take Ayaan from Pakhi. Anuja asks what will he do, she has fooled him so easily. Veer says you have seen your nephew, not a solicitor and see what I do now, you are more clever, but you can see how I trouble you in court, you will be scared to enter court then. He says my wife and son is involved in this case, you can’t think what I can do. He says no one can separate Pakhi and Ayaan. He says he is a lawyer and giving her a chance of out of court settlement, the result will be Pakhi is Ayaan’s mum forever. Pakhi looks on crying.

Anuja fills Pakhi’s ears against Veer, that he wanted to marry her. Anuja says she will play with Pakhi. Veer tries to explain Pakhi but she gets angry on him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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