Tum Saath Ho Jab 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Imran looks on as Mariam and Najma play amongst themselves (they are playing chidiya udd, tota udd 🙂 ). Altaf smiles as he follows his gaze. I forgot to tell you something. Badminton is a trend here in this locality. The lady there was buying a racket. Imran tells him to cook food as he is hungry. He sits down on the chair. Altaf tells him about Mariam. She is a widow but there is a different glow on her face. Imran is not interested in anything. I have told you to stay away from people (of locality) so many times. Imran leaves from there angrily while Altaf looks at the mother daughter duo yet again.

Najma wins as Mariam raised her finger at Najma udd (Najma fly). Najma teases her that she cannot fly as she is not a bird. Mariam calls her her bird. Inshallah, you will definitely fly one day. I will get you wings. Najma gets sad. I cannot participate in a school’s competition then how will I fly in the sky! She notices the racket and gets happy. she is sure she will fly now. But don’t let Badi Ammu and Bade Abbu know about it. I will go and practise at Shameem Chacha’s building. Mariam tells her against it as some new people have come there to live. Najma repeats what she heard from Nasima. Mariam tells her not to talk like this. He is a sports teacher like your Abbu. Najma wants to talk to him so that he can help her in her practise. I will talk to him tomorrow. mariam says she will help her in it. Najma knows Badi Ammi and Bade Abbu will be upset with her if they get to know about it. Idea, we will practise here in our room as no one will be able to see it then. She asks for her Abbu’s net and takes it out from the cupboard. We will make our badminton court here. Mariam smiles.

Younis tells Azhar to get labourers as they need samples again. He gets to know that the labourer is gone. He is upset about it. Waqar is sad that Abbu has to bear loss. Nasima tells him to trust Allah, he will definitely make things right. She asks Saba to sleep now as she has been studying since so long. Saba is actually reading a magazine. Nasima is unaware of it. She asks Fiza to learn from her sister. Younis gets a call from the party (to whom he had to show the samples). He has no idea what to tell them but then picks the call. He lies to them but agrees to come to meet him tomorrow. waqar hears his Abbu lying. Saba tells her Ammi that her friend’s mom has allowed her to wear jeans. Younis gets angry as he hears this. Don’t even think about it. nasima tells him not to scold her daughter because of that Najma. Do something about the mother daughter duo. They should realise how hard you work here to earn money but they are just enjoying their stay here. Waqar accepts that it was his mistake. Younis dismisses the whole thing. it will be cost them double to get the samples again. I will handle the party. He asks Nasima to bring khilal (toothpick) to which Saba objects. Nasima goes to bring it.

Mariam arranges the net while Najma brings Waqar’s old racket for Mariam. Mariam gets to serve. She takes the position but then stops. She imagines Tauseef guiding her how to do it. Maula mere maula plays. She misses him a lot. She opens her eyes and smiles. They both play badminton.

Nasima was passing by but notices that light are on in Mariam’s room. She gets curious. Did they sleep with the light on? She is worried about the electricity bill. The shuttlecock falls on a box and makes some noise. Mariam and Najma are shocked when they hear Nasima bang at the door. she too has heard the voice. Mariam and Najma are scared. Najma finally lies to her that her mom is in bathroom. It was just a cat. Nasima tells her to switch off the lights. Najma readily agrees. Nasima turns to go but is still thinking something. She knocks at their door yet again. open the door once. Najma and Mariam take down the net. Mariam finally opens the door. nasima looks around curiously. Mariam notices the net and moves it in a corner with her feet. Najma pretends to be sleepy so Nasima leaves. Nasima is still confused. Najma goes to her mother and makes a meow sound. Nasima leaves from there scared. Mariam and Najma have a laugh.

Nasima showers all her love on Waqar. She has high hopes from him about the competition. Saba teases him about it.

Mariam finds Najma sitting in her room lost in thoughts. She is confused how to take it to school. What if Bade Abbu or Bade Ammi see it? she decides to hide it her bag. Mariam asks her to come downstairs fast to have breakfast. Najma tries to make space for the racket in her bag just when Saba comes there asking for a hairpin. She notices the racket in Najma’s hand and asks her about it. nasima calls out for her just then so she leaves.

Saba tells her Ammi that she took phone as she wanted to talk to Salma. She goes to bring it from the bathroom. She is told to give it to her Abbu. Saba tells her Ammi that Abbu has got racket for Najma too. I saw her keeping it in her bag just now. Mariam hears this and is worried. Nasima comes to ask Najma about it with Mariam following her. Najma tries to hide it in the bag but it breaks in the process. Nasima asks Najma about the racket and she produces a broken racket from her bag which shocks Mariam. Nasima asks her if she will take this to school. Throw it in the dustbin. Don’t know what has gotten into you. She notices Mariam and scolds her for it. make her understand. Najma hugs her mom and cries for her racket. Mariam comforts her.

Salman Baig meets his grandkids while they are leaving for home. He gives them all pocket money. She begins to tell him about the racket incident but Mariam diverts the topic. Najma sits in the auto and is sad to see the racket in Waqar’s hand. Mariam notices her thus. The kids leave for school.

Saba removes her veil as soon as she is out of her locality. Waqar questions her about the same. I will tell Abbu one day. Saba threatens to hit him with the racket. She also warns Fiza not to tell Ammi anything or she wont share her lipstick with her. fiza nods while Najma’s eyes are all set on the racket. Saba notices her all quiet. Where is that racket? Najma replies that its broken.

Mariam is trying to fix Najma’s racket. I have told Najma but from where will I get a new racket? I don’t have that much money. She keeps it aside and takes her dupatta. A scrap dealer comes and Altaf stops him as he wants to sell some stuff to him. he has kept Tauseef’s racket along with the stuff. Mariam comes downstairs and notice Nasima and Younis talking about work. She intentionally hints that she is the only one who handles this house and does all the work. Mariam takes the clothes and leaves for the terrace.

Scrap dealer gives Tauseef’s racket back to Altaf who throws it in the dustbin as it is of no use to him as well. Mariam was drying clothes upstairs and notices the racket. Maula mere maula plays. She recalls her husband playing with the same racket. She had gifted it to him.

Precap: Mariam picks up the racket but Imran holds it as well. They both stare at each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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