Tumhari Pakhi 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tumhari Pakhi 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pakhi gives a lecture on love and pain to Anuja… She tells Anuja that she can run away from her problems… anuja tells Pakhi that she should not interfere in her personal matters and that she has already forgotten about her children… Pakhi says that Anuja is lying to herself that she donates money to orphanage in the name of her children… She continues to say that she acts like a mother figure to Deepika and her…

Pakhi says that she should free her from the burden and that she is not wrong in wanting to unite her with her kids… If she thinks that Pakhi is guilty of hurting her feelings then she is prepared to be punished… Pakhi says that she is right and if she listens to her heart she too will agree with what she has just said…

Anshuman continues to stop Tanya from marrying Prachin… However, Tanya refuses to believe anything Anshuman is trying to say that Prachin is tring to kill her… Tanya continues to disbelief him and says that she is getting married to Prachin…

Naina’s ball is thrown to Lavanya’s stomach and scolds Naina for throwing… Naina starts to cry and Lavanya tries to console Naina and says that she did not mean to scold her but it just happened… Lavanya’s friend Mamta tries to poison lavanya against Naina from her unborn baby… she says that an adopted baby against an biological baby will be different feelings…Lavanya asks her to be quiet and leave…

Prachin tries to kill Tanya with the driver leaving the car on and disappearing… Anshuman tries to save her… elsewhere, Pakhi sees the diya she has lit for Anshuman and Ayaan seems to be flickering… Pakhi prayers for Anuja that she should meet her children… Anshuman continues to save Tanya from the intoxicating car… Pakhi prays for her family welfare… Tanya becomes unconscious…Slowly Anshuman too becomes unconscious but Pakhi continues to pray but the diya light is about to go..

However, Pakhi’s deep belief and faith gets the diya the flame again and anshuman wakes up and tries again to break the door…. He manages to unlock the car door and Pakhi prayer is answered…

Anshuman tries to wake Tanya but she is unconscious and he calls the ambulance..

Anuja turns the tables on Pakhi saying she too is hiding from her feelings… She tells Pakhi that she too is running from her past instead of confronting it.. She says Pakhi will become another Ahuja…Anuja says that if something is missing in my life and that is my kid but so is she hiding from her relation….

Precap: Anuja says she will never forgive Pakhi. Anshuman reads a letter about his mum.

Update Credit to: Sheena

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