Maharana Pratap 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with JB shouts on ajab and says, why you gave your decision? YOur decision will not written in golden words. YOu are coward. Ajab says, you become totally blind in front of motherhood. Ajab says, what i said wrong? Our ancestor sacrifice themself for rajputana then why we will not. Pratap says, my mind got diverted for some time but now i will do everything for our land. I am requesting you that please forget everything. JB hugs pratap and ajab.
Pratap teach their soldier battle tactics and says, by these tactics we can fight with any enemy. dassi come and informed to pratap that phool is waiting for you.
Pratap meets with phool and says, what happened? Phool says, why are you doing this? Pratap says, fight can happen at any time.
Here jalal waits for haji khan response. Jalal kills haji khan ambassador and read the letter then he says, yalgar ho!!!!!
DB’s sister came to mewar and shows attitude. phool meets with her grandmother and she asks about pratap. JB says, he is busy in some work. She says, i came here for relation so dont interrupt in this holy work. She taunts to ajab and says, put my luggage in my rooms.
Sajja says, is pratap fit for your daughter. rani ji says, sent pratap to kherwa. JB says, if anything happen wrong. Pratap reaches there and takes blessing from uma rani ji. Uma ji says, uday singh ji, you go with pratap then rana ji will definitely select pratap as groom. Pratap denies this proposal and says, i have some work at mewar, i have to complete it.
Uday singh says, i will find some another way. uday singh says, Db, we will go to meet rana ji. Db says, JB will go with you. Pratap gone from there.
Here jalal attack on alwar and haji khan gets defeated. Haji khan surrendered to jalal.

Precap:- Haji khan requesting to jalal for stop fighting and here rana ji insults uday singh ji and JB.

Update Credit to: tushar

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