Tumhari Pakhi 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 2nd January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the history teacher telling Pakhi that she won’t meet her. Pakhi is puzzled. Pakhi seeing Ayaan’s play costumes in his cupboard. She says it means….. She checks his bag and sees his diary. She calls the school and tries to find about Ayaan. She asks about the play competition and comes to know there is no such function. She is shocked to know that the school was closed today. Anshuman comes to know that Ayaan is with Maa ji and did not come till now from school. Anshuman welcomes the police and asks them to have a seat.

Pakhi comes here and is shocked to see the police. Anshuman introduces Pakhi saying she is my wife and he is my friend, we won’t have any problem anytime. The inspector says we have arrest warrant. The servants hear this and wonder for whom. Anshuman says on whose name. The inspector says on Mrs. Rathore’s name. Anshuman and Pakhi are shocked. Anshuman checks the papers. Pakhi looks on. The inspector says on domestic violence charges and torture to Ayaan.

Anshuman thinks about Ayaan’s plan and says it means Ayaan meant this. The inspector says I m sorry Mrs. Rathore, but you have to come with us. Pakhi asks who complaint. He says your son and his history teacher. Pakhi thinks about Ayaan’s lies. He says Ayaan is in police station and is not ready to come home. Anshuman says its Ayaan’s prank, we will handle this. The inspector says I m sorry. Anshuman says I know my son, I will talk to the Commissioner. The inspector does not listen to him and asks Pakhi to come with him. Anshuman gets angry.

The police arrests Pakhi. Girish and Lavanya comes and hear this and are shocked. Girish says she is a good mum, she can’t do this. Lavanya says our family’s name will be ruined with this. Anshuman shouts on the inspector and argues with him. Pakhi silently goes with them. Anshuman asks Pakhi not to worry, I will get you out.

Anshuman talks to the Commissioner but he says the teacher gave her statement. Anshuman is worried as he does not get any help. Girish says you and Lavanya did this. Lavanya says we did not plan this, Ayaan lied to us. She says I did not understand his plan. Girish says he got encouragement from both of you, he did what he saw, be happy now, you won over Pakhi. Lavanya says we did not wish to get Pakhi arrested. Girish talks in Pakhi’s favor. Anshuman says we did not know anything, and admits everything true. He says how could you think I will do this, I did not know Ayaan’s plan.

He says I wanted her to be out of my house, but did you wish to ruin her life. He says I m not a bad human being and calls the lawyer asking him to meet at the police station. Pakhi is brought to the police station. She sees Ayaan and the history teacher. Pakhi says Ayaan, why did you do this. The teacher says what did you do with him and tells everything which Ayaan told her.

Pakhi is shocked. The teacher says now you can’t scare him, she says you look an angel, but you are a devil, a stain on mum’s name. She calls Pakhi a step mum. Ayaan smiles. Pakhi looks at Ayaan. The servants are having fun in Pakhi’s absence. They praise Maa ji and she is very happy with what Ayaan did. Pakhi is taken to the cell. The teacher gives her statement to the police. Ayaan comes to Pakhi to laugh on her showing her place. He says you were trying to send me to hostel, now stay in jail. Pakhi is very much hurt.

He says don’t know till when you will be here. She is shocked seeing his true side as he has broken her trust and have hurt her badly. He leaves. Pakhi thinks about the teacher’s words. She cries and says Ayaan hates me, how can I make him say me mum, I have only 11 days.

Anshuman comes to meet Pakhi in jail. He says I will bring you out. Mr. Rana asks Anshuman to keep Pakhi in jail. Anshuman is shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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