Jee Le Zara 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Jee Le Zara 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Jee Le Zara 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Sanchi is crying and Ajji comes to console her.

DV’s father reached Mumbai. DV calls him but Anvay picks up the phone and does not let him speak to their father and thinks to himself that he won’t let DV’s wishes come true. Both DV and Sanchi are missing each other and are sad. DV calls her mom who asks him to come home. He falls asleep in the car though. Next morning he proceeds to meet his father.

At Sanchi’s home, Nani prepared tikkis for breakfast. Sanchi says she can’t eat it as it will harm her, so she will give it to Dilz where Dilz and DV will eat them. She suddenly stops herself and goes quiet. Just then Prachi comes with her MIL with sweets. She asks Sanchi to come and sit beside her. She first congratulates her for her relationship with DV which makes Sanchi silent and then congratulates her as she is going to be a mausi soon.

DV goes to his father’s office, but Anvay does not let him meet his father and starts insulting him for his choices. DV remains adamant and then Anvay lets him go. DV goes to his cabin and sees his father talking to someone about the same land of Panchgani. His father asks him to get back to work and start working on the Panchgani project. DV says he won’t get this land. He then informs all about Sanchi being the rightful owner of the land and also that he loves Sanchi. DV’s father too starts insulting his choices. he says DV is too emotional. DV says he is insulting Sanchi, but his father says he actually admires her as she so smartly trapped such a rich guy. She knows how to make great deals. DV loses his temper. His father asks him to talk calmly.

At Sanchi’s home Prachi’s MIL goes on saying this child has brought such good luck that Sanchi is getting such a rich and nice guy in this age. Sanchi goes from there and Dilz follow her. She tries to talk to her, but Sanchi doesn’t let her. Dilz try to tell her that does she really think that DV cheated her. She asks her to listen to her heart. Sanchi says she would only think from her mind now. Dilz says that had DV been a fraud, he would not have managed to fool her for so long. Sanchi says that her trust has not broken completely but she cant forget that he lied to her. Dilz says that at least he is fighting for their relationship, he has gone to talk to his father about their relationship and land. he has not lost hope, but Sanchi has lost hope and has given up on their relationship. She goes from there and Sanchi says to herself that she does not know about trust, but hope is still left.

Precap: DV remains firm that Sanchi is better than best and finally his father agrees to meet her. DV’s mom overhears it and is shown with a stern face.

Update Credit to: Bournville

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