Tumhari Pakhi 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Tumhari Pakhi 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anshuman thinking about Tanya’s words and Rohan. He sees his inner self and talks to him. He says Pakhi is pure, she is not bad character, she is my wife and can’t do this. He tells about his mum, if his mum can be of bad character, then why not Pakhi. Anshuman says I know Pakhi since six months, she can’t do this. The old Anshuman tells him that his mum was with his dad for 15 years and still cheated him. Anshuman supports Pakhi and says she has accepted my son. The old Anshuman laughs on him. Anshuman says Pakhi loves me since 18 years. He is shocked seeing the reports and thinks about Tanya’s words. Anshuman is confused and don’t know what to believe. He starts doubting Pakhi and says I will talk to her.

Anshuman says Pakhi can’t do this and ruins the study room. Tanya tells Mr. Rana that Anshuman will be thinking of his characterless mum and now his characterless wife. She smiles and says he will be broken and his heart is so much hurt that he can’t understand the truth. She says Anshuman was a kid when his dad kicked his mum out of the house, he did not stop his mum as he knew his mum is characterless, he will do what his dad did with his mum. Mr. Rana says I m proud of you. Pakhi comes to Anshuman and he looks at her.

She asks what is the matter, I have put my heart infront of you and you did not tell me anything. He thinks of his dad words and asks him to be strong that no woman can cheat him, never trust any woman. Pakhi gives him a head massage. Anshuman gets up and looks at her. She smiles and asks what are you seeing, I got it, you might be thinking you have a beautiful girlfriend. She jokes and says I love you. She says I got ready fro you. She asks him to praise her if he can’t admit your love. Anshuman thinks about his dad’s words. She asks are you annoyed, maybe I did not take your calls. She holds her ears and says sorry.

His dad asked him never to believe woman. She asks are you fine, what happened. She says say something. She holds his hand and says don’t give me tension being quiet.

Pakhi says tell me what is it, share with me, why are you so worried. Anshuman says I…. my mum cheated my dad as she loved someone else. Anshuman says this is the truth, she loved my dad and then how could she love someone else. Do you know anything about this, tell me. Pakhi says humans make mistakes, we should not judge anyone. Anshuman says so if a woman cheats, its not bad right. Pakhi says no, a woman has many things in her heart, if she does so, we don’t know her situation, she can be helpless, what we see can’t be right always. A man has to be smart to understand a woman. He says right, I want to become smart. Tell me how will I be smart, I learnt many things from you.

He says you wanted me to say I love you. He says I love you Pakhi and opens his arms. She runs and hugs him. He says you are very good, you can’t be of bad character. Pakhi is shocked. She looks at him. Saiyyan……………plays…………

Anshuman scolds Pakhi and says I fell in true love with you and you cheated me. He says you are of bad character like my mum. Pakhi shouts Anshuman…………….

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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